EarthNation Presents: NewbieGames Jeopardy - Where Every Valid Answer Is A Winner

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Welcome to: NewbieGames "Simplified"Jeopardy


Brought to you by: @earthnation & @steembasicincome

Like Jeopardy, you pick your category and you give an answer to the topic question. The top 2 answers in each of the 5 categories win a $0.40 upvote. Plus there will be 3 @steembasicincome prizes given to the overall best 3 submissions and an overall Grandprize of a $10 upvote! All valid entries receive a $0.10 upvote too. (2x the newbie nickel normally given)

You can enter once by following the simple rules below, but for the more ambitious players we have a twist! You can enter up to 5 times but read carefully! ;)

Note: All winners will be determined and paid by @earthnation and @steembasicincome validation teams. So make your answers good!


The grand prize for best overall answer wins an instant $10 upvote of their answer.

Others Prizes Too - Everyone's A Winner!

Top 3 Answers Win A Lifetime Membership In @steembasicincome Upvote Service

10 "Runner Up" selections Get a $0.40 upvote (2 from each category)

Every Valid Entry Gets a $0.10 upvote



Categories Please...

Which of the following 5 topics is the most important problem for the world to solve:

A: Solving world hunger
B: Saving our oceans
C: Saving our rain-forests
D: Reducing our carbon footprint
E: Reducing homelessness

Pick your topic please!


Make A Valid Post To Enter (50 to 300 words)

A: Pick a category above and make a post explaining why it is the most important problem to you.
B: The answer must be between 50 and 300 words long (no more, no less)
C: Tag your post with #earthnation as the 1st tag and with #newbiegamesentries as the 2nd tag
D: You must title your post: "My Anwer To NewbieGames Jeopardy - Where Every Valid Answer Is A Winner"
E: You must follow @earthnation @steembasicincome and @newbiegames
F: Drop the link of your post into the comment section to be judged

Note: all conditions above must be met, so please read carefully!


4 More Bonus Entries Possible! (Making 5 Total)

Everyone gets a free entry by doing the above, but you can get more bonus entries with the same rules applied from above.

Get a 2nd entry by resteeming this post and following all directions again above

Get a 3rd entry by commenting on another person's entry in this post (minimum comment length must be 20 words)

Get a 4th entry by following @steembasicincome and @newbieresteemday

Get a 5th entry by setting up a curaton account at (click here to learn how) or (click here to learn how) and trailing either @earthnation-bot or @newbieresteemday with at least 2% of your total vote (note: you only have to have the trail in place for the duration of this game)

Remember that every valid entry will get at least a $0.10 upvote, and you can enter up to 5 times (one for each category)



A special thanks to our presenting sponsor:

Brought to you by: @earthnation and @steembasicincome

Earth Nation is a Planetary Alliance of cooperative businesses and humanitarian organizations creating decentralized/ethical alternatives to every product and service.

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to provide every Steemian with Basic Income - help us change the world.

In partnership with the Newbie Resteem Initiative




The winners will be announced and Upvotes will be distributed tomorrow morning.

First Place Award goes to @ecoinstant for

@ecoinstant. Were not able to give you the full 10$ upvote on that post(because its too close to the closing date to use upvote bots). We will upvote your contest award to about $5. And another post to about $5. Please tell us which post to upvote!

Upvotes have been distributed. Thank you all so much for playing!

We'll be hosting another contest on the best solutions in a week!

What an amazing contest! Great job guys! I found it to be very hard to stay under the allotted word frame being it such an emotional topic. Thanks for the opportunity guys!
All bonus activities are done as well!

I ran into the same problem too.... I can't imagine if was only 50 words... I'd get like one paragraph in ....

Here's my answer. Thanks for holding this contest, great topic choice!

Hi @hsisa great work on your blog post to this #newbiegames entry. Your images are a really nice touch! It helps the post be read easier imo. I love the color and everything about the water in them 💙💚

The worlds problem of the pollution and loss of life in our oceans is staggering! And, i like how you linked the solving of the issues at hand. My answer is similar in that way! It's been good to read your post! I wish you lots of success!

Happy Steeming 🎶

Great Entry For This Contest! Very On Subject And Is Very Helpful!

I made it a text-only article.
I have done all steps for the 3 bonus entries too. I did not do the curation one but every other one are done.

Just how sad knowing that there are still so many homeless now. The government must take action for that problem.

Government does, by making homes for them. But the corrupt people takes some part of it. Some homeless uses this as advantage, they either rent out or sell it & goes back to homeless stage. A lot of factors plus the rising population, where is the space left to make more houses. Still I do wish that everyone gets a home, food when hungry & clothes to wear.

Thats the sad reality.

What a great idea for a contest; intellectual and purposeful. I wanted to thank @earthnation and @steembasicincome for partnering with us and putting on such a good one!

No kidding!! Thanks so much to everyone involved 🌸💖🌸♨️

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And I have done all other steps to get more bonuses

good... so you need to make sure to make 4 other posts this week too! In other words, if you do the 4 bonus's, you get to make an entry into all five categories!!! ;)

It means you can win on all 5 of them... and will get a participation prize on all of them too!!!

Way to go @annamighty!!!

Thank you sir,submitting my entries latest by the end of today

Sorry to hear the problems you guys face in Africa. I will hope and pray that the basic necessities such as food, water & a shed will be available for everyone, not just in Africa but the whole world. Because as being humans, if we can't get that much also then it's really very sad. God bless everyone and bring a smile to everyone's face.

Amen and thanks for the care and concern

YES! This is the bees knees. TY team of co-inspirators! Next level Steemit co-creation inspiring solutionary genius and innovations. This is what we're here to fun'd! with our EarthCycle token.

Love the contest, brilliant idea glad to see all of these great people getting together putting this on!

What's the deadline for this contest?

Congratulations you have been upvoted and resteemed as part of #newbieresteemday's top 10 posts for the day! ...

We invite you to use our tag to connect with more of our members. To learn more: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative) heres my entry

Thanks so much for the initiative, i think i might just do the whole four, but this hit me most. Cheers

Quick question guys, you say the answer has to be between 50-300 words. If I go over that in the post, but some of those words are explaining this contest and directing people towards it, is that okay, or should I do that in the comments below my posts?

Just be clear where you answer starts and ends. If you want to add directions or promotion about the game below (or above) your answer then its good! So just count the words in your "answer" section!

"The problem has nothing to do with lack of resources , but everything to do with the lack of will."

So true! We are in a time where money seems to rule all, even above human interaction. People would rather turn a blind eye to the hungry than to lend a helping hand. We can all do better! At least once a month, I bring bags of food to our local food bank, and I vow to continue to do that. I know that doesnt solve the worlds problem with hunger but its a start. Lead by example and people will follow. :)

I like the new tag you are doing I just wanted to ask about my page and if the content on that is along the same lines, I think it is I just wanted to be sure. It's basically solve a brain teaser and win a tiny amount of STEEM.

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Is this right?

My first time. I understood i dident have to solve the problem. Only telling why it is so important for me. Right?

I am coming by to link drop my entry for judgement!

Thanks to @earthnation and @steembasicincome for this great idea for a game!

Building up my response ! Be back soon!
And in the mean time :
Resteemed !!.png

This is really great stuff. First off, i've always loved essays such as this, that add value to the world in general and i think the steemit platform is a good place to promote solutions to world problems. I love the concept of making this a contest, this will enable us get really good and promotable answers and I really look forward to more of this on a larger scale.
My hat's off to @earthnation, @newbiegames @steembasicincome and everyone else behind this!
Entry LOADING...

Here is my Jeopardy Entry!
Great contest @newbiegames and a million thanks to @earthnation for sponsoring yet another fantastic game! :-D

Hi Team, please find my work below. Thanks for sharing this contest and keepup the great work. Stay blessed. 🙂

Here's my entry and thanks for the opportunity! @earthnation and @steembasicincome

i didn't even see the word frame limit...guess i just got caught up in the excitement of it all....

Congratulations, everyone! Im hoping to join the next one once it opens. This is definitely a big help especially to us newbies. Im loving the topics to choose from too! Really makes you dig deeper into your thoughts. Huge thanks to everyone behind this initiative <3

I decided to write about why solving world hunger is the most important challenge we face.

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