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Digital art made by @xpilar

Be creative, Make a good story out of my digital picture

You join easily,
you post your story with my picture on your blog.
yes your blog
and you also post the story in the comment box here on my blog
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Those who choose to write a story and publish it on their own
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See the picture better CLIK HERE, view full size

I am grateful for a comment about my Digital art

If you want to write a story,
it mus be related to my picture
Be creative when creating the story


That is lovely digital Art, full of adventure:

...Finally it seems that the ship set off and Johny who is hiding under the deck could make a deep sign of relief. Now. for next few hours nobody will come down under the deck to search for anything, as everyone was busy with their own tasks.

Johny was 15 year old boy, whose father was a simple sailor of a royal ship, but now 4 months ago he got a bad news, the ship was lost after last storm and until now nobody knew what happen to the crew. The families already hold a funerals even without bodies but they needed the rest for the souls of lost ones. Johny never had a feeling that he lost his father. He thought that people might have a feeling when one of your loved one dies and he did not have. That day he had a good sleep and had a good days with his friends laughing and playing. it is not possible that he would not feel it. He was convinced that his father is alive maybe ill but alive, maybe lost his memory but ALIVE. That is why he was on this ship hidden under the deck, run away from his grandmother, who was only his family. He lost his mother as a little child and he did not want to lose his father. If anyone would be able to find him it was HIM. That is why he was on this Sailing ship that was heading to the same place to "new World", that is how his father called that place and he is coming too...

Hi @stef1

thanks for the great story of my digital photo

Cinco tripulantes se dispusieron a efectuar un viaje en un barco velero, con fines comerciales, en cierto lugar después de algún tiempo de navegación se encontraron con cierta compresión de hielos en las aguas marinas debido a las adversas condiciones meteorológicas. Ellos salieron de la embarcacíón y se resguardaron en la isla, y con las provisiones que llevaban pudieron abastecerse, además de la energía calórica que los protegió del frío.Allí como verdaderos valientes se encomendaron la gran protección divina, y con mentes positivas no dejaron que la desesperanza los desvanecieran. Sabían que perderían fuerzas, por lo que se dieron ánimos unos a otros y así pasaron los días e incluso con buen humor.
Transcurrido cierto tiempo vieron otra embarcación que venía en su auxilio porque ya el el hielo había comenzado a flotar de las gélidas aguas, y el sol en ese determinado amanecer los iluminó como felicitándolos por su valentía, al saber esperar de manera sosegada sin desmayar. Y gracias a xpilar ese sol les dio rayitos de su luz,

Hi @brismar

thanks for the great story of my digital photo

-Raise Sails," cries a little infant from the helm of a ship, "Let us sail towards the shores, until we surround the walls of the enemy, -all in their posts, ready to attack, the little captain continues shouting. Suddenly big explosions sound, a projectile has hit the ship and it begins to sink, the desperation of the crew prevents them from organizing themselves to maintain control of the ship, the infant captain falls into the water before the onslaught of a big wave and the collapse of the ship. At that moment the child captain falls to the ground from the bed, realizing that it was a simple dream of adventure.

Translated with

-¡Eleven Velas!, grita un pequeño infante desde el timon de un barco, -naveguemos hacia las costas, hasta rodear las murallas del enemigo, -todos en sus puestos, preparados para atacar, sigue gritando el pequeño capitán. De repente unas grandes explosiones se oyen sonar, un proyectil ha golpeado la embarcación y comienza a hundirse, la desesperación de los tripulantes impide organizarse para mantener el control del barco, el infante capitán cae al agua ante la embestida de una gran ola y el colapso de la nave. En ese momento el niño capitán cae al suelo desde la cama, dandose cuenta que era un simple sueño de aventura.

Hi @adeljose

thanks for the great story from my digital photo

La historia de las Americas.

Una invasión está a punto de llevarse a cabo en un continente inexplorado por los españoles, unas embarcaciones está dispuestas en las costas de Venezuela para tomar posesión de las tierra de los indigenas Yanomami. Colon es el capitan de la nave principal y a dado la orden de atacar a los hombres que intercedan, secuestrar a las mujeres y tomar como reclutas a los niños. todo eso es comandado por la reina Isabel II desde el imperio romano. En pocos momentos se puede lllevar a cabo la peor desgracia de continente alguno, la invasión de quienes no respetan la vida humana ni mucho menos la democracia.


The history of the Americas.

An invasion is about to take place on a continent unexplored by the Spaniards, boats are ready on the coasts of Venezuela to take possession of the land of the Yanomami Indians. Colon is the captain of the main ship and has given the order to attack the men who intercede, kidnap the women and take as recruits the children. All this is commanded by Queen Elizabeth II from the Roman Empire. In a few moments you can carry out the worst misfortune of any continent, the invasion of those who do not respect human life much less democracy.

Hi @jadnven
thanks for the great story of my digital photo

digital images that look beautiful. from the shape and color everything looks very amazing. This digital image of you shows a fishing boat that is returning at sunset.

very nice imagination my dear friend great work

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Thanks @xpilar, it's amazing!
I'll try to write a story!

wow, amazing photograghy, very beautiful digital drawing ,

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The picture is telling the story of steem community which is green but people didnot see due to thick dark cloud in sky. Thick dark cloud is resembling the low price of steem which is keeping people least interested to explore the opportunity of steem.( greenery of steem). Boat is the symbol of movement. I consider the boat is just like Dapp/ new tribe or project in steemit which keep people interested in attached with this community. Arrival of new project is shattering thick cloud and a big rays of hopes are coming to show us that how green and beautiful this community is.
I would like to introduce a new project on steem blockchain name typeearn. It's an amazing project which gives opportunity to earn people TPC token beside increasing typing skill. Here is the link which I shared to my fellow steemians so the fellow steemians may see the greenery of this community.

I hope the sharing of link in comments will help to keep more people interested in this blockchain. Have a nice time

HI @kamchore

thanks for the great description of my digital image

The serene tranquil place

We have long dreamed of being in this quiet harbor.
And now we fully enjoy the tranquility and serenity of this place.

The cozy location of this harbor fills us with a sense of security and gives hours of serene contemplation of the beautiful green fences on the coast, created by both nature and people.

We foresee swimming in the warm sea, long walks at the foot of the mountains, and the abundance of green around pleases our eyes and fills us with happiness.
The abundant greenery heated in the sun exudes a wonderful aroma.

We have a whole month of relaxation ahead in this beautiful place.
We are waiting for adventures and acquaintances with the local inhabitants, with the local flora and fauna!

Hi @ir3k

thanks for the great story of my digital photo

Deep Thinking able work,nice one

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very beautiful digital photograghy, you are great

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I represent the distant past of the 15th century, when in the water of Europe, pirates very often attacked merchant ships for the purpose of profit. So this Portuguese ship became pirate prey. Having sailed in the open ocean for more than 30 days, they came to the shores of Italy to fill fresh water, but met a huge fortress on the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Being afraid to meet resistance, pirates drift into the sea for the third day deciding how to get ashore bypassing an impregnable fortress.

Hi @magnata

thanks for the great story of my digital photo

VIKINGS! The English monks heard the battle horns from the shore right before seeing 100 of Vikings rushing towards their holy monastery!
In fear and panic, not knowing what to do nor what will happen.
The monks started to pray like never before, but to no use. The Vikings stormed the monastery slashed everyone they came around, stole everything they could carry, burned down the Village and sailed away with treasures never seeing before or after!

Hi @cwow2

thanks for the great story of my digital photo

Discovery of a megalithic culture by a Spanish explorer ship

something incredible today beautifully done

The pirates are going to fight another battle

I appreciate the upvote it helps out a lot

Just added you to my autovotelist xpilar

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