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RE: EOS Telegram Summary 2/3/18 - New Dapp Confirmed for EOS

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Well, this is actually no good news. I mean, one could already sense, that Dan will be building a new social media platform on EOS, but the fight with Ned and Steemit won´t help. Yes, what @Ned did there is nothing that can be justified by any means, is highly unprofessional and he can´t have been sober when writing this, but I really do want the STEEM blockchain to succeed!
As much as I like what Dan is doing, it is one thing to move on to a new baby and be excited about it, but another to openly discuss the failings of the parent that is still living with the old baby and helping it grow to adolescence. You can´t do that either!
Since I´m only invested in EOS and STEEM at the moment, I want both to succeed and this fight is just doing one thing: let me question my investment in both!
Get your shit together guys! Really.... try to be at least a bit professional and treat all this if it would be a real business!


it's really time for them to spread! and to make deliberate deeds

It is unfortunate all around; rights are being violated beyond those of a personal nature. Attempting to silence a difference of opinion through censorship is a legitimate problem, especially when it comes from someone in control of the platform. This isn't Neddit.

That´s all true. I guess we all are very sensitive to the topic of censorship.
On the other hand, these topics have to be brought up the one way or other.
It´s interesting, that especially companies that deal with anti-censorship are often the ones, that censor the most. I have seen this also happening with Substratum. Somehow this "shadow aspect" has to be worked through... but this demands all parties to behave like adults, which in the case of Ned clearly has not happened. We are on an very important fork on the road now. Ned can stand up and openly declare, that he is sorry for what he has done and show some greatness or hope that everyone will forget about it and carry on with his ostrich method of communication, in which case, the future really would look bad....

I do not get it.. Why do y'all call the act of downvoting by Ned censorship?

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