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Hello all,

My Answer Starts Here(Reducing Homelessness) :

I live in India and have seen many people Living on the Footpath. Yes, you heard it right, even during very cold winters, drenched monsoons & very hot summers. I know that there are 3 basic needs a human has Food, Shelter & Clothes. A human needs shelter to protect themselves & their loved ones from the harm of the outside world like from weather, animals or humans with bad intentions.

We need to REDUCE HOMELESSNESS as many people are losing their lives or watching helplessly, when loved ones, newborns to very old, suffering & then leaving them forever. How would we feel if the temperature is below 5°C & don't have a place to call home or if it's above 47°C. Both of which happens everytime in Delhi.

There was one scene from a Bollywood movie which made me feel lucky to have a home. A guy really needed to pee & thought of doing it at a corner on the footpath, an old man comes & say that, "Please don't do it here, me & my family sleeps here" & the Bollywood movie was about a drunk rich guy, hit & run, killing many on the street as they had no other place to live.

My Answer Ends Here

Thank you & hope you all agree


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