EOS.IO Development Update

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Our team has been working around the clock to make our EOS.IO software the best it can be. Those following along on GitHub should see some substantial improvements in the structure of the code as we implement many of the things we discussed in the last update.


A computer's BIOS is built into the hardware and is the first thing a computer loads prior to starting the operating system. This week we continue with the operating system metaphor to make the EOSIO blockchain bootstrap process as simple as possible, like a computer BIOS. The blockchain now starts up with a very simple initial state:

  1. a single account (eosio.system)
  2. a single private key
  3. a single block producer

This initial account is like the root account on linux systems, it has unlimited power until it yields this power to a higher level operating system smart contract. From this initial state, the @eosio.system account will upload the operating system smart contract that implements the following:

  1. staking for voting, network bandwidth, cpu bandwidth, ram, and storage.
  2. producer and proxy vote creation

You can view this initial state as an embryonic stem cell capable of adapting an EOSIO based blockchain to any number of use cases and governance structures all of which can be updated and tweaked without requiring any hard forks.

We gain many benefits from this approach because it makes the core EOSIO software simpler and easier to test.

Dynamic Number of Block Producers

The primary outcome of this is that EOSIO blockchains now support a dynamic number of block producers which can be changed with a simple update to the @eosio.system smart contract. We will still default this to 21 producers, but this is no longer hard coded.

The primary reason for making it dynamic is because for many private blockchains, 21 producers is beyond overkill. Enterprise use of private blockchains may prefer to have just a couple of producers and test networks might want only a single producer.


Historically we have indicated that each transaction would have at most 1ms of runtime as measured subjectively by the block producer. We realized there is a demand for some transactions which could take up to 50ms to run and also want to incentivize efficiency by encouraging developers to design transactions that take less than 50us to run. Under our original model all transactions utilized the same CPU whether 50us or 1ms meaning there is no incentive to optimize below 1ms.

Because runtime is subjective and can vary depending upon other activities running on the same computer, it is not possible to generate an objective and reproducible measure of runtime.

We realized that at no additional cost, we could modify our existing time-based rate limiter to a limiter that would calculate an objective estimate of the number of WASM instructions executed. This is similar to how Ethereum measures gas consumption. With this new objective measure we can rate limit CPU just like we rate limit bandwidth.

The block producers will use the same "dynamic oversubscription" algorithm for CPU usage that they use with network bandwidth. This means that while the network has spare CPU capacity users can get more CPU-per-staked token than they would be guaranteed to get during full congestion.

The block producers would still implement a subjective runtime limit in addition to the CPU instruction counting. This subjective limit would protect the network from those who would abuse the metering algorithm by using the most time-expensive operations more than the less time-expensive operations.

Separation of CPU and Network Bandwidth

In previous updates we indicated that we would separate out RAM, Storage, and Bandwidth where CPU/Network were both considered part of bandwidth. We realized that some applications, like Steem, might have high network bandwidth (for posts) and low CPU bandwidth, whereas other applications might have low network bandwidth (exchange orders), but higher CPU bandwidth (order matching). This means that one-size-fits-all pricing and/or staking does not make sense.

To keep things simple, the user interface can still bundle these things together for normal users; however, power users now have more price flexibility.

Transaction Compression

In the process of adding support for the c++ STL library we noticed that smart contracts could get quite large (50kb) and would therefore consume significant network bandwidth. It is conceivable that more complex contracts might grow to be over 200kb. We also realized that many applications, such as Steem, bundle very compressible content into transactions.

We added support for zlib compression of transactions which can provide a 60% or more reduction in bandwidth usage for smart contract uploads and potentially higher for Steem-like content.

Network Updates

The P2P network team has been busy updating the code to enhance performance and stability. This week they made significant progress on the following:

  1. block summary - when a block is broadcast only the transaction IDs are included rather than retransmitting all the transactions in the block. This will reduce bandwidth usage by almost 50%.

  2. large message support - broadcasting large messages (like 50kb smart contracts) needs a different network protocol than small messages (like 200 byte transfers).


Our development team is working to make EOSIO the most efficient, general purpose, and flexible platform to date.



Please consider ZStandard, LZ4 and LZMA2 as compression options. All have friendly licenses. At a minimum, ZStandard is faster and more effective than zlib. LZ4 is the fastest and smallest memory footprint, and LZMA2 will give you the best compression, great for a smart contract that compresses once and decompresses many times.

Having a compression type in the smart contract data structure would at least allow adding new compression types in the future.

yeah multiple standards is perfect for this system.

You are very considerate, thanks sir

Designing it for multiple standards is your best bet!

ZSTD is a really strong balance of speed+compression.

Very cool.

Interestingly, Eos and Steem features in the top most promising altcoins in 2018 says Weiss
Good news!!!

We realized that some applications, like Steem, might have high network bandwidth (for posts) and low CPU bandwidth, whereas other applications might have low network bandwidth (exchange orders), but higher CPU bandwidth (order matching). This means that one-size-fits-all pricing and/or staking does not make sense.

Apparently, an indepth into this issue will be of pertinent value to the ecosystem in general.
Dynamism in the number of block producers will be valuable in the pace of transactions which will be needed for a great future of eos.

Bandwidth should summarily be taken into a bigger consideration.
Network stability will be a feat towards achieving a sustainable value too.
All the best!!!

Exactly bro! You speak my mind!
I gain so much from the awesome post. Thumbs up

Dan, you make it sound all so easy : ) Looking forward to an enlightened society, thanks for putting up the effort!

@Ned needs to start delegating his SP in quantities of 5k to community engagers like I've been doing. Delegating more than that (e.g. 500K) is just too damn much for an individual.

Really a massive effort. He has great ideas.

@dan, this is a race against the clock, at that speed we'll be reaching a zero point in time! ;)

Thanks a lot for all this incredible information and I want to congratulate you and your team for this phenomenal work you are all doing. I also love being educated in the matters at hand. Brilliant wording, equally powerful learning. I can't thank you enough for this either.

Namaste :)

Keep up the good work lads, EOS is one of my very few favorite blockchains and along with Cardano have huge potential to shape the future.

I know my upvote wont affect reward pool ...but you deserve it.....

He really does deserve it. Kudos to @dan for this excellent EOS project

Even my upvote isnt going to make much difference ... But still one who desrve u cant keep ur hands away from upvote... :p

It is really great by declining the post to the steemit reward pool ...hats off .....Great Steemians be like this ....
BTW nice work.....salutae

Ya lafmaya... Che kyo jumpa maermic .. Dont be great ... Just Grow some balls.

Steem is mentioned 4 times in your post, @dan (I include the tag). So it would be safe to conclude that a Steem-like dapp will run on EOS, I guess.

Why would we need a SteemOnEOS when we already have Steem? What would be the advantages?

... if they rebuild steemoneos ... airdrop to eos holders ... it will take advantage of eos distribution ... a lot less whales... votes will be worth more and minnows will now have a higher stake.

I mean, why wouldn't Steem just migrate to Eos? It already has Graphene infrastructure. It makes no sense to build another coin when Steem is already ahead and can be converted faster than a new one can be built..


STEEM doesn't come with any EOS with which to board. And STEEM dollars won't be compatible with EOS dollars.

Eos isn't even out yet so idk what that means... It's built on the same infrastructure. I'm not sure I understand what that second part means either.. Why wouldn't you be able to trade steem dollars for Eos dollars on an Eos Dapp? Seems perfectly possible to me. Have you read the whitepapers and know something I don't?

Yeah, that could be possible advantages, but actually I'm really curious about @dan's perspective on this.

Very interesting perspective, I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen.

GREAT answer!!! Thank you, namaste :)

My limited understanding is that EOS is a smart contract platform, I'm not sure if it would be suited for developing a social media app onto... Would be grateful for more input

On EOS you can run multiple steemit like platforms. All running as Dapps, EOS can run ethereum as well with out a hitch you can essentially create an uber type platform as well with out concern to speed and or bandwidth.

I'm not sure if it would be suited for developing a social media app onto

I believe it would be possible to create a sophisticated social media app, in which you could curb the :self-aggrandising: that happens on Steem. For example, rewards could be based on a direct transfer of coins (rather than a common pool), and for motivating this you could add a curator reward clause as part of the transaction.

Excellent question! Namaste :)

Ned won't be there

Hey dan,

thanks alot for the regular updates. It's great to hear about the improvements to the software!

I'd love hear more on the 'human issues' side, if you find the time. Thomas Cox mentioned you had a conversation on the issue of vote-buying. I'd be great to hear your thoughts on this as well!

Awesome work by the Dan and the Block.One team - the Dynamic number of Block Producers is very welcome and a big step in the right direction.

Oh boy, I am so excited for this, and I already have my tokens registered and ready to go!

Plus, I'm so excited to see what new programs will be created atop the EOS blockchain soon, especially now that they have a one billion dollar project fund to incentivize companies to do so! 🐳

Dynamic number of block producers is an excellent change. Private enterprise adoption should lead to wider consumer adoption beyond that of dapps competing with legacy apps.

Maersk announced a partnership with IBM to build a blockchain, will block.one be directing some effort towards winning those clients?

Looking forward to EOS! I've been "Trollin" Charles Hoskinson a bit on Twitter just for kicks! 😂🤣😂🤣

Trollin just a bit...? You just destroyed the very last bit of his self confidence and faith in cardano! He probably cant sleep now. Even Tonny Robbins wouldnt be able to help him. Pure guy was looking for mental support from his community and then you had to step in 😂😂

Talks about maturity, proceeds to say "thank you for not being the EOS community" and "Have a gold star". This man's a walking contradiction.

haha .. amazing this guy going to be tired of explaining ADA, why it is better from EOS .. lol

Charles called me smelly today.

haha I love that! This is, what makes blockchain tech so great. Where else could you troll a CEO this way? 😂

He must of got "Triggered" when I told him I sold all my Cardano haha

Good One! LOL

Haha, that's hilarious!

I had a disappointing and enlightening experience with the Cardano wallet and their "support." If they are willing to put out such a piece of junk wallet with so many bugs and bad UI, and then give lackluster support, I'm out. Sold my fairly large stake in ADA as soon as I was able to recover my wallet, which took days, no thanks to help from "support."

This is simply amazing. I really salute the efforts of everyone trying to make this happen and give everyone an easy and smooth operations. I am always drawn to express gratitude to people who sacrifice and make life better for everyone else regardless of everything. More strength.

hahhaha my boss don hammer

If only dan and ned can settle their issues amicably

I really must say Dan Larimer and his EOS team are doing a revolutionary service that will change the world. We need to acknowledge and encourage people like these. The more its easier for the average Joe or noob to understand crypto currencies and blockchain technology the better. Cheers to Dan Larimer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dan, thanks for continuing to update us with these posts. The analogies are also very helpful for understanding. I'm very glad to hear about the solutions for price flexibility that you are working on. I'm not sure if you will see this message, but will you and/or anyone from the EOS team be at Consensus this year? I've been thinking about trying to attend, but honestly I am not interested unless EOS will be represented there.

All the best.

Outstanding Dan. You're an inspiration.
Ned is such a jealous jerk. Cant wait for a better steemit to be developed on EOS.

I can´t wait for June to arrive and even only being an enduser, I can already sense, that the name Dan Larimer will be the Mark Zuckerberg of the blockchain generation!
Thanks for making the blockchain great again 😂You rock!

Hello @dan
All these updates are wonderful. I hope to see more of of such. More strength to you and your team. So for clarity, EOSIO is the most efficient and flexible platform so far?

Our team has been working around the clock to make our EOS.IO software the best it can be. Those following along on GitHub should see some substantial improvements in the structure of the code as we implement many of the things we discussed in the last update.

Wow good innovation i see eos as a step forward to steemit, i really appreciate you and your team for the working you are caring on to make steemit a better place.

This is outstanding . I really duff my hat for the efforts of everyone trying to make this happen and give everyone an easy and smooth operations with the EOS trades and followups. Thanks for the updates despite everything you are indeed an icon @dan !
A blessing to all. More grace!

@Dan. You seem to make all these sound so easy to achieve....

I must sincerely commend your efforts though...

You're exceptionally great...

You did not tell me early.

I tell you @kingernie ,the guy @dan is more than a genius, imagine all that he has done with bitshares, EOS, Steem. I am so sure he has more to come. @dan you will always be successful, that's my prayer for you sir.

I tell you @kingernie ,the guy @dan is more than a genius, imagine all that he has done with bitshares, EOS, Steem. I am so sure he has more to come. @dan you will always be successful, that's my prayer for you sir.

I really look forward to you guys resolving whatever this is about. A down vote @ned? The best thing would be to resolve this outside the platform. I believe so much in steemit and would love to see it blossom so well

Unbelievable that this kind of amazing post was downvoted... Although nobody knows what's between both of you, but things are not suppose to go like this. Afterall you are our mirror.


Am still gonna upvote this, and if possible upvote all reasonable comments.

This was a really good one.
I think am buying Eos..
Thank you @dan

@yhubie, Yeah... eos is amazing. the team is properly organised.

Fantastic post @Dan, thanks for keeping us in the loop.
A question I have, when do you think we will start seeing real application of EOS and its contracts? I am not talking about random smart contracts (like crypto kittens), but things that people and companies will use.

Wow!!! This is amazing... You guys @dan and his team are wonderful for the great project. Nothing really s as sweet as crypto currency. The power behind crypto currency if you view deeply, is beyond trading... Your efforts really need to be commended. Thanks a lot
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So amazing!!! Gratitude to this brother from another mother... I really appreciate both the information and the motivation you show.

images (2).png

Judging by what @ned just did to @dan, it shows that ned has no chill at all even on dan? This is ridculous seeing such act from the sole founders of this platform. You are suppose to commend dan for this great effort trying to update us on EOS.IO development. This platform is mearnt to appreciate a good content with the intent of making the world a better place, but i doubt if ned is really concerned with that right now. Instead of supporting each others, it is the other way round. @dan if only my steem power is enough to make this post moon to $5000 payout, believe me, i would but don't worry now, i am going to be your soldier to protect and fight for you even if my 'SP' is not much, i don't care to die in the process. My loyalty is gon be 100% for you. More greese to your elbows, you deserve to take a chill, relax and worry less about what ned just prove to be by down voting this post. Followed, and resteem has been done to this marvellous post @dan.

wow bro...uv said wat i really wanted to...am also a minnow..
what @ned did to @dan is really strange and weird..so sad at wat he did...@ned needs to also learn some skills @dan doz...wat happened to this post wowed everyone.

Very surprising seeing that. Like wow @ned and @dan are business partners they are meant to be watching each others back not this display of foolishness Portrayed by his beloved partners @ned. I hope to see them in good terms though for the movement of steemit for good.

@ned needs to take a chill pill.. It hurts my spirit when I see people who are trying to give out their best getting penalised for nothing.. And I think @ned needs to apologise to @dan ASAP

For God's sake @ned I know you got bad blood with @Dan but you can't risk the platform on some grudges. You have to give it to @Dan he creates a platform makes sure it runs like it's supposed to ... than moves on the bigger creator things. Can't be mad at him you might be pissed that he left steemit inc. But he was the one who created this platform that is able to award you the amount for a one liner.

Give props where it belongs.

Settle this off chain.

Give caesar what belongs to caser.. @dan doesnt not derserve such embarrassment. Hes really doing a great job..

@dan and his co-team, you guys are really trying. EOS is moving better, this is impressive and it really help. Kudos to y'all. Great work should never stop

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yes @dan is nd his co-team are really trying and i personally appreciate their effort..U5dt3DKEaXwSiBEbPGLdhVzgS5VosPK.gif

Wow... thanks alot for the regular updates. It's great to hear about the improvements to the software! I'll really love to knw more on the 'human issues' side, Thomas Cox mentioned you had a conversation on the issue of vote-buying. I'd be great to hear your thoughts on this as well. I really can´t wait for June to arrive and even only being an enduser, I can already sense, that the name Dan Larimer will be the Mark Zuckerberg of the blockchain generation!
Thanks for making the blockchain great again . Thanks @dan for this. A great man, you are

I wish one day I could meet Dan. I fell in love with EOS and I’ve been following the project since before the crowd sale began. Dan will go down as one of the greats that are talked about in history books!

This kind of post does not worth downvoting... If there is any disagreement between you both, try to settle it amicably... You are leaders and the role model.


I'm honoured for the motivation you gave.... You are the best

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Thanks so much for this @dan. You're a great leader. I wonder why this great post was downvoted. This is disheartening

I just can not understand that @ned would downvote this or any post. You know that you have alot of power in steemit and you can make or BREAK posts.

@dan is already declining payouts which I think is very respectfull. Dan also knows that he's got alot of power and should'nt go along with it and use or abuse it for his own reasons.

As I can see dan is the most friendly "whale" in history and ned is acting like dan is MOBY DICK. Pierced right in the chest and let him bleed to death. (Figurely)

But yeah, hence the freaking logics right?

Just downvote + post a negative comment without real context + upvote your own comment worth 2K+ SBD. Sounds like a role model..... NOT

@dan Upvoted this, not that my vote is worth much, this doesn't deserved to be downvoted @ned, shame on you!!

You are kind

Really can't wait...looking forward to it..Thanks to your team for working tirelessly to make EOSIO efficient and flexible platform to date. A very big thank you to @dan for what you've done so far and for what you're yet to do...

Sir, i sincerely want to use this opportunity to say thank you so much for all you do. This is pure selflessness borne out of a heart that truly cares and love. This is massive. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

thank you @dan for sharing you,r doing gud job such a gorgious Things for developers......Outstanding software dreams comes true Just Can Thousands of transactions per Sec. from this Software....i,m glaD to hear such a terrific news about transaction.....i will staye here for more Learning writing and Building my skil......Solute For Your team And For You 😊 Keep it up m Going To resteem your Post Soo Other Stemians Can follow You and they Get Your Tremedious Work and contents.....thanks again.....

I don't think @dan has to exaggerate anything about EOS to make it sound awesome, it just is.

Team @dan. You guys are doing a really great work. In the spirit of valentine season I'm offering @ned free medical checkup to see why he won't just appreciate good things.

I really support the idea from @dan as i belive he would not innovate what would bring down the system and @ned two wrongs never make a right. We are not just here to post and get paid, how we treat people too is also involve.

And @dan thank for tge the efficiency of the EOSIO ,Please settle this off this platform and we would like to see sign or post from you guys showing that. @dan and @ned

Wow this is really amazing though, it's good to see some improvements on EOS. This is good for the community but to see this downvoted keeps me wondering though. @ned why this??!!

Pettiness? There is such a thing as irreconcilable differences.

The blockchain revolutionary is truly a high feet for mankind and the coming generations to come I guess... That's If they don't flush this technology Lolz... I love the development so far with the EOIOS BIOS and I must commend the team a great effort for a job well thought into. Hopefully this kicks into full gear soon and become a true vision of what blockchain should be. Thank @dee-y over and out.

Wow, you and your team have come a long way. With all the detailed analysis, it is quite obvious that it has not been easy. Congratulations for achievements so far and more to come. More grace to your elbows.

Thank you for the information and your hardwork!

I'll have to research on the EOS.IO so I can know more about it!

Good luck in your endeavours and keep us posted!

hello @dan
its great to hear about d improvement on the software..i am also excited an cant wait to see d new programs....simply amazing and fantastic...
If this bandwidth issues can be resolved it will be highly appreciated...because at times it annoys me wenever i have a low bandwidth...cnt comment or upvote
Thanks for ur effort really appreciate Looking forward to an enlightened society and more post from u...STEEM ON!!

as leaders that you are @Dan and @ned, you are international models hence I will ask that you guys resolve this amicably.it's childish.

I know this may be coming in a bit late, this is due to several official engagements I have been on for the past few days.

I am really saddened by so many things in this particular post by @dan.

We have also allowed the power show/abuse by @ned to blind us to the better part of this post which is the EOS innovation. You see @ned has already made his money on cryptocurrecy and blockchains so he really doesn't seem to care what may be of benefit to the average Steemian blogger and investor on the blockchain.

I am going to keep upvoting any useful content I meet on Steemit including this 1.

There's nothing wrong in @dan 's Post to warrant a down vote. The use of the words :

Downvoted for aggrandizement is one of the greatest misuse of words in recent times.

I do not want to think that @ned is a sadist, the thought of it frightens me, whatever issues @ned has with @dan should have been settled some how not by this shameful show of power.

Also commendable is the fact that this post payout has been declined by @dan, an act @ned may never find the guts to do .

Steemit is a community, so if we rate by community standards, @dan is here for the Future of steem not merely money.

Am so sorry @dan that this had to happen. I am giving my upvote on this and resteeming this post too, you actually deserve kudos not backlashes.

Thank you.

You seem to contradict yourself here. If someone is being wronged yet still taking the higher ground, what good is lecturing the victim? He is upvoting posts that lecture him to take the higher ground although he already is! How many cheeks do you think he has to turn? Everyone please stop lecturing Dan:-)

why was the upvote money disabled for this?

Dan tends to voluntarily decline payment for his posts.

A trick that Ned needs to learn, along with those who upvote such petty minded snark.

@dan Techniquely showing them that he is ahead of the GAME. Neds and his co supporters needs to watch more of HOUSE OF CARDS to know how its been played.

True...Ned's display of maturity isn't worth it..@dan's attitude is what steemit needs...Ned should learn from @dan

yes @o1o1o1o u are rite @ned should also learn dart too

I see.. Sorry for my ignorance, but why though? is it to set an example to other influential people on Steemit? Thanks for enlightening me and hopefully others aswell! I'd also like to thank @dan for not being selfless and taking time to upvote other people's comments. I only wish more influential people on steemit would use voting power now and then, on other people than themselves.

@ned, it is rediculous to downvote this post without any formal context. @dan is trying to get this word out his new exciting project and you are trying to beat it to his knees with what ever you can do.

@dan already and always decline payouts because he is not here to post for his self to earn author reward and get a decent pay for each post. Instead he is trying to get the curators involved and give them an oportunity.

Don't be a nay sayer to people who are in FOR the people and think before you do such acts in the future

Have been silently following you guys since I joined Steemit but it is really sad seeing our role model having an unending fight which I pray it will end one day. It's really hitting On us and the platform as a whole see the two Great streemians role model having a disagreement

in Nigeria our elders do say when two Are having disagreements, one have to behave like a sheep so as to be able to solve it all. There is one thing am sure of, you guys have the same goal when steemit started and u guys would have been the best partner. For the sake of good times @dan and @ned. For the sake of good times we want you together, United.

Am patiently waiting for the good tidings of eos.io

All is well @dan

@dan, this reminds of system V UNIX bootstrapping procedure. I think stumbled upon a book during the college days and read without much clue about what it is. Looks like, finally we have something similar to Plan9 here - a truly distributed OS which can run apps in network distributed micro service model.

I am thinking of using the blockchain for scenarios like call record for the billing purpose in telecom where currently it is either stored in a database and some systems are still using text files / logs which is later aggreated with a transnational routine (EMS / NMS / OSS). I feel this is possible to replace the entire eco-system with a blockchain. The development updates sounds very promising. Keep up the good work.

Just yesterday I participated in an EOS meeting with some great men who took their time to explain the potentials of EOS and why we should not be left of this fast moving train. Comparing what you @dan and your team has done with the steem and bitshares blockchain, I have strong faith in EOS. I know my support doesn't count anyways but you still have it. And please try to put an end to this feud between you and @ned. Much love from me.


then let downvote and remove those polluting the steemit environments and make steemit clean for we who are ready to make things better..

@dan I envy your work... I think This is the perfect time to make change for things to go smoothly..


Everything I've read and seen aside.

@dan, you're doing a great job with the eos.io programming and I know of I'll be one of the first persons to run to it when it's done. It's a wonderful thing you have the community it's in mind and I should appeal to you that you focus on the work you've started and let this fued die for the community's sake.

@ned I'm still new here and might not really understand your reasons but downvoting an important post holds bad for the post and the author generally. The post in question was declined of payout by the author so downvoting the post legally portrays that something personal is attached.

Whatever it is, you gotta let go.

For Christ sakes you're the CEO of Steemit what kinda impression do you think this is creating? or what kinda impact do you think this will have?

@dan is working towards aiding the improvement and betterment of the community you designed, you really think downvoting him is proper?

Let's be matured here please 🙏🙏🙏😢😢.

By the way good job creating steemit.
I love it like crazy

Also I think you should know this

Newbies are looking to you guys (whales) as role models. What do you expect them to think when they see fueds like this?

Menh I have been seeing a lot flagging down voting and stuffs like that, for issues that in my opinion could have been ignored. Sometimes this things kind of happenings make me have double thoughts on the longevity of steemit. Like it or not we minnows look up to you guys and if all you do is down vote and flag each other it's doesn't send any good message. Lately I have been trying to lease sp for better participation on this great platform but to no avail. I really urge you all (whales) to quit this show of strength and instead join heads together and improve the quality and operation of the steemit platform and the Steem blockchain

ohhhhhh!!!!!! so Much Terrified Thing i had not seen Before.....2k plus downpvote....what the hell Are You Doing @ned......plzz keep work with your work.plzzzz Dn,t GET jealous from the poepl efforts......why are you not bearing the Certain success of @Dan.he,s just helping the other people by his software plz dn,t do this to anyone.....IFF you can,t appreciate The Work then You Will not Doing soooooo.....very bad reality some why people dn,t want to see the Success off Other persons......just Focus On your work Bro...you can Easly Do it.

@dan wow this post is just amazing! But to see a downvote of this is quite unimaginable. This isn't fair!

This is really crazy.. is @ned trying to pull a stunt or what... I've never seen such amount on a comment before. Why on earth would he downvote @dan
@dan Great development from you and your team tho. Its obviously some people are antagonists to progress.

God, @ned's comment is trending

I will be like you one day or like @dan

But the payout was declined don't see any reason though

That's what I can't understand, why he's getting so many upvotes.
And thank you @Dan for your works. You and your development team have really put in some good works. wishing you guys the best

@dan you and your team are working so hard. Look beyond the downvoting you got and see the Steemians appreciating your work. Keep up!

Wow, the amount of delegation from steemit to mrdelegation is mind-blowing.
With delegation like that I could and would change people's lives on this platform. To see it used this way is simply heart breaking.

Just came accross this channel for the first. Nice to be here.

You're a very huge inspiration.

The boss man himself,🙌 your love of @dan actually earned you an unfollow from ned at one point!

But i do understand why you see him as an inspiration.

You too, and dan open the eyes of others to the power behind blockchain tech, especially steem, not just for developers and technical blah blah blah, but the world changing capabilities too.
Love ya bossman😎

I got me some more EOS during the dip, cheers!

P.s, im still looking for that your energy, i need it.


Agree my friend!

But why this war? When someone already declined his payout. This post has actually drifted from its core purpose. I believe we should celebrate @dan for the amazing work himself and his team have been able to put together. Such an impressive effort to giving people a better life via social media. Kudos to you guys. I wish both @dan and @ned all the best though in your endeavors.

Definitely!!! We ought to celebrate him
The issues between them is uncalled for..

@dan After reading the FAQ on EOS.IO Website and watching your interview with "ivan on tech". I have a question:

What will incentivize future EOS blockchain platform to recognize EOS token (ERC 20) and interact with it's smart contract after June 2018? Especially when the fund raises from ICO will be given to block.one to invest in DAPP on EOS IO, instead of paying the people that launch future EOS blockchain platform.


Like, i need the original of this! Where did you get it, is it a video, or what?, they look like nerds, not now that money is oozing outta every hole in their body, lol.

Hahahahahhahahaha they really look like nerds...

@dan did nothing wrong here and he wrote a great article. I was going to hold Steem long-term, though after seeing how @ned (CEO of Steem) acted, I would much rather Sell off all my Steem and invest into a different project

the level of panic probably increases with each dollar one has invested in a project - and yet, there has to be some rational explanation for this kind of action ...

'Rational explanation loading .............................................'

is we should now quit steemit bcz this @ned and @dan looks like that they are not intrstd in steemit and price is also going down can any steemit expert tell me wht should i do now

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Thanks for your updating

@dan did not receive payment for this post, whereas @ned took advantage by writing 3 words in this post comment $ 2.8k wow this bullsxxx ... . i helped a lot of new steemian even laboriously trying to get $ 1 per day, and it's still difficult. a CEO gave a bad example for me this morning, I prefer to choose you mr @dan as a leader than you @ned ...lol

Really looking forward to EOS going live!

I am a fan of your work @dan , I have one very simple question for you: Do we live on a planet or a flat earth?

I will appreciate it if you will answer this simple question and no matter the answer, then I am a fan of your work.

Yeeeah! I saw Dan first. Whooooo! Can't understand any of this, but goodluck and i hope it works. Oh and thanks for creating steemit!

I think whales are at war here and getting $2582 worth of upvotes on a comment is really something. Ned is upvoting his own posts with full percentage of power and this really should be concerning for Steemit community.

Keep up the great work.

And this is mindblowing...

I have always known that @dan always have something good to offer.

I completely trust your judgement.

Keep up the good work.

I have been hearing of EOS for a long time now.. Never knew @dan was the creator of the coin. I see a great potential in that coin, I'm going to invest in it because I see a bright future ahead of it.

The expertise you displayed in the creation of steemit, I know will also be adopted to make EOS great.

Thanks @dan

Thanks for the generous upvote @dan!
I am looking forward to convert the rewards to steempower to get my enveirment involved with steemit and crypto currency.

Once I get a decent amount of steempower, I will help other minnows and friends with their rewards to get to this amazing community on the platform as well on EOS and her promising DAPPS. The future is looking bright. And it is amazing to see there are still people like you which are "normal" yet talented who not are all in for them selfs.

You are the founder and inspiration of many :D