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Welcome to Issue #2 of the EOS Digest brought to you by EOSphere, thanks for all the supportive comments for Issue #1. It's been another big week for all things EOS...

EOSVC - Galaxy Digital leads first EOS.IO Investment of $30M in Everipedia

Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital has made its first EOS.IO Ecosystem Fund investment in Everipedia. "We're delighted to support Everipedia and look forward to the growth of a more modern and inclusive encyclopaedia that puts the world's knowledge on the blockchain," said Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital. EOSVC - block.one's initiative to develop the EOS.IO ecosystem by enabling VC partnerships and capital funding using EOS tokensale proceeds is off to a great start.
source: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/everipedia-secures-30m-investment-from-galaxy-digitals-eosio-ecosystem-fund-dna-fund-and-other-strategic-investors-673424253.html

BitSpace and Harmonychain combine forces to create etheos

A new initiative out of Norway - 'EthEOS is described as a blockchain application ecosystem for EOS that aims to attract entrepreneurs, developers, as well as established businesses to bring their token strategies and applications to scale on the new EOS platform.'

More details to come, but Harmonychain's expertise in developing asset backed cryptocurrencies with government & listed companies we are sure will be relevant. One things for sure - they know how to throw a classy EOS Meetup!

EOS is now available on the Bancor Liquidity Network

EOS the Ethereum ERC-20 token is now available for exchange on Bancor's liquidity network. Bancor's magic enables exchange of EOS without the need for a centralised 'order book' while still providing liquidity. The EOS.IO software intends to reuse the Bancor algorithms to manage resources like RAM, and block.one's Brock Pierce is also an adviser to Bancor.

source: https://twitter.com/bancor/status/960516385800585217

EOS.IO Development Update from Dan Larimer

Dan provided a detailed update on development activities this week, explaining how the team have extended the operating system metaphor for EOSIO by having a very minimal BIOS like starting contract which then spawns the core EOSIO system contracts. This should provide ultimate flexibility for other governance structures and use cases as well as making the core code simple and easier to test. Dynamic numbers of Block Producers, Metering Separation of CPU and Network Bandwidth are some of the other updates discussed.
source: https://steemit.com/eos/@dan/ukoxz-eos-io-development-update

F2Pool now have 3 Million EOS

Following on from @eosnewyork initial discovery f2pool appear to be significantly increasing their reserves of EOS, using the EOScrowdsale contract as well as purchasing on market from Bitfinex and Binance. We've reached out to f2pool's owner Wang Chun to see if he happy to give us a hint of his plans - let's see!
sources: https://etherscan.io/address/0x94416c328d20b44a269c3dfe95476126358be90d https://etherscan.io/address/0x61c808d82a3ac53231750dadc13c777b59310bd9

Steemit like functionality on EOS?

Dan Larimer hinted and it was later confirmed by Brendan Blumer that there are plans to have Steemit like functionality in the EOS.IO ecosystem that will aim to address the unfair distribution of STEEM. Brendan was very specific about it not being a new project or involve a new token. Thanks again to the @eosgo Telegram Summaries for these news nuggets.
sources: https://steemit.com/eos/@eosgo/eos-telegram-summary-2-3-18-new-dapp-confirmed-for-eos https://steemit.com/eos/@eosgo/eos-telegram-summary-2-5-18-developers-still-developing

EOS Talk interviews Larry Sanger from Everipedia

Everipidia, pronounced 'every-pedia' (for everyone), was the first DApp announced for the EOS platform. Larry, who was a co-founder of wikipedia shares why the world needs Everipidia and why an EOS blockchain will enable Everipidia to realise their vision. Thanks to @africa for putting this together and the Beyond Bitcoin's EOSTalk team, make sure to subscribe and also check out the great EOS community resources at the https://eostalk.io/forums

EOSGo's Q&A with Dan Larimer

The @eosgo team have produced another great video where Dan Larimer covers topics such as EOSIO smart contracts, transparency, block producers and their role in an EOS economy, governance and how token inflation benefits everyone. Make sure you also visit the 'EOS Go - Blockchain Launch Community' forums - another outstanding resource for the EOS community - https://forums.eosgo.io
source: https://steemit.com/eos/@eosgo/sit-down-q-and-a-with-daniel-larimer-full-video

EOS: Reinventing The Ride Sharing Application

EOStalk community member @ofthefuture has prepared a beautiful set of slides to help demonstrate the value of leveraging EOS to decentralise traditional 'middle-men' businesses. We'll be using them in our meetups for sure.

source: https://steemit.com/eos/@ofthefuture/eos-reinventing-legecy-application-for-drivers-riders-developers-and-entreprenuers

EOS.IO Github Development Activity

As expected we saw steady activity on the Dawn 3.0 Alpha release over the last week, which Dan detailed in his update

EOS Crowdsale Stats

As to be expected with the overall cryptocurrency correction over the last week, the daily USD value of token sale contributions has fallen but the contributions value in ETH has been fairly consistent averaging just over 20K ETH per day. Looks like EOS contributors have been keeping calm and carrying on!

This EOS Digest is brought to you by EOSphere

EOSphere are passionate group of EOS enthusiasts and data centre professionals setup to help in the global community launch of the EOS blockchain later this year.

Based in Australia, EOSphere are initially focussed on bootstrapping the Australian EOS community by hosting a series of meetups in each state capital.

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love this project

You've put together a well presented post. +1

I wrote about EOS being activated on the Bancor Network on the 2nd Feb recieved 135 views and only 8 votes, Dan was one of those and a few others from playing with minnowbooster.

Even created my own thumbnail for it.

Here's a link to my post https://steemit.com/eos/@johnchamberlain/eos-token-live-on-the-bancor-network

View to vote ratio is lame on most the EOS content I see on steemit. Posts with high number of votes seem to be using upvoting bots.

If the distribution pie chart stays looking like that up to the end of the crowdsale EOS will surely be the more fairly and widely distributed cryptocurrency in existence.

I really like how EOS represent themselves, explaining a very good co-operative work with STEEM, defining the importance of his APPS like Everipedia. The good news, everipedia tokens included in the EOS tokens. Very impressive i think, going forward to go for some EOS. Very good post :)

Dan Larimer hinted and it was later confirmed by Brendan Blumer that there are plans to have Steemit like functionality in the EOS.IO ecosystem that will aim to address the unfair distribution of STEEM. Brendan was very specific about it not being a new project or involve a new token.
Great project!

Good post :) I really like your posts, keep the spirit and be the best

you got my vote sir thank you

Love the EOS-centric news!

good info. thanks!!

Can someone please answer me this.

I’m hearing a lot of FUD that EOS tokens are useless and have no use at all. I did my research and apparently EOS tokens, once converted obviously is basically blockchain realestate and you can either sell your tokens to dapp developers or rent them out. Is that correct?