"My Anwer To NewbieGames Jeopardy - Where Every Valid Answer Is A Winner"

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Check out this CONTEST! fellow Steemian Family <3

Entries can be submitted through Saturday.

And my answer is at the bottom!


See Contest Deets here


Here are the contest category choices:
Which of the following 5 topics is the most important problem for the world to solve:

A: Solving world hunger
B: Saving our oceans
C: Saving our rain-forests
D: Reducing our carbon footprint
E: Reducing homelessness

Now, like I am you submit a 50 - 300 world answer! See blog post for rewards! <3

This contest is brought to us by @earthnation @newbiegames @steembasicincome

I choose:

E. Reducing Homelessness

I see a systematic solution where healthy and regenerative (through viable sustainable business) intentional communities with healing components offer housing, meaningful jobs, and skills opportunities giving homeless persons an opportunity to not just survive, but thrive.

Part of our overall Earth Nation plan is to equip communities with regenerative (happy healthy people and planet) regenerative business solutions and healing support and skills programs needed to serve homeless populations - and remove the separation between those who have and those who do not.

In these communities, the homeless person is invited into a culture of care and support, purpose and health. Rather than feeling like "life doesn't work", community members are shown a life beyond even the current norm of cookie cutter houses and box stores. They are shown life isn't cruel and harsh, that help is available, and that they are full of worth and gifts to share.

This solution gives homeless populations an opportunity - a place to live, to work, to commune in healthy culture, and to heal. Over time, one can earn one's way into more advanced opportunities and even being a community co-owner.

Like Basic Income, people contribute to the overall good of the system and have their basic needs met.... and beyond with life enhancement community culture. This is not business vs. community vs. healing. It's Holistic integration. It's a Lovepreneur solution. www.lovepreneur.org

P.S. Part of my life dharma is to source! Like in this contest, and to incubate and fun'd solutionary genius towards our planet's and humanity's success. What a fabulous contest! This is dreams coming true.

I Love You, Lila*Star


Second place goes to Lilastar.

@earthnation max Keys me! and resteem <3

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Dearest lilaStar
Your brilliant imagination has already brought about Earth Miracles in this post..I tried but could not add to your abundance plan for your new realm of plenty. Yes you are dreaming for the Great Mother to pour forth her cornucopia in to this dimension...I've got my arms open wide and hands ready to give and my mind always emanating goodness~

Apprication xoxo

TY for your kind words and blessings. This mean the world to me! TY Maha MA! xoxxo

what a great post! Homelessness is a serious issue and I love your solution ideas! Another big problem is the working class homeless - especially where I am - I know quite a few people and families that just cannot afford the rental prices or have bad credit/felonies and just can't find anywhere that will rent to them! It's a rising issue here in Mass.

Great post and congrats on taking second place! It is well deserved!!

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