3 COINS GAMING - Ep 6 - PONPOKO (1983) @nicolcron Funny Lets play CLASSIC RETROGAMES DTube series - on Pandoras box 5 arcade stick

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One game, 3 coins! It's very simple! But how far will I get with today's 1980's gem? '
Ponpoko - 1983 (title screen says 1982 but wasn't released until 1983)

This cute little game is so simple and so fun! Your little guy is Ponpoko which is apparently a name for a Raccoon ( I say wombat in the video hahha!). The aim is to jump about the platforms collecting all the fruit/veg whilst avoiding basically everything else, becuse it will kill you. The golden pot BONUS things look great, but even they sometimes contain a creepy pink ghosty thing, that also kills you.

Such a fun little game! I love the simple and addictive, ONE MORE GO type games!

ALSO - I also added a ZOOM IN TO THE ACTION type of experience in the edit with this episode, PLEASE let me know if you prefer this, or if seeing the whole screen the whole time is more enjoyable. Personally, I think it really brings it to life!

If you are not satisfied with this one video (why would you be?) then ALLprevious episodes are linked below!

@nicolcron '3 Coins' Retro Gaming Show
Ep. 1 - STREETFIGHTER 2 TURBO HYPERFIGHTING https://steemit.com/dtube/@nicolcron/4vs9popa
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Why retro gaming @nicolcron?
I have this crazy arcade stick with mad games built into it (it's a Pandora's box 5) and it is soooo much fun! I am going to play a different game each episode with only a 3 coin/credit limit.

I love playing old games but my skills are rusty, so join me as I relive my youth and try to claw back some of my arcade finesse in my 'lets play' series 3 Coins

I need your help
Which games can you remember playing in the arcades? And are there any you wanna see me play next week?
Seriously, hit me up in the comments with suggestions, there are far too many to choose from! =)

Anyway, thank you for watching! Hope you have a lovely dayyyyy! =)

LOVE is all

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Oh man, how did I miss that.
The level you died was hard bro, even though I really laughed when you died 3 times with the same way trying to get past that ghost.Hahaha.
Great episode bro and great game, never heard of it.


Hahaha! Cheers man, I watched it yesterday randomly and I forgot about the 3 in a row bit, it made me laugh too!
Cheers man! I have had a busy week so not many videos, but hopefully I can film a new 3 coins episode tomorrow evening!!
I also have to put my homebrew beer into bottles soon, if I leave it too much longer it might ruin it!

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hahaha nice gameplay! I love this old arcade games too.


Nice one! =) it took me a little while to get my head back into such fast games (old arcade games they were designed to take your money but leave you wanting more!) but you just gotta be crap for a few goes and it starts to make sense!
Cheers for the comment @m3lk4rt!
Have a good one!

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That old games ahhh :)

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