The Pay It Forward Community Support Initiative (CSI) WEEK 10

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If you haven't spotted this initative before let me explain what it is about, and why it is really something special. There is quite a lot of debate on Steemit about voting bots, and I have written quite a bit about this topic. In an effort to turn the whole paradigm of bots into something much more beneficial to Steemit and all its users I have created the Community Support Initiative, which uses the profits made from this post and the @ecotrain voting bot to pay it forward to great Steemians with a healthy upvote that exceeds what I can give from my own account. This is all possible due to the great delegations that we receive, and all the people involved in this initiative. So thank you to so many of you for your support, and with very special thanks to @tribesteemup and @canadian-coconut for their consistant support for this initiative and allowing me to encourage the right people to keep posting!

So I would like to Congratulate all of you who are creating great posts and encourage you to keep going! My best advice to you all is to write because you enjoy writing and let it work for you, instead of it being like work! Writing to try to please others is very tiresome, and you can't keep that up for long! Writing to share something about your real authentic self is always more interesting for everyone and will bring more engagement. I’m sure that with some time, and , maybe a little help from the @ecotrain, you can find the people you are looking for!

This week the following people received an upvote from the @ecotrain minnow support project. You sure kept me busy reading, and I'm happy to say it was time well spent as you are writing some great content!


Congratulations to everyone this week who was selected for an upvote for great post



















One of the criticisms about voting bots is that they tend to centralize the returns of bids to delegators, which means that minnows are forced to pay for votes, and most of the reward pool ends up in the wallets of fewer and fewer people. I am happy to say that the @ecotrain voting bot is something altogether different! The reason why is simple! What I do is to send my SBD to the ecotrain voting bot to upvote people who are writing great posts but don't get many rewards. These bot upvotes are always very well received, and are a pleasant surprise to all recipients. I try to select as many different people as I can, and do the best I can to encourage great people to continue writing great posts! I could not do this without the @ecotrain bot, because I don't have the voting power to give 6 or more people a day more than $1 upvotes each! It is a great feeling to be able to pay it forward to so many people, and I think it is safe to say that I continue to inspire people to keep posting better content every day!


1. Up-vote This Post!

By up-voting this post I can use the rewards to PAY IT FORWARD next week to some more great people!.

2. Please follow my @eco-alex curation trail

Please visit to add me to your up-voting. That way all the votes I make will be boosted by you and bring even more attention and rewards to our amazing ecotrain passengers! This includes my voting on the @ecotrain and @tribesteemup who are an amazing group of Steemians. Your support goes a long way to making so many people's day brighter and full of joy and you will also make great curation rewards as a result.

3. Please delegate to me, @eco-alex

I spend most of my time on Steemit curating and finding great people to support. You won't have to look far to see the quality and quantity of people I have supported here. The past few months have seen most of my delegtion move to other places and so my voting power is quite low! I really want to be able to reward great people, and to do that I need your delegation to really allow me to manually curate with a simple upvote! You can see many of the posts from the ecotrain and friends at #ecotrain. You can also read our weekly highlights magazine from our @ecotrain passengers @ecotrain.

4. Delegate Steem Power To @ecotrain for 65% ROI

If you need to earn rewards for delegating, with fair profit sharing to the community then please delegate to the @ecotrain voting bot on! I give a 0- 11% ROI to anyone using the bot so everyone is happy and we add great value to the Steem blockchain! This is a unique opportunity to get involved and support a bot that is so ethical and supporting such great steemians. Just visit and delegate any amount of Steem Power in one minute.

To delgate to me just go to and send any amount of Steem Power to @eco-alex


If you write great posts on the theme of


and want to have a chance of receiving our up-vote please use the #ecotrain tag in your post.


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Great words @eco-alex..
Especially in the domain of writing to please becaise we love to and letting it work for us. I really like that philosophy and plus, it really gets tiring when all you do is trying to please others which might never happen. So why not write to please yourself which will always happen.
I think i am not following your curation trail but will do that. It is a great initiative and i like it.


cheers hermann!

I am very excited to be part of your healing list, this motivates me more