Ethereum (ETH): Can Upper Blue Line Be Breached?

in ether •  9 months ago


Four days ago, I had posted the below chart with the upward wedge pattern to keep an eye out for. Usually, wedge patterns are ending formations. The two blue parallel lines show that perhaps, IF price gets repelled, the bottom line could be next target.

The current chart shows that price did get repelled by the upper blue trend line. The reaction seems three wavish and as to how deep the retrace will be is the next big question.

The risk of price retracing down to the bottom blue line is there; but for now, the abc duo destination possibilities are more proximal.

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i think all coins will go up this year again


Yes, I think so as well! Just gotta get through this rough patch man and then we should be at all-time-highs before we know it!


I will upvote you just because i really hope you are right! lol


Why are you looking at his analysis if you have that kind if exchangeable mindset?


What comes down must go up and vice versa :)

ETH subwaves also add up for an ABCDE flag:

If this is true there will be panic at bottom followed by a wild ride up again very fast IMO

I want ETH to break the upper line but my gut still says lower lows ahead.

CARDANO may not survive ????


I'm hearing they got liquidity problems. Haven't had a chance to fact find yet.


There have been rumours around social media for the past few weeks that it may nit be such a good project after all.


care to elaborate?


I read in a comment/article, that Cardano's Ouroboros is sort of a weak copy of DPoS. With more pitfalls and weaknesses.
But then again, I cannot provide the source, as it was only one article and a few comments on steemit. But they made my gut itch, so I am staying away.


I like ETH but Cardano is the new gen, give it time and it will go to moon by end of 2018

That all depends on bitcoin lol It's just trailing btc so your better off to just watch the bitcoin chart for now and see where it goes.

Looks a lot like BTC a month ago before it hit its low.

thank you for this information....

Thanks for the info I now have most of my crypto in ethereum but I don't track it as closely since I came on here. I need to brush up on Elliot waves...

Very good información sobre Thanks for the info I now have most of my crypto in ethereum but I don't track it as closely since I came on here. I need to brush up on Elliot waves

As i think cardano, eth, ripple are best atthat time, But thanks for your best post on this regard


You make analysis which are near to perfection

Really nice analysis about ETH is growing in market thanks for sharing such a nice post. U5dsS1AK83DhV677mLSBNcqzAvAhNF1.gif

Hey, @haejin !!! Nice Post.
I always Expecting such type of informative post on your blog.

An obligation of appreciation is all together for the data I now have an expansive part of my crypto in ethereum anyway I don't track it as almost since I proceeded here. I need to get up to speed with Elliot waves. Looks a ton like BTC a month back before it hit its low. As I think Cardano, eth, swells are best around at that point, But an obligation of appreciation is all together for your best post in this regard.

Lovely post, thank you for this information, very educative and really gained from it

What is your thought on Ethereum Classic?

good afternoon introduce my name mwali me from indonesia i newcomer in steemit please help and get positive from friends all who are here thanks

nice thanks for the news

What do you think about IOP Internet of the people?

Who's excited about getting ETH for $350?

yes .I think if all types of currency coin grows up and down continuously but at the last of the year all currency coin highly grows up.

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nice post@haejin

since one month ethereum has not gone up high....hope it goes up in the coming month

Everything seem to be so clear. The Ethereum still on it phase.. I'm waiting for the drip..but it seem impossible and stay on the second rank

Eos got the ability to beat eth as far as i am concerned!!

Looks amazing

A lot of coin are doing the slow dance now. But i believe that a lot of them will do well this year at the long run.