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Greetings to everyone, the following story was inspired by the digital art of @xpilar, I invite you to visit his blog. The picture that motivated this story is the following.



-On a morning like any other on the bridge, cabin boy, - asked Tobias cheerfully, as he withdrew the canoe-shaped hat that covered his blond hair.

Yes, Captain, everything is in order, sunny and fresh,- answered the thin young man, dressed in tight brown trousers, boots, a loose-fitting long-sleeved shirt and a black vest.

-Keep watching carefully, I think we'll soon see land and we'll have to scream, the guests love that, -he said, then climb up to the platform that descended from the observation post on the main mast to the deck, he held on to the railing and the small lifting platform descended slowly.

The New Santa Maria, sailed the seas of Dione, three times a year, on an exclusive cruise, which was intended to offer, to those fortunate enough to have the money and influences or luck to get a ticket, the genuine experience of navigation on the Earth in the fifteenth century, reliving the voyage of Cristoforo Colombo, the mythical sailor who first crossed the Atlantic Ocean, discovering the lands from which the ancestors of the new humanity came.

It was quite an experience for the participants to relive the navigation of those days, in a ship that emulated as best as possible one of the vessels that made such a risky journey.

Only twenty people could be part of the guests, and they would be in charge of doing the work on board, as it would have been in the past, washing the dishes, sweeping the deck, uncovering the food cans and setting the table in the dining room, among other tasks of the occasion.

Ten austere cabins for two occupants were used to accommodate the guests, all of them with equipment in keeping with the historical moment, a bunk bed, aquamanile, coffee maker and alarm clock.

This year the trip was about to end, as always, it had been an enriching experience for the participants, the dances and dinners in the company of the captain and the crew, the games on the deck and the afternoons of frolicking on the deck, with a pitcher of some refreshing drink, added more realism to the adventure.

-Earth in sight, Earth in sight! -shouted the young man from the lookout post.

On the deck, the excited guests applauded, cheered and asked to be repeated, in front of them, you could see the coast of the continent, long and covered with vegetation, in the middle, just in the direction in which they were heading, you could see a low fortification, just as they were built by the natives of the newly discovered lands at that time, where they would be received with necklaces of flowers and beads and would participate in rituals and dances in the style of that time.

-Captain, we have a problem,- said an agitated sailor who suddenly came out, in full celebration, of a hatch that accessed the cabins of the guests.

-What's going on, Philip,- said the captain cheerfully, who was also celebrating the arrival at the coast.

-Do you remember the passenger who felt bad last night during dinner?- asked the sailor rhetorically -. I think he has scurvy!- he exclaimed in alarm.

How can anyone get scurvy on a fifteen-day voyage? -said the dismayed captain.

Text of @amart29 Barcelona, Venezuela, October 2019

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I can only thank @xpilar for allowing me to use his digital art in my publication and for motivating my creation. Thank you very much @xpilar

Thank you all for visiting my publication, I hope your comments and I appreciate your support, until next time

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