ETHEREUM (ETH) Bullish Outlook

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Below chart contains the original markings from previous update. The abc is a zigzag that completed and it was shown that ETH was in a corrective mode projected to about $796 or so. Price is now sitting beneath the belly of the upper line of resistance. The overall pattern is similar to that of Bitcoin (BTC) and the uniformity of sentiment is creating a high pattern similarity index.

The bullish scenario could have curren price move at the onset of wave 3 which would breach the upper blue line. Using Fib of 2.618 of wave 1 for wave 3; that'll be at approximately $1,947 or so. Some might call this crazy but I call the analysis as I see it. I often take my very first impression upon looking at a chart as such have been the most informative.

The alternate calls for a lower abc where the correction is not yet complete. Regardless, this would be a different count but with the same destination. Video has more details!

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If, and when, Bitcoin goes back up, so with ETH and all of the other alts.

One of the best EW analyst, well done.

which coin is going to be 1000 bagger? I would like to buy one.

I just wanted to say that somehow this post made it to my google news suggested articles. What that means, I don't know, but I see Steem and Steemit getting great exposure because of @haejin

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Your information regarding crypto is amazing and useful

i agree bro . Haejin is a good crypto treader Analysis is good

Yes his knowledge abt crypto is considerable

I don't know about this. For all we know he has no clue how a blockchain even works. But his chart analysis is so spot-on it doesn't matter.

"Sentiment drives price."

Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly correlated right now. Yep. They will be until one of them makes some sort of high-profile technological advancement in terms of scaling that gets widely adopted.

Lightning Network, although not a perfect solution, is gaining traction. Casper? We'll see.

"Subjectivity leads to people arguing."

Oh yeah it does!

I don't want to argue with Haejin's analysis in this one. I hope he's right! Ethereum at all-time highs to come would be great.

"Ladder in" and ladder out.


My largest stake in my Crypto Portfolio is Etherium, I can’t honestly understand how if can fail being the platform for the literally hundreds of ICO's being released on to use every month.

I will continue to prop up my Etherium + BitCoin + a percentage of AltCoins, I have great faith in these despite all the FUD and scaremongering by the world governments and banks.

Hello @haejin. Is the alternate count with ABCDE correction completely dismissed ? In this case why ? Thank you

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$2k Ethereum, I'm ready let's go.

I'm targeting at least $2,500, it seems too far fetched, but it is certainly possible after they introduce casper. Supply will get locked up.

Ethereum is still in downtrend but its looking good ;-)

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Nice Post, I will upvote you!
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Aweome information for trading right now... Thanks @haejin

everyone is winning only we are.

@haejin although i dont know much about ETH but the graph shows its good value coming ahead ...hope to see similar prgress in BTC also...thankyou

I like @haejin ..
Thanks impotensi

Great explanation, thk!

Thank you for your post! I really like good chart analysis even though I have no clue how to do it myself.

I feel like right now there is now real room to grow for ETH, doesn't matter what the chart says. It will rise a lot again as soon as Plasma is published, because that will bring new value to ETH.

I can only imagine it to spike to 1,5k for a movement and the correct to about 1k again.

So to stay with your analysis I expect it to be more correction with a lower abc formation.

do you know the pic.I m a

post resteemed

@Haejin - Any update on GAS? Is it dying? Failing to spot any patterns :(

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This is pretty deep @haejin. I'm thinking of leveraging fiats from family member to invest in Ether..

nice predict ,, but i think one of counter trend (blue trend line) must broke before rocket to 3 and 4 wave

I like this, thanks for the information and its participation @haejin

Should start rasing soon. But only time will tell.

could not disagree more.

I like' @heaji ..
Thanks ..
Plis upvoted account

"Some might call this crazy but I call the analysis as I see it." - @HAEJIN

Gonna put that quote on my blog profile right now!!! I will see this each time I look at my blog page. BOOOOOOOOM

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