3 COINS GAMING - Ep 5 - SENGEKI STRIKER @nicolcron Funny Lets play RETROGAMES - on Pandoras box 5 arcade stick

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Steemians and DTube famzys! Time for a 'bullet hell' shooter I think!
Famous for their intensity, these kind of games really hand you your own arse in a matter of seconds most of the time... SENGEKI STRIKER is NO exception! Perhaps the quickest 3 coins episode so far!

I have never played this game before and that is just the way I like it on '3 Coins' because I am sure you are aware that I am not trying to impress with my skills,I am aiming for an entertaining and nostalgic experience for you, the viewer.

Intro/outro music is 'The Nicolcron Theme' and the full tune is on DSound, link below

DTube video about the song right here too! Yes, I have been busy =)

I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet episode of my stupid gaming show '3 coins'! =)
But if you are not satisfied with this one video (why would you be?) then check the previous episodes below!

@nicolcron '3 Coins' Gaming Show
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Ep. 4 - TETRIS https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/icqncxdo

Peace and LOVE to you all, thanks for watching!

Hope you all have a lovely day!! =)

LOVE is All

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