3 COINS GAMING - Episode 4 - TETRIS @nicolcron Funny Lets play RETROGAMES - on Pandoras box 5 arcade stick Lets Play

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Steemians and DTube family I have GREAT NEWS!..... I DON'T SUCK AT THIS GAME =)

Hitting up an old classic today, one of the oldest (for me) and one of the classic-est... =)
..... A drum roll if you please (as if you hadn't seem the thumbnail and read the title)....It's TETRIS of course!!

I was so inspired to pick Tetris for this video because I saw a some contest where they were all at incredibly high (and fast) levels, and I, @nicolcron wanted a slice of the action for episode 4, of my '3 COINS GAMING' series.

I had forgotten how truly amazing this game is

I remembered playing it as a kid and how you kind of have to stack them more to one side than constantly even... but I dunno!

Early on it was clear that this would be the first ONE COIN EPISODE! Not because I completed it (of course I didn't, c'mon, that must be impossible) but as 3 would have been a 30 minute video based on my time gaming on just the first coin! Ain't nobody got time for that

I also am stoked I got to use my new theme tune for the intro too!
'The Nicolcron Theme' full tune is on DSound, link below

DTube video about the song right here too! Yes, I have been busy =)

Aaaaaanyway, I do hope you enjoy the 4th episode of my ongoing, stupid gaming show '3 coins'! =)
If TETRIS didn't satisfy you then check the previous episodes, below!

@nicolcron '3 Coins' Gaming Show
Ep. 1 - STREETFIGHTER 2 TURBO HYPERFIGHTING https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/4vs9popa
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Ep. 3 - BOMBJACK https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/zgxnl4mu

Peace and LOVE to you all, thanks for watching!

Have a good one my friends!! =)

LOVE is All

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Man I am sitting in my couch watching your vlog and eating pizza and all I can say is that it's awesome.
Laughed so much and you are really good at tetris bro.
Waiting so much for episode 4.


Hahaha! Sick!
Cheers bro!
Honestly I never had a technique for TETRIS before this, but the videos I watched got me so hyped!
Do a search for ‘Tetris First level 30 live’ it’s a contest with 4 dudes in it.
Soooo rad (last 5-6 minutes is the best)
I am so stoked that my non skating videos are being appreciated, I love making this show, but I never thought it would be particularly popular.

What game is gonna be next? I don’t know yet!! It’s exciting!!
Have a good one mate!!

Oh and I hope the pizza was good!! 🤪

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Maaaate I am a master of pizza.
Check it out.Haha

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