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Hello to one and all,
I am Krupesh from India.

My Answer Starts here(Reducing our carbon footprint) :

Recently, I have noticed that the market of Air Purifiers and Coolers/Air Conditioners have suddenly seen lot more sales & marketing. Many companies which never used to manufacture either of those have started to do so.
The reason for that is the increasing emission of Green House Gases(such as Carvon Dioxide,etc) and the ever so increasing Air Pollution.

Whether we experience it or not but slowly, our planet is becoming a dangerous place to live in. All appliances require electricity, and source of this is not always solar or wind & what about the emissions of Heat& Bi-Products from those appliances. Earth is becoming warmer & have less fresh and healthy air to breathe, the phenomenon called Global Warming.

We should be scared if not already, take proper steps to REDUCE THE CARBON FOOTPRINT, otherwise the future generation will all be walking with masks or maybe no one left to walk at all.

Some of the major problems are

  1. Due to global warming, many places are experiencing melting Ice in very huge quantities, resulting in many problems.
  2. Ozone layer, which protects us from harmful radiations of Sun(such as UV) has a freaking hole in it. We if exposed to the location, can suffer harmful diseases like Skin Cancer.
  3. Some green house gases are like slow poison. Breathing/Respiration problems, Neurological problems and Insomnia are just some of the possible examples.


  1. AFFORESTATION, plant more trees. The problem was accelerated because we did DEFORESTATION or cut trees so growing them should help. Right?
  2. I know it may sound really wierd, FAMILY PLANNING. We all keep complaining that these big industrialists are the reason all these problems are, Yes, they are but not just them only. We humans exhale & fart & what not. We just like those big industries, emit/release green house gases. Population needs to stay in control as that leads to a lot of problems.

My Answer Ends Here

Hope the article was good and you all readers like it.


great post about the green house.this is the changing that we exprience everytime.but only few people knew the impect on our well being.t

thanks for sharing brother.

Even the combustion from the exhaust of cars, continuous construction of roads, all lead to depletion in ozone layer, the earth keep degenerating by the hands of humans daily.

Thanks for raising this issue, i hope this post goes past this competition because the world needs to take concious effort to resolving this issue. I made my submission aswell, mine is about the rainforest, i could send you the link to check it out. I just followed you.

Yes, Thing is I wanted to write a lot more, for eg. Delhi smog & a lot of things. There is a limit of 300 words, so tried my best, hope everyone likes it. Thanks for reading & engaging.

Youre very welcome, heres my submission

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