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RE: EOS Telegram Summary 2/3/18 - New Dapp Confirmed for EOS

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A social media platform on EOS would be much better from its distribution alone.
There is nothing else that even comes close to the power distribution EOS has right now. Token sale is still ongoing too!
A new platform that airdrops on EOS would see the end of distortions due to whale votes.

Also, I'm sure whoever builds this social network on EOS will be able to build something even better from the mere fact that many lessons have been learned by watching Steem(it) in action for 2 years.


The way that @ned handled the situation cause the Streisand effect to take place and really bring this issue to the top of discussion on steemit. It is is unfortunate to see this bad blood taking place. I personally would have liked to see them work together and have steemit port over to EOS with improvements. I guess unfortunately that would not help to some the concentration of power that is the problem because of whales. The distribution model used for EOS has been brilliant. People criticized it in the beginning but I think it will stand as one of the most brilliant moves in crypto.

Cooperation would have been good. But I think at this early stage in the crypto world, going back to the drawing board and building a new blockchain-based social media platform from the ground up will be MUCH more interesting and powerful!
Go @dantheman!

I don't know if you caught it but Brendan from said that they are building a social media platform on EOS to fix the distribution issues that are a problem with steemit. There will be no new token for it. I wrote a little about it here.
EOS will be a power house blockchain