EOS Telegram Summary 2/5/18 - Developers Still Developing

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Cryptocurrency markets continued their terminal velocity descent and EOS general chat hasn't seen mighty mod Sandwich in about a week; the result was unchecked price talk with a dash of memes:

Bancor tweeted about their integration of EOS:

EOS community developer nsjames spent some time trying to soothe investor fears in general chat:

Brendan Blumer, CEO of block.one, popped in to clarify information about the new Steem competitor on EOS:

Price talk continued. Since it was such a dominant topic of discussion in EOS general:

Dan stopped by to perform his admin duties:

EOSTalk offered the chance for users to ask questions of Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, during their live talk on February 6, 2018 at 8pm EST:

Over in EOS Developers, a dev who recently asked David Moss about a Go implementation has gone ahead with his project:

Cesar, creator of the new EOS block explorer, became interested in the effort:

Bart Wyatt of block.one answered questions:

nsjames released new information about Scatter 2.0 (his GitHub link and diagram link):

Finally, EOSIO Governance saw Thomas Cox of block.one become interested in ID and another project:

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@ned really seemed to highlight the negative aspects of steem with his down voting Dan's post where Dan declined payment. It is a shame they can't figure out a way to work together.

Very interested to hear how they plan to implement a new steemit like application on EOS. Currently the entire block reward stands to go to just the block producers. So does this mean we will be seeing a change to how the block reward works?

We already have EOS storage, airdrops and now the potential to earn curation rewards? EOS distribution has to stand as one of the best in the crypto space but I am sure there will still be whales. Curious to hear what other plans they have in place to fix issues with steem.

Overall though this just makes EOS that much more attractive on a level I don't think I have seen with any other crypto project to date. Plus the fact that they will still be developing this project for more months to come before launch so who know what other features we will see added.

Good info, thanks for posting this. Was definitely interesting what Brendan said about a social media platform being integrated with EOS without there being another token

Is there some more info about fixing the unfair distribution of STEEM on eos and couldn’t that be technically fixed on the steem blockchain too?

I think an airdrop of the STEEM held by Steemit Inc. would be a good start. EOS have had a much better thought out distribution model from the start with their year long ICO.

I'm sure whatever Dan has in mind will be a quantum leap ahead of Steem.

I see, i liked the route iota went as a foundation with 5% of the coins donated through the ICO participants.

!! Everypedia will Airdrop its IQ tokens to EOS Holders NO ICO !!

Bancor Bancor tweeted @ 05 Feb 2018 - 14:12 UTC

We are excited to announce that @EOS_io is now live and convertible on the Bancor Network, allowing continuous and… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

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