EOS Telegram Summary 2/3/18 - New Dapp Confirmed for EOS

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Today the EOS team faced censorship on Dan's old platform, Steemit, by a 51%+ owner/controller. Going forward we will post these through Busy.org though we don't feel it'll make much difference; we relish the day a competitor rises on EOS. More on that below.

First, for those seeking quality EOS discussion (links: BlockPros and Governance):

Dan delivered the latest EOS.IO Development Update:

Scam warning (nobody from block.one or EOS Go will ever contact you through private message for money, help, personal information, or Eth address):

Dan came in to clarify that interacting with the ICO in the U.S. and China by going around the EOS.io website may not be a good idea:

Censorship efforts on Steemit against the EOS Development Update went into overdrive, Dan came in to confirm a future dapp on EOS:

For context, below are Steemit comments on Dan's EOS Development Update. (Background: Dan built Steem, Ned helped with the business plan and marketing, they launched Steemit as co-founders):

Dan further explained the issue and his future plans:

Community support:

Original plans never realized:

Steem improvements list, a word from Sam (Everipedia co-founder), and support from the block.one CEO:

Finally, Dan answered questions and offered an opportunity for the community:


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A social media platform on EOS would be much better from its distribution alone.
There is nothing else that even comes close to the power distribution EOS has right now. Token sale is still ongoing too!
A new platform that airdrops on EOS would see the end of distortions due to whale votes.

Also, I'm sure whoever builds this social network on EOS will be able to build something even better from the mere fact that many lessons have been learned by watching Steem(it) in action for 2 years.

The way that @ned handled the situation cause the Streisand effect to take place and really bring this issue to the top of discussion on steemit. It is is unfortunate to see this bad blood taking place. I personally would have liked to see them work together and have steemit port over to EOS with improvements. I guess unfortunately that would not help to some the concentration of power that is the problem because of whales. The distribution model used for EOS has been brilliant. People criticized it in the beginning but I think it will stand as one of the most brilliant moves in crypto.

Cooperation would have been good. But I think at this early stage in the crypto world, going back to the drawing board and building a new blockchain-based social media platform from the ground up will be MUCH more interesting and powerful!
Go @dantheman!

I don't know if you caught it but Brendan from Block.one said that they are building a social media platform on EOS to fix the distribution issues that are a problem with steemit. There will be no new token for it. I wrote a little about it here. https://steemit.com/eos/@rumble/eos-io-is-going-to-create-new-version-of-steem
EOS will be a power house blockchain

Oh - now it’s on. I’d love to see something that takes on Facebook more directly too.

their union would be preferable to their war!!!

Even if not - @ned needs to realize he no longer needs Dan to make steemit succeed. The technology is there, the community to make it better is also there. He doesn't NEED Dan. He needs to invest more energy into making steemit what it can be instead of publically behaving in a way that hurts the platform's reputation. They can leave the fighting and bickering off the blockchain. It's unbecoming.

I think he does need Dan. As you can see, Dan is about to make STEEM obsolete by making a better, safer, fairer platform on EOS. There is little @ned can do about it, he's just a businessman, not a fricking inventor that turns anything he touches into gold!

Turning something into gold then walking away is not a very sustainable business plan. And yes, @ned is "just a businessman". So is Bill Gates.

It is the best if it is the only available. What would you do if someone takes over 51%+ of your blockchain?

Bill Gates doesn't have a blockchain. I can't see why do you compare the two at all?

Because you said businessman like it's a curse-word. :)

You see it as having a blockchain, I see it as having a business. The two are not the same.

My life is a curse word...

The fact is, it is a blockchain... We would be talking on Facebook if it wasn't... Or you're in it just for the money?

The blockchain is the technology behind it. And yeah, there's money involved which always complicates everything, but from my perspective steemit is first and foremost a distributed content platform with a matriocratic reward system that supports an active community. It's broken in all sorts of ways (that @ned should be fixing) but not nearly as broken as Facebook in others.

And I am not in it for the money. I would actually be making a lot more running campaigns for clients on Facebook. :)

I support this. Resolving the issues would be best.

Exactly cos united we stand. I would love them to still settle their differences cos they are our role models here.

Very bullish on whatever @dan has in the pipeline! 😉

Hey old STEEM friend... Long time no see... In that case I would consider powering down if I was you. Peace!

Where there is money there is inequality...
I'm really impressed with Dan and EOS' ideas of unprecedented vested interest, incentivizing good behavior and disincentivizing greed, but I can't help thinking that no matter how good the system, human greed will have a way of abusing it. I sincerely hope I'm wrong.

Well, this is actually no good news. I mean, one could already sense, that Dan will be building a new social media platform on EOS, but the fight with Ned and Steemit won´t help. Yes, what @Ned did there is nothing that can be justified by any means, is highly unprofessional and he can´t have been sober when writing this, but I really do want the STEEM blockchain to succeed!
As much as I like what Dan is doing, it is one thing to move on to a new baby and be excited about it, but another to openly discuss the failings of the parent that is still living with the old baby and helping it grow to adolescence. You can´t do that either!
Since I´m only invested in EOS and STEEM at the moment, I want both to succeed and this fight is just doing one thing: let me question my investment in both!
Get your shit together guys! Really.... try to be at least a bit professional and treat all this if it would be a real business!

it's really time for them to spread! and to make deliberate deeds

Agreed, there!

It is unfortunate all around; rights are being violated beyond those of a personal nature. Attempting to silence a difference of opinion through censorship is a legitimate problem, especially when it comes from someone in control of the platform. This isn't Neddit.

That´s all true. I guess we all are very sensitive to the topic of censorship.
On the other hand, these topics have to be brought up the one way or other.
It´s interesting, that especially companies that deal with anti-censorship are often the ones, that censor the most. I have seen this also happening with Substratum. Somehow this "shadow aspect" has to be worked through... but this demands all parties to behave like adults, which in the case of Ned clearly has not happened. We are on an very important fork on the road now. Ned can stand up and openly declare, that he is sorry for what he has done and show some greatness or hope that everyone will forget about it and carry on with his ostrich method of communication, in which case, the future really would look bad....

I do not get it.. Why do y'all call the act of downvoting by Ned censorship?

I see where @ned may have intended to go with this, but I feel the Streisand Effect popping off here instead, in about: 3, 2, 1...

Some are wondering if that's the intention the divided community line will start to come into play, such drama lol

Going forward we will post these through Busy.org !!!

Why would the Eosgo community effort choose sides in a dispute between the Steemit CEO and Block.One CTO?

Because Steemit CEO was completely out of line.

... and by stepping out of line, made a perfect demonstration to support an alternate case (i.e. a platform with true decentralisation).

Man, irony sucks...

I think Dan and Ned should set aside their differences and try sorting things out. Yes @ned did a very wrong thing but its best to call each other to order, remember when two elephant fight the grasses suffer.
I do strongly believe EOS will be great, @dan is really doing a terrific job

Nothing with the technology will change as Steem can always adopt the newest EOS tech as it is opensource. However, the perception that Dan was "still behind" Steem has just been corrected, publicly. And even challenged!

Oh - now it’s on. I’d love to see something that takes on Facebook more directly too.thanks for sharing this post

Give 'em hell Dan! Then again Dan Larimer is an adult and a gentleman, so that is unlikely to happen. We should all give our support to Mr. Larimer for his efforts and selflessness in creating a level playing field in the virtual world.

Yeah better governance/decetralization is needed, i hope eos can be better

Another drama...

Uh, @ned , what did you mean by "aggrandizement"?

I think that's a good time for them

I really expect Dan to provide us 2nd Gen D-Cent SNS

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Is this further clarification that they just don't want US people on the Genesis block? I bought my EOS on an exchange and I want to keep it, but being from the US I can't find any clear guidelines or yes or no answers anywhere? Can I participate in the Genesis block if I bought EOS on an exchange and I'm an American? And if so how?!

Here you go. First transfer your tokens out of the exchange into a wallet you control, e.g my ether wallet, and then register using these great instructions.


Resteemed. I'd like to join EOS community and learn more @eosgo.
I just joined the community but, can't seem to find my way around it. Please help

I didn't really think that much of EOS till we had EOS Hangout yesterday with @ejemai where here elaborated more about it. After which I saw the future of EOS and I believe in it more than ever. He told us how to buy it with SBD also.
You may love to get full details of the yesterday EOS Hangout here https://steemit.com/eos/@udembahenry/steemit-uyo-eos-hangout-with-ejemai

Good job 👍👍

Hello ! Very interesting and important article ! Can I translate it in French ? Be sure that I link to the original post !

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Can you tell me anything about EOS,Is there any chance of earning like steemit.Thank's in advance.

I will test the new EOS DAPP as an author

in Dan I trust! Keep up the good work DANNY!!

A social media platform on EOS would be much better from its distribution alone.
There is nothing else that even comes close to the power distribution EOS has right now. Token sale is still ongoing too!
A new platform that airdrops on EOS would see the end of distortions due to whale votes.

Also, I'm sure whoever builds this social network on EOS will be able to build something even better from the mere fact that many lessons have been learned by watching Steem(it) in action for 2 years.

Wow outstanding post .l like all the comments. Really we need a platform.i love to read this comment
Good job
Go ahead
Today I am learning something new from your post.......

@dantheman Please build a dapp that makes it easy to exchange my Steem from my Steemit Wallet for EOS tokens on the new EOS Social Media site.

Steemit has to change, we all know the big problems facing it and absolutely loved how Dan's moral principles are what is guiding him!