Ethereum (ETH): A Continued Case for a Potential Lower Low

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Ethereum (ETH) COULD be compelte in its 5th wave, yes, there is a case for that and if so, price needs to bust out of the upper blue trend line ASAP. However, price is a bit distant from the apex and for that, ETH could rise to $441 to tag the upper blue resistance line and decline towards $295 for the completiong.

Here is the closeup showing the subwaves of the final wave (5) of C. The yellow 1,2,3,4,5 has still waves 4 and 5 to complete. At $295; the proximity to the apex would could well correlate with an impressive rally.

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I would sure like to buy more ETH @ under $300
I feel it could drop down to $5 if BTC drops under $3000

I make profit from weak hands and ETH dips at


There is no reason to believe that the price wouldn't bounce off of the pre-bubble low.

I pray that the first place to occupy this entertainment theory

Fingers crossed.

Gracias por la informacion @haejin, saludos

Thanks for sharing. This is very informative for all steemit users. I hope you can share more beautiful posts like this. You post is upvoted from @mafzaal92

Thank u Haejin, for all that u do! It is greatly appreciated! :)

Based on his past predictions, @haejin should be avoided.

There are no easy shortcuts to knowing where the market will go. Try reading this:

If you want to buy some quality crypto - invest some time, do some reading and figure out what you're buying. Because if you get caught with your trousers down, it will only be your fault

Thanks for the informative post.... I think, it's very useful for all steemian @haejin
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Nice analysis! :)

"Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results"

Thanks for sharing