Health & Beauty. delivery number 20: The Tangerine.

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Every day I will publish a fruit, vegetable or vegetable, highlighting its properties and benefits for health and beauty. In this way we will know more about the natural benefits that we can count on daily if we know more about the fruits, vegetables that we consume or that we see in the market and that we have not yet tested. In today's delivery I will talk about ...

The tangerine plant, scientific name Citrus Reticulata, is a citrus that belongs to the Rutaceae family. The name is used both to identify the tree and the fruit.
The tangerine, originally from China, is a typical fruit autumn with orange peel and fragrant. Its properties are similar to those of the orange of which it is different mainly because of the size and the sweetest pulp. There are many varieties of these citrus fruits and their harvest is carried out in the months of December to March.

It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals from which our body can benefit, let's see its properties:



Immune system:

Thanks to the good presence of vitamin C, like all citrus fruits, it is excellent for strengthening the immune system.

Reduce the cholesterol:

It contains soluble fibers that have the property, if present in a percentage in our diet, to reduce cholesterol levels. The fibers are composed in particular of pectin and hemicellulose. This has benefits for the health of our cardiovascular system.


Pectin is also a substance with beneficial properties for the intestines and digestion. According to experts, a good amount of fiber promotes intestinal movement with general health benefits.


The essential oil protects wounds from viral infections of bacteria and fungi. It forms a protective layer over wounds that prevents the intrusion of pathogens by killing fungi and bacteria.

Blood circulation:

Daily massage with mandarin essential oil, improves circulation.


A hot bath made with drops of mandarin essential oil has relaxing properties for the muscles.

Benefit to the arteries:

These citrus fruits contain a powerful flavonoid known as nobiletin. It has been shown how this compound can reduce the hardening of the arteries, especially in diabetics.


Tangerines contain a natural phytochemical compound called tangeretina. This substance is particularly concentrated in the skin of the fruit and, in smaller quantities, in the juice. According to some studies, tangeretin may prevent some types of cancer. For example, it has been shown to inhibit the growth of leukemic cells through apoptosis, that is, the programmed death of diseased cells.
The high content of vitamin A and carotenoids are useful to prevent liver cancer. The limonene present in citrus fruits has useful properties to prevent breast cancer. Both tangeretin and nobiletin have useful properties to prevent breast cancer. They also help prevent skin cancer.

The essential oil:

It has many therapeutic properties: it is recommended in cases of stress and nervous tension, constipation, anxiety, fluid retention, colic and asthma. It is also useful to overcome moments of sadness and depression with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.



It is good for the skin:

According to one study, tangerines outperformed other citrus fruits because of the hesperidin content. This compound is a flavonoid that has different properties. Acts in synergy with vitamin C for the production of collagen, a very important substance for the structural support of the skin.


The skin of the tangerine contains a high percentage of limonene, a substance that, according to recent studies, seems to have antioxidant properties. For this reason, it would be advisable to also use the tangerine peel (obviously when you are sure it has not been treated with chemicals). Also the esperdine is a good antioxidant and has an active role in counteracting the activity of free radicals.
In addition, it is known that citrus fruits have a good content of vitamin C. This, along with carotenoids and flavonoids, provides the amount of antioxidants that the body needs to counteract the activity of free radicals.

Acne, stretch marks and scars:

Tangerine essential oil can be used to lessen the aesthetic impact of scars and stretch marks. Used as a carrier oil and mixed with other essential oils, it can be applied directly on the scars to reduce visibility.

Tangerine essential oil:

From the cold pressing of the tangerine peel, the essential oil is obtained which is widely used in the cosmetic field for the preparation of skin care products. The essential oil of tangerine in the fact of beneficial effects on the skin, is used to purify it, to make it smoother and more hydrates.
It is especially indicated for massaging the areas of the body most subject to cellulite. The essential oil facilitates the reabsorption of fluids at the epidermal level, thus counteracting the imperfections of cellulite. Tangerine oil improves the appearance of the skin making it more vibrant and rejuvenated.



This citrus fruit is usually sweet, and much like the natural as a snack or dessert, to moisturize, you can take in juices, eat in fruit salads, jams or sweets. The shell, thanks to its characteristic aroma due to limonene, is used to flavor liqueurs, perfumes and syrups.

I hope you like this initiative ... you can make suggestions and propose fruits and vegetables for the next delivery.


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We @farms love tangerines a lots and we appreciate your efforts put into this post to educate this community and sub-community


SteemChurch Farm (@farms)


Thank you very much, I will continue to contribute much more. :)

All this while i thought orange had most benefits just to realise Tangerine is loaded with more...keep updating us on other fruits... it might be a solution someone's medical condition. ....big ups


That's right, tangerines have many properties that we should take advantage of, Thanks for your visit. You are welcome to my blog!