Sit-Down Q&A with Daniel Larimer - Full Video

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Dan sat down for an informal Q&A session with EOS Go admins Kev and Bluejays; many questions came from EOS community members before the trip to Virginia.

Topics include:

- Smart contracts and how to make changes.
- Account recovery, transparency, respect for property rights.
- Block Producers and their role in the EOS economy.
- Governance and how to encourage good behavior.
- Token inflation and how it benefits everyone.

Editor in Chief: Jenny (@topkpop)

Thank you:
Daniel Larimer, CTO of
Thomas Cox, VP of Product at
Sam Sapoznick
Paul Atreides (Matt)


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Very interesting, I can tell Dan has put a lot of thought not only into the tech, but also the incentive structure

Questions are valuable for users :)

Formally verified smart contracts written in C++, with the ability to adapt, wow!

this would be another historical at steemit community!


Awesome, love Larimer and super bullish on EOS. What a year 2018 is going to be. Thanks for sharing

Thanks ! waiting for more!

congratulations on the road to nirviginia

EOS is going to rock in 2018!! Bring it!

I would like to be a block producer of eos

The taxation model built on crypto inflation - very inspiring.

Nice post

That's an really interesting and informative Interview regarding EOS Go, i am also interested in this project but i lack two important things and that are lack of funds and technical background, can i contribute to this platform excluding these two aspects?

Thanks for sharing this informative video with us. 🙂

Stay Blessed.