And I have done all other steps to get more bonuses

good... so you need to make sure to make 4 other posts this week too! In other words, if you do the 4 bonus's, you get to make an entry into all five categories!!! ;)

It means you can win on all 5 of them... and will get a participation prize on all of them too!!!

Way to go @annamighty!!!

Thank you sir,submitting my entries latest by the end of today

Sorry to hear the problems you guys face in Africa. I will hope and pray that the basic necessities such as food, water & a shed will be available for everyone, not just in Africa but the whole world. Because as being humans, if we can't get that much also then it's really very sad. God bless everyone and bring a smile to everyone's face.

Amen and thanks for the care and concern

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