3 COINS GAMING - Ep 10 *SPECIAL* - ROBOCOP (1987) with INFINITE COINS! Completing WHOLE GAME @nicolcron Funny Lets play CLASSIC RETROGAMES DTube series SEASON FINALE - on Pandoras box 5 arcade stick

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Welcome back to the season finale of my stupid gaming show, 3 Coins! Money is no object today as I pretty much PAY TO WIN on the 1987 arcade version of Robocop!

What better way to round off the first 10 episodes than with a money-is-no-object approach, with one mission....
To complete the whole game.

So this series wraps up as it is the summer here in the UK and I want to get outside to make videos whilst it is nice!
3 Coins will be back as soon as the weather turns bad again! (next week maybe hahahaa!)

Season 1, ALL previous episodes are linked below!

@nicolcron '3 Coins' Retro Gaming Show
Ep. 1 - STREETFIGHTER 2 TURBO HYPERFIGHTING https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/4vs9popa
Ep. 2 - MEGAMAN 2 : THE POWER FIGHTERS https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/txi4psb2
Ep. 3 - BOMBJACK https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/zgxnl4mu
Ep. 4 - TETRIS https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/icqncxdo
Ep. 5 - SENGEKI STRIKER https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/jqpz9ohu
Ep. 6 - PONPOKO https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/svzfk18r
Ep. 7 - DONKEY KONG https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/hdnqe6j8
Ep. 8 - BUCKY O'HARE https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/iu6mc60f
Ep. 9 - QIX https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/685h0vuw

Why retro gaming @nicolcron?
I have this crazy arcade stick with mad games built into it (it's a Pandora's box 5) and it is soooo much fun! I am going to play a different game each episode with only a 3 coin/credit limit.

I love playing old games but my skills are rusty, so join me as I relive my youth and try to claw back some of my arcade finesse in my 'lets play' series 3 Coins

I need your help
Which games can you remember playing in the arcades? And are there any you wanna see me play in the next season?
Seriously, hit me up in the comments with suggestions, there are far too many to choose from! =)

Peace and LOVE to you all, thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed season 1 of 3 Coins!
Hope you have a beautiful day! =)

LOVE is all!

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Pardon us for interrupting this gaming vlog. But we are happy to tell you that you are the winner for this weeks contest The 5 Reel Good brought to you by @ddaily! Your video was scored the highest out of 44 entries. Congratulations you had the Highest Quality Video for Week #2... Themed : Tips/ Tutorials and DIY.

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Wow @ddaily!
Thank you so much!

I am so glad people enjoyed that post, I was in two minds to make it at all, as I thought it might be a bit boring!

I cut it down so much to make it watchable but also keeping the important points so it can be used as a rough guide for people who attempting a similar little DIY job like this.

I’m so hyped! =)
Thanks again ddaily!!!
Keep up the awesome work!!

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Congrats on your DIY win for The 5 Reel Good Contest. We upvoted you here and you have a new funny follower!

Thank you @comedyopenmic! =)
I am so glad you enjoyed the video!
I really appreciate the support and for the follow my friend!
I been getting a lot of love for that post and it’s got me looking round the house for more things to repair!
Dtube is a great incentive to do DIY!
Thanks again!! =)
Have a good one!

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Dude that was hilarious.
How can some people actually complete the whole game with one coin? Just googled it and there are many people who did!!
Great game for season finale.Time to skate now.Hehe
Keep the VX alive bro.

Hahaha! Thank you dude!!
Yeah man wtf!! I must have put 60+ ‘coins’ in!! I reckon I could probably do it again in half that amount!

Oh yeah man, the t shirt!! 👍
My vx has quite a bit of dust on it but it’s coming out soon for sure!!
I have many homies who film vx and they’re always asking me to send them a clip for their new projects too!! I gotta get that bad boy out again!!
If this mental rain ever stops!!

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Hey nicolcron, here's one for you https://steemit.com/dtube/@adi-hidef/3mv4ii6c
don't worry mate It'll stop raining soon and you can go skate again haha!

Ahh so rad, cheers dude!
I mentioned Sheffey in my other reply to you, but on another watch it’s all about Mike Manzoori! Absolutely amazing skateboarder! I got to skate with him a few times at Pioneer in St Albans when I was about 12, and he was so cool! I think my mate bought some brand new wheels off him for £7 or something like that... such a legend!!

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Yeah Man for me too, Manzoori kills it without the fanfare / ego bollux, he rips the place in a casual / humble kinda way. so sick you got to skate with him, I used to hang out in St Albans bit as a 15yr old skatepunk, it was the only "punk" shop around, without going to London, I did meet up with Rodney Clarke to go shoot some street spots there a couple times too!. thanks for jogging that one back into the conscious bit of my brain.