Even if not - @ned needs to realize he no longer needs Dan to make steemit succeed. The technology is there, the community to make it better is also there. He doesn't NEED Dan. He needs to invest more energy into making steemit what it can be instead of publically behaving in a way that hurts the platform's reputation. They can leave the fighting and bickering off the blockchain. It's unbecoming.

I think he does need Dan. As you can see, Dan is about to make STEEM obsolete by making a better, safer, fairer platform on EOS. There is little @ned can do about it, he's just a businessman, not a fricking inventor that turns anything he touches into gold!

Turning something into gold then walking away is not a very sustainable business plan. And yes, @ned is "just a businessman". So is Bill Gates.

It is the best if it is the only available. What would you do if someone takes over 51%+ of your blockchain?

Bill Gates doesn't have a blockchain. I can't see why do you compare the two at all?

Because you said businessman like it's a curse-word. :)

You see it as having a blockchain, I see it as having a business. The two are not the same.

My life is a curse word...

The fact is, it is a blockchain... We would be talking on Facebook if it wasn't... Or you're in it just for the money?

The blockchain is the technology behind it. And yeah, there's money involved which always complicates everything, but from my perspective steemit is first and foremost a distributed content platform with a matriocratic reward system that supports an active community. It's broken in all sorts of ways (that @ned should be fixing) but not nearly as broken as Facebook in others.

And I am not in it for the money. I would actually be making a lot more running campaigns for clients on Facebook. :)

Whatever you say... :)

Superior technology wins in the long run, atleast it wins me... I don't know for the masses and neither do you, we'll see.

Good for you @techslut, enjoy.

I support this. Resolving the issues would be best.

Exactly cos united we stand. I would love them to still settle their differences cos they are our role models here.

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