Expanse (EXP): A Two Year Long Correction Coming to an End?

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As a whole, Expanse (EXP) has actually been correcting since February of 2016! Talk about a Hurry Up & Wait syndrome! Price had been moving sideways for this long as shown by the blue wxyxz labels. The the height and depth of the price moves have been quite broad and wide, the lateral sidways action is aquite apparent. For two years, it has literally gone nowhere in appreciation and basically returned to the February 2016 price levels!

However, it doesn't means EXP is a dead coin! The fractals can tell quite a bit of information. Price goes sideways and even that too has a termination point. IF the blue wxyxz markings are correct and if Z wave is complete; then a sizable impulsing of price can be expected. The below chart was waves 1,2,3,4,5 providing the impulse potential; however, this is if there is no more lower lows generated. IF a lower low occurs, it would be indicative of additional time extension to this correction; as if more would be needed!

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What if its not correction to market hype but actual market price discovery. Not pessimist but just want to put my thought in place

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we all expect a fast rise and stable

today is a bear market and we need to hibernate and be patient. :)

The correction is long overdue, given the tech behind this blockchain

thanks ^^

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What do you think about this analysis?

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What do you think about this analysis?


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