Celebrating Dolphinhood with a 20 Steem Engagement Contest

in #esteem2 years ago (edited)

I wanted to celebrate this Dolphin milestone with an Egagement Contest! You all know that I think engaging and making comments is the very best way to make your account grow, so this seemed like the perfect sort of contest for me to host!



Engagement Contest Rules

Leave a comment on this post telling us something about yourself.

It can be about a goal you have, or tell us about one of your hobbies, Tell us what your plans for the day are, or a funny story. Just some thing about yourself so that we can get to know each other better.

Then Reply to at least one other persons comment!

That is all you have to do! There are no rules saying you have to upvote this post, follow me, or re-Steem it.

I have invited the Comment King @janton, the long reigning champ of Asher's Engagement League to pick the comment winners. No one is better qualified! Show him some engagement!

If you have not yet joined the Engagement League, go do that now. Simply tell @abh12345 that you would like to join, and then go make lots of comments and track your progress for the week. It is another simple and useful tool to keep track of your Steem engagement.

Be sure to check out @contestkings for more great contests! They do a daily contest recap so you can find more contests happening on the Steem blockchain. And thanks to @coruscate for being the inspiration for this contest!

The Prize

I’m giving away 10 Steem that will be divided between 2 engagers, selected by @janton. The contest closes when this post pays out in 7 days.

With a very generous 10 steem prize donation from @abh12345 the prize payout has been doubled from 10 to 20 Steem! How cool is that? Thank you Asher!

Thank you all for being here and helping me get to Dolphinhood! ! Now let's all.... Engage!

Only 1 day left to enter this week's Shadow Contest! !

Shadow Photo Contest Round 58-Animal Shadows

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Who says that hard work doesn't pay off?

Very well said! Totally agree!

Hey, Dan... you are looking a little blue to me ;) Hehe.

Thank you so much! It seems like it took forever, though, doesn't it?

For real! But sometimes it's better to work smarter than harder

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This is what my father always said! I have to believe him when you look at success stories like this!

It is amazing Denise, what can be done when you have these kinds of opportunities at your feet. Carpe diem and all that. Melinda certainly has seized the day. Well done Melinda.

Denise, your Dad got it right. Right place/right time. We are all lucky to be early adopters.

I have to agree, Michael! @molometer I have missed you and cannot believe every time I went over to your page and scrolled down, all I saw was resteems!

I hope all is well in your world!

Yep while you'all were dealing with the chaos on here I was dealing with even worse chaos in the so called real world. I'll write about it sometime but suffice it to say it wasn't anything medical or serious just bad business practices by a firm I was dealing with. It's ongoing but now I'm suing them. So that's nice. lol

Oh!! I am so sorry to hear that. Not that you are taking them to court, but that you have the need to sue. Ethics are just not the same as they used to be.

I can remember my grandfather telling me that a man was as good as his word... Well, I look forward to a blog on it. You really do draw a fascinating story when you blog. Not that this was fun, but, you know what I mean!

Yep ethics 'out there' is an unknown concept in modern Britain. Everything has gone to hell in just a few short years?

Sadly, a true fact with most of the world. If so many of us feel so strongly about it, how can it continue on this downward spiral?

Shouldn't we be pushing it back up?


Man you are just killing it. Congrats on hitting dolphinhood way before me, but have to admit you are grinding away hard and its great to see that hard work and dedication still pays off.

Maybe by the time were are both getting close to being an orca I will have a chance to catch back up :)

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Thanks! It's a deal! Let's do orca together!

Oh, she really is killing it!! I think you started one month before I did and I can assure you I am not even close to dolphin-hood. I am pretty sure I am still an Amoeba!


But, the only thing I can do is work hard - I mean smarter... I'll just try to catch up with you @gniksivart!

I like cats. I think cats, I dream cats. Cats make me laugh, they make me cry. Other than that I live a normal life with eleven cats. :-)

I also love cats although I don't have one..but it was the neighbor's cat named Geisha who adopted us as her owners... so we adopted her too..she felt so comfortable in our home that she was like living with us.. Our neighbor had 3 more cats and I thought she must have felt she didn't get much attention that's why she liked us.

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That's cool, you get good parts of having a cat.... :-)

Indeed... she was jealous of Lily, the chihuahua that mom in law left us before she passed...but year later they became friends... lol!

Posted using Partiko Android

Nice when everyone get along... Maddening when they don't..... :-)

Damn. That's a lot of cats.. are they all indoor cats?

Yes all in doors. So far so good...QmUG3sLmWAcry74FkvnxdxCn7WSamNuK6Fc4n8MPtUzW5Y.jpg

Behind the scene. This is an unauthorized photo of a cute kitten taken by a paparazzi of famous pets... Besides, who hasn't had a bad day hehehe

I took this when this cat was shaking it's head :-)

Every time I scroll down through this post that photo makes me laugh!

That is my aim :-)

You were successful!

Sounds like you have yourself a tribe over there! Must make for some great playtime.

Play time is sporadic. But they demand a lot of attention and loving.

And food!! Let's not forget that! Hi, Mike! @manorvillemike

Wow! 11 cats is impressive. If you have named your cats (which I am guessing you have), do you call them by the wrong names like parents call their children by the wrong names?

Look forward to hearing your response.

No, they are like the back of my hand now.... Know them good. Do you have any animals @sumatranate?

When I lived overseas, my family and I have 1 cat. Now that we are back in the United States and renting, we can not have any pets. Maybe later.

I hope they are spayed/neutered... or else by the end of the year you'll probably need to get a bigger house! :))

All taken care of...I need a bigger house now :-)

I love your cats, but no way can I keep them all straight and remember who is who! Be sure to reply to someone else's comment so that you can be entered into the contest!

Not easy for me to keep track of them either.... :-)

You have the coolest cats ❤ 🐱 @manorvillemike! :-)
Curious if any of them have hidden somewhere
in your house and where is that place they hide?? lol

Cats have the habit of hiding where you can't find them. Years ago they did that but now I know all the hiding spots. :-)

I'm glad you found those places! 🐾

I love cats! They're pretty awesome aren't they?

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They keep you grounded ......IMG_0546 - Copy.jpg

Awww!!! I think she could fit nicely in that slipper, Mike! @manorvillemike

That's baby Dexter, the first week I fostered him.

Oh, my! That is Dexter?? He was sooo tiny! I bet he won't fit in your slipper any more!

Still gets underfoot tho :-)

Yes, but, all that cuteness excuses his getting underfoot, no? I mean, this little guy runs on cuteness overload!

I know no one else with so many cats. But I really wonder how you cope with them. Our cat needs a lot of care and attention and I suppose the older she gets she will become more independent.

I see my cats needing more attention the older they get, with medical and vet visits. Taking care of 3 cats is no different in taking care of one. Especially if the are related.

OMG! I love that cat! She is full of spice! Is that Mama? I am not sure how you do it with all eleven, Mike! @manorvillemike

I have two and sometimes they fight like cats and dogs!

Most were integrated slowly, plus I'm lucky with the mix of personalities ... :-) It's also good that cats sleep a lot....

Ha! Truth! They do sleep a lot, except mine!!! They spent most of their time chasing each other's tails or playing hide and seek.

How did I choose cats that didn't sleep?????

Active cats are happy cats. :-)

Oh, yes! For sure! These guys are so happy, I swear they go around with a grin on their face.

Honest! Well, except when the male cat wants to show the female he is alpha in charge. Then she swats him in the face and gives him the reality check he has been begging for.

Hehe... Cats are cool animals.

Learning experience living with them. :-)

Hehe... I can say that is the voice of experience speaking!

Ah that's the sort of normal life I really look forward to living @manorvillemike ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Gives you a purpose. 11 purposes :)

SO many fabulous cats @manorvillemike, I think we cat bloggers make the community a better place... and certainly a furrier place!

Fur is fuzzier than water :-)

Dolphin is 5K? Hmmm.. something about me.. I'm a veteran.. currently waiting in line (my favorite pastime) at the VA..

Thank you for your service!

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I just saw a movie about veterans in line, in America and it was a shock to me, hope that the movie wasnt truthfull,
Gr, britt

60 rep and 5K. Did you just skip over that part? 😃 I got the rep long before I got the SP! Oh, lines. Not my favorite thing to do. Good luck today.

Yeah. I skipped earning and went straight to buying SP.. I got in from 1.50 and down

A very wise investment!

Hi Davedickey...nice to see you here..

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks. I've been here for a while. When STEEM was $6.. also before that when it was .90..

Oh, hang in there! I don't know where you are, but, I have never seen a VA without a line! :) So, I make sure that I do all that I can on the phone as I can set it down while it waits in line!

As for appointment, yeah... it's a fact of life. Right.

And thank you for your service!

Gratz on becoming a Dolphin!

I enjoy creating content around my hobby of gaming and hope to turn into something more than just that one day.

Between you and @gniksivart - it keeps me on the up and coming, down and losing end of gaming, so I am eternally grateful to you. Plus when you comment on my posts, it is always a kick butt comment.

I thank you for that!

Such a kind thing for you to say. Have an amazing weekend :)

You know it is always my pleasure!


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Gaming is becoming an integral part of Steem as well so it may be a great opportunity to share your experiences! I have found myself actively engaged with Steem Monsters which is a great development here considering.

Posted using Partiko iOS

I’m hoping to see a bigger boom in the future. The casinos are moving in left and right. After that phase I’m hopeful more game developers will take a note in the platform. Once a couple of dapps keep getting highly rank here and making a little bit.

We havent met before and I am more a blogger who wants to be a gamer I dont play steemmonsters yet or drugwars either
So maybe one day 😉

While I’m hoping a lot of games start coming out that are using the blockchain here it does not even have to be that.

Most of my stuff for a while now has been around Path Of Exile. It’s a f2p game and a new league is about to start. This tends to be when a lot of players return to the game and a couple people on Steem even play it.

Lots of gamers and people looking for gaming content that’s not Steemmonsers or drugwars.io. Most times they just can’t find it since the blockchain games get most of the attention here.

I cant wait for a game like POE to game out as a blockchain game. I think it will be very difficult, but love playing dungeon crawlers and would love to "mine" crypto by playing one. It will be a tall order, but one I hope is filled in the next few years!

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks so much! I appreciate all the gaming news you share.... It halps me keep up with what my grandkids are taking about! 😃

That great to hear. I feared the next generation was only playing Fortnite. I've yet to go near that game. I'm not a big fan of battle royals.

I love Mario games.

I love playing basketball, and you?

I rather play hockey on field or ice

Thank you my friend. To complete the contest. I want to give a comment that was born from the bottom of my heart. stemeet has brought us to share history, culture, traditions and different environments. steemit has been global in our minds to share. We each have different friends and family to know and share experiences. Different from different traditions. always looking from eye to eye. About what we don't see for an opportunity. I am also grateful for what has been built in Steemit for all of us. The opportunity to share what we love and learn new things and find interesting people. Honestly Melinda is one of my best friends.


And my child is very happy to see every post that you share, so he has a dream of big money to go around the world to achieve dreams. The biggest greeting from my child to you who is very deep from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks for this @melinda010100

The cultural exchange is one of the best parts of steemit! I absolutely love it! And your baby has such beautiful, expressive eyes and thank you for adding him to the comment!

Yeah ... that's what makes me like this platform by seeing cultural exchanges that I have never seen before. Here we share with each other. And thank you for the compliment. Best wishes
Thanks for this @dswigle

That is so true! I got my first tastes of it on (believe it or not) MySpace, before it became a musical site. Then on TSU, but to be honest, this is above and beyond either one of those.

And I am happy here. And I do love the exchanges of cultures and ideas and even recipes. It has been a most wonderful experience.

Best wishes to you also! @wiralhokseumawe

Yes ... I realized that, and I was very impressed with the word.
""Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit.”
And “That is true culture which helps us to work for the social betterment of all.” Thanks you My Friend

Always my pleasure! I hope that today is an amazing day for you!

Thanks you so much My friend
And amazing day for you

Thank you for your always thoughtful and kind words, my friend! It is so amazing to me how Steem has made the world a much smaller place for all of us. I am so happy to know you and that sweet boy of yours. It always makes me smile to know that he likes seeing the pictures that we post. Think of how Steem will make his world grow!

Yes, my friend. He was very happy, and I often wrote posts accompanied by him. She's my hope and inspiration. I'm also happy to be your best friend

Friend that's it, thanks to steemit we have been able to meet new cultures and traditions and especially have wonderful friends

I am very happy to be a good friend to share.
Thanks for this @denisesmata

The wonderful thing about here is that we are all a great family

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
Check the rules of the Daily Spotlights if you want to nominate someone!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Thanks, Pix! You are the best!

Great idea @melinda010100 and congrats on reaching dolphin status!

I like request to engage on the post as part of the rules.

I'm happy to add 10 STEEM to the prize to be issued how you wish - just remind me when the time comes :)

Wow! That is such a generous gesture, Asher @abh12345

I agree that engagement is so key to making new friendships and keeping the party going here on steemit. It is something that some do automatically and others because they know they have to succeed. Either way, I think that it is a great idea and fosters friendships from all over the world.

Oh! I have met some of the coolest people here on steemit.

Awesome of you to add to the prize fund @abh12345! Engagement and interaction are some of the most important things we have here...


Thanks Cat, it seemed like the right thing to do! :D

Thanks, Asher! That is so generous of you and your support is appreciated so much! I'm going to leave the prize distribution to @janton and will edit my post to share his decision. I suspect that none of us would be doing this much engagement without you. You are the driving force here and have taught all of us how to be better engagers!

My pleasure :)

I have sent some STEEM over to you.

I suspect that none of us would be doing this much engagement without you. You are the driving force here and have taught all of us how to be better engagers!

I really should be gathering a list of these lovely comments I am receiving lately :D Thank you!

I received it and thank you bunches! @janton is thinking. I'm sure he will come up with a way to spread it around nicely! Trying to keep up with all these comments gives me a hint of how keeping up with Engagement League comments
must be for you every Sunday!

Well i think you've got some kind of record here, it can be a time-consuming task!

We are on it! I will announce @jantons winners later today!

Hello @abh12345! How awesome of you to
add to @melinda010100's dolphin party! 🎉

My pleasure to support engagement! :D

God bless you sir Asher!

@abh12345 I had a question, if you have a delegation in or out of your account, are you not eligible for the engagement league? I guess that might only be the reason of me missing out on the whole list for so many weeks now. I would love some assistance on this

A delegation is no problem for the Engagement League, you will appear there but not on the Curation League.

Oh, okay. That is alright,thank you for responding back sir

Working steadily to catch up, wanted to stop by @melinda010100 and find your celebratory post about becoming a dolphin and support it. Great to find you sponsoring a contest. Very good for you. I appreciate all you are doing to add value to our Steem blockchain! 😊

Thanks, my traveling friend! I appreciate your kind words! Glad you are safely home from your very excellent adventure!

Yes melinda010100, safely back home and in my "comfy chair" ... 😉

Now, since I obviously can't write very interesting traveling posts anymore from there, working on what's next ... 😊

Comfy chairs are such an important part of life! I will be looking forward to what you do next!

Happy dolphinhood dear Melinda! Very well deserved! 😀

Wow I can see how many comments your post has generated by far, so I can imagine how many more will be.

For those who don't know me - I love to shoot the stars, although I can shoot the moon only, for now. I am mad about macrophotography and my goal is to become much better. I have two dogs and a cat and I love to post about them. They are like children and pretty much spoiled 😉

I'm glad you want to shoot me ( I mean, the bluemoon )... You know how the Mexicans say: I kill you for nothing because you are my friend. I'm glad to have such friends and I want you to win this contest.

Thank you so very much my dear friend!
You know we both love the moon. 😀🌛

I think your photography @nelinoeva! It is awesome! I have no doubt that now that you have shot the moon, reaching the stars is next!

I love animal posts- they are so much like children!

Thank you so much Denise 😀

Oh, you know that it is always a pleasure!

Thanks so much! It has become a bit difficult to keep up with all of the Comments! Did you reply to someone else's comment? I am missing it if you did.
You do great macros!

I will see the other comments this weekend and will reply. I left them for when I will have more free time. 😀

What's the name of this beauty?

Zeus Flatsak is his name and he is a wonder dog.

Posted using Partiko Android

He is beautiful! A Shepherd?

The dog looks like he’s curious. Beautiful dog 🐕 my friend

Posted using Partiko iOS

Another of our community "cat people;" nice to "see" you posting here too, @nelinoeva!

Thank you @curatorcat for your nice comment. 😀


Woohoo ❤ 🐬 @melinda010100!
Congratulations on your dolphin milestone!!!

Something about me, I love many things, especially
rocks. Beautiful scenery and awesome people.
Critters is big on the list, animals of all kinds.
Ancient goodies and astronomy fill a lot of my time.

Time, I wish I could print out more time :-)

Well put!!

I wish I could print out time

Yes!!! If we could all have more time, imagine the steemin we could be doing! It is this lack of time that holds me hostage! @shasta

I have always meant to tell you how I love the moose on your name. LOL

Thank you @dswigle! :-)
Here is a magical moose of more time!

Oh, Thank you! That truly is magical!!

Thank you so much for helping me celebrate! I love all those things about you and appreciate you being my right hand Shadow Contest helper! Time... There should be someone here on Steem who can figure out how to print out more!

You are most welcome @melinda010100!
Sometimes could be left hand lol
Here is a special magic extra time moose! :-)

You are so clever! ❤️❤️

And you have nice photos of rocks and boulders to share. Love the way you change them with the edits.

Thank you so much @nelinoeva! :-)
Love the photos you share, cats, clouds
and your awesome surroundings, the

If you ever find out how to print out more time, please let me know as well @shasta. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

A special magic more time
moose for @allyinspirit! :-)

SO beautiful and if I can learn to take each step as sensitively as this magical moose, more time will be created. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

No way! Congratulations! That is a pretty fantastic accomplishment! You should be really proud of that. I am not anywhere close, but I know it is a long climb. Very well deserved and how awesome that you are choosing to give back. I am going to resteem this!

Thanks so much @bozz It does feel like it has taken forever! I appreciate the resteem. Make sure you reply to someone else's comment here so that you are entered!

Okay thanks, I will try to do that! Like I said, I hope to get to dolphin status some day.

And I have no doubt that you will be! You have great content and great engagement.❤️

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Oh, @bozz, I am sure I am lower than you! I am such a slow grower. I know my problem, but, it is hard to fix.

I think we all hustle to the best of our ability. The fact that we are here every day is a testament to that and puts us ahead of the others that gave up.

Posted using Partiko Android

Oh, I'm in it to win it!!! Okay, I have no idea what I'm saying, but, I honestly can say that I love it here and that love is what makes me come back, day after day to share and be shared with.

Ahhhh! The good life!


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Congrats on the milestone of dolpinhood!

I enjoy being able to engage with people here in Steem, especially with thise creating content that makes the community better.

I personally also love making content that provides value to others.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks! With your experience you will do great here! And it's easy to see that you already know that doing well here is all about engaging! You are going to be great and will be a dolphin in no time!

I like your name @thewanderingwind! I would love to know the story behind the name! I think I should have been a little more inventive, but, it never occurred to me!

To be honest, the name comes from my nature. I like to see where life takes me; like the wind that drifts from one place to another, never hurrying or hesitating, that's kind of how I live life. I wander similarly to the winds of change.

That is so cool! I love your explanation!

🎁 Dear @thewanderingwind,

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Join the whitelist on SteemBet webiste now and start investing! Feel free to ask us anything on Discord https://discord.gg/tNWJEAD


Hi Melinda! CONGRATULATIONS on your milestone...you truly deserved this status! You have helped me with a lot of advices on esteem and I am so glad to have known you.

I love interior decorating which led me to decorate my home fully in Andalucia.. it's the love of fabric that made me make 4 bed quilts. I also love cats and dogs and all animals and I am an avid container gardener. I cook a lot and post my recipes on Steemit. It is nice to know a person like you who is so engaged in helping others by giving them advice on Steemit. You rock and you made my day!

Hi, @mers! I agree that Melinda is a great influence here on steemit and in general as a person. She is so well traveled and well versed in the ways of the world that people seek her out for help all the time. Including me! :)

Hello @dswigle.. I am glad to have met you ladies, my pleasure!

Hi, @mers! It was so good to see you in the #MarketFriday tag this week! I look forward to getting to know you better!


Hi @mers! Thank you so much for all your kind words! I have been thinking of you, and coming by to see how you are getting on with eSteem has been on my list of things to do. This contest has kept me busier than I expected, so thanks for stopping by here. I'll be over to see your posts soon! I think we have many things in common and I am so glad to have you as a friend!