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very good summary.
I am interested in this interesting explanation. hopefully i can learn through this tutorial you share this.

Thanks for the analyst Sir. I'm invest in the Ethereum for long term :)

Have a try on EOS:-)

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fluctuations are part of crypto it is very important to keep aware of it if some one need to get benifits from this crypto #Eth

Awesome video and great summary, ive been so into other coins/tokens as of late sometimes I forget about the big picture of ETH. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work! You get a resteem my friend.

(sorry for the double post) Thanks for the continuous updates on multiple commodity types. You are one of the most accurate analysts Iv'e come across, and furthermore the fact that you teach wave counts is invaluable. I have a few under the radar requests, if any catch your eye your take would be greatly appreciated. OPT on HitBTC (rumors of binance, bittrex additions; both follow the project on twitter). GOLOS (the russian steemit. chart looks intriguing, down to a trickle of volume, and possibly a play if great Steemit news comes out? ) and lastly, NMR. A chart very similar to IOP, an amazing project I discovered through your blog last year. Thanks Haejin!

Hey Haejin,

I've been following your posts and I think this is the first one where we have more or less the same idea regarding the triangle. I made a post (which also mentions a larger H&S forming) and I'd be grateful if you could have a look...its not a long post at all. Thanks :)

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