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@newbiegames @earthnation and @steembasicincome are currently holding a writing challenge in which you can win, simply by participating, with large prizes awarded for the winning posts. You can write about five different topics, explaining why that specific topic is the most important one to solve. The one I have chosen to write about today is the first of the five, "ending world hunger." My entry starts below.

starved girl wiki commons.jpg

Ending world hunger should be the number one global priority for two reasons, need and cost.

The need to end world hunger sounds obvious, even to those in the first world. But the truth is so much worse than many think. For starters, malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children under five.

In fact famine is far more deadly than wars with, “One 1980 study in a war zone in Uganda attributed only 2% of the deaths to violence—whereas 20% were caused by disease and 78% by hunger.”

But even in places were no wars are happening, hunger remains a constant threat, like in India, where over 190 million people are undernourished and 38.4% of children under five in are stunted.

Hunger not only brings pain and causes stunted growth, but it also leads to numerous diseases including but not limited to, anemia, scurvy, blindness, mental retardation, tooth loss, brittle bones, and the list goes on. It also weakens the immune system, causing vulnerability to all types of infections.

The relative ease with which world hunger could be dealt with is either amazing or horrid, depending whether you look towards the future of ending it, or the present, were we do very little.

The UN puts the price at ending world hunger at 30 billion dollars annually, the cost for ending poverty at only 175 billion. This is in comparison to the US military budget of almost 1.1 Trillion dollars every single year.

Millions of tons of food is wasted every year, while the government pays people not to farm. It is clear we have the food and the ability to distribute it, all we lack is the willingness to do so, and that is why this is the most important issue facing the world today.


If you need help visualizing the numbers behind the suffering, http://www.stopthehunger.com has some great counters.

I don't like it when you use an african kid to illustrate how people of the world are hungry , it's quite unfair, am sure request about world hunger is valid but why do you have to use an minority african kid's pic to illustrate your point, it's inhumane and unacceptable ,where is your molarity in that. Please try and change the pic.

Am tired of seeing Africans of being used for bad examples ,
its as if AFRICA has nothing good you guys can talk about

why do you have to forcus on bad negative things when it comes to Africa?

How is it inhumane or unacceptable to use the picture of a starving child in a post about starving children? Africans are hardly a minority when it comes to discussions of poverty and hunger.

I believe you used the wrong word as I don't see how "molarity" fits into this conversation.

Am not saying there are no people starving in Africa , Its indeed true there are people starving just like in any other part of the world including US ,china or even Syria an others

All i here about AFRICA is poverty hunger , which is not the case anymore most parts of Africa is all are now middle income countries that have healthy thriving populations .

That's why i used the words minority , coz it's an illusion a sadistic way of viewing the African continent.
Most of all it's unacceptable.

This is also AFRICA

Nobody said Africa isn't beautiful, or rich in natural resources. But it is a perfect example of poverty in the modern world. The reason I used the picture I did was because it was free to use as part of the creative commons.

That is an outdayted pic of the morden Africa, do your reaserch better.

If you care to read my post you will see several links. These links will take you to websites where you can do some research.

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I agree totally - especially with the part that it would only cost a small part of the US military budget - and that is only one country among many - to stop the world hunger or ending the world poverty. falesia from Kryptonia

Good post Nate. No new news here though, you talk about this stuff all the time. haha

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4th Place goes to @erebus.

Have a great day and my Kryptonia account is @ianstevenson

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The image is from wiki creative commons.

Then just put that link in your post :)

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I came to this before realizing you had a staving child on your post for a thumbnail. Regardless of your good intentions and words - people here are very unlikely to resteem you with that pic. It's my fault for not checking first but I though I would be safe with your title. Please revoke me at @kyptonia and good luck for the contest :)

Also - unless you took that photo yourself, you need to give attribute to the source.

I didn't realize I hadn't sourced it. Thank you for pointing that out.

People routinely share graphic images of violence, if they refuse to share a post about starvation and hunger because of a photo of a starving child, then their priorities just continue to confound me.

Well, I post about obesity and it's ruinous effects on fat people. Starving children are not something I want to have on my feed. I do not look a violent posts, so that is not my issue.

robhimself on Kryptonia, thanks!

I agree with that. I think every nation from the 1st world to the poorest country has to put serious attention in helping eradicate the hunger in which some countries are suffering from but along with that EDUCATION is one common fundamental thing we need to infuse to everyone. I've been to different INGOs and done multiple feeding programs and if there's one thing I've learned from doing so, feeding them is not enough nor solution rather educating them that hunger is a choice and everyone can do something for an escape. Teaching how tow to fish and not just giving them fish.
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The resources in the world is not fairly spread. But could be with some effort.

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thank you for sharing. reatimtim from Kryptoia

Yes I think its the willingness of some wicked people is what which blocks these poor from getting required help.

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I agree that tons of food are wasted, if only they can be donated regularly and people know where to donate them. Kryptonia: fearlessfaith

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