LinkSeven77 : Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

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What is in this content ?

One (0-7 mins)
My true appreciation for @ddaily family members @artakush @captainbob @bimjer @greencross @neopch

Two (7-11 mins)*
Important messages

  • Znap + Zap is now reborn as Znappit. We've now found a way to separate Znappit from LinkSeven77 and Znappit is now a member of Project77. Znappit will be launced soon but it'll be on HOLD from today until our project LinkSeven77 is up and running. So our ONLY focus is you, your community, your projects and our Blockchain with LinkSeven77

  • No more conditions of leaving three comments, No more conditions of number of Dtube contents in 24 hours, No more #Zap hastags, literly #NoMoreRules for being part of our Blockchain and LinkSeven77. Be you and create contents that you like and leave genueine comments and connect with people, community and projects that you like

Three (11-12 mins)*
Please read the describtions and try to understand the LinkSeven77 project and it's BabyStep#1 and if you've any questions regarding anything then please comment below or contact me directly and we'll try to help you understand LinkSeven77

One thing that I forgot to mentioned in the video..

Any individual who wants to be part of our LinkSeven77 project will have to have minimum Skin of 177 SP in our Blockchain and everything that we include in LinkSeven77 will be hand picked with love and kindness

Thank you :)

ONE : The Bigger Picture of LinkSeven and LinkSeven77 #NoMiddleman

Within our Blockchain STEEM, we have passionate individuals, thriving communities and quality projects. LinkSeven project (similar to LInkedIn/Kickstarter) will help us to make the connection between passionate individual STEEMians, thriving STEEM communities and Projects. And it'll allow any parties to create strong network and enable skill delegation and crowdfunding.

Outside our Blockchain STEEM, we have Angel investors and venture capitalists who’re actively looking for driven entrepreneurs with ideas who’re building projects and dApps. LinkSeven77 project (similar to Y Combinator) to bring funding to early stage startups of Dapps within our Blockchain.

LinkSeven77's ultimate vision is to create long lasting relationships between Angel investors (and venture capitalist) and our Blockchain. LinkSeven's ultimate focus on building a strong networks between individuals, communities and projects within our Blockchain.

TWO : Breaking down the LinkSeven and LinkSeven77 #HundredPercentHandpicked

TWO A : Bigger Picture Breaking down

LinkSeven project focuses only within Our Blockchain
LinkSeven = FamilySeven77 + Family77 + Project77
FamilySeven77 represent all the passionate individual STEEMians, Current FamilySeven77 formation is, 177 SP CLUB of all members of DtubeFamily777 and the remaining 76 thriving STEEM community members of Family77
Family77 represent all the thriving STEEM communities
Project77 represents projects of all size, From idea to dApps

Angel77 represents Angel investors and venture capitalist outside our Blockchain
LinkSeven77 = LinkSeven + Angel77

TWO B : Building Process Breaking down

ZnapSeven77 = Znap + Znap7 + Znap77
LinkSeven = ZnapSeven77 (FamilySeven77 + Family77 + Project77)
LinkSeven77 = ZnapSeven77 (FamilySeven77 + Family77 + Project77) + Twitter77

AirBnbHomes = Guest and Homes connect through AirBnb
LinkSeven = All the parties within Blockchain connect through ZnapSeven77
LinkSeven77 = Our Blockchain and Angel investors connect through ZnapSeven77

THREE : LinkSeven77's BabyStep #1 : Ultra Focusing on FamilySeven77 and Znap7 #NoRuleNoRoadMap
Linking all the members of FamilySeven77 through Znap7

  • What is Znap7 means for members of FamilySeven77 ?
    Video profile of you with YouTube, NoRule and you can include anything that you want as long as its appropriate. We recommend you to include 7 keywords that best describe you, your passion, skills, talent and all the rest that represent you as an individual. Also we recommend you to include STEEM communities you're part of and projects that you love

  • How to submit your Znap7 ?
    Upload your Znap7 with Dtube attach the YouTube version in the description box and then share this Dtube content on your own Twitter by mentioning #Znap7 or mentioning @ nathanmars7 or DM @ nathanmars7 to notify us your submition. Please use #STEEM hastag with your Tweet

  • What 17th January Znap7 deadline means to DtubeFamily777 members ?
    Any members who fail to submit Znap7 before 17th January will be removed from the list. Please contact me directly if you need additional time. Please note this Znap7 can be updated anytime, therefore you can create a simple Znap7 before
    17th January.

  • We're planning on featuring all 777 members of FamilySeven77 by 21st January and there will be always maximum 777 members will be featured with FamilySeven77 any given time. There will be first mover advantge with LINKSeven77!

  • Within next 72 hours, we'll be announcing details of LINKPoints towards tokenizing the LINKSeven77

  • What is TweetitRewards and how can you as a FamilySeven77 members get rewarded ?
    TweetitRewards means you get rewarded for Tweeting. All the future upvotes regarding LinkSeven77 will be associated with your Tweet. Currently as a FamilySeven77 member, you can get upvote for your content/comments If and only
    1 If you share your own Znap7 on Twitter ( Your Znap7 content and others comments get Guaranteed upvote )
    2 If you share others Znap7 on Twitter ( Your comment/s on others Znap7 get Guranteed upvote )
    3 If Share your Dtube content on Twitter, that contain invitation/reminder to DtubeFamily777 members to create Znap7 content before 17th January ( Your Dtube content get Guranteed upvote ) Please mention my Twitter handle @ NathanMars7 to make sure that get notified. Optionally you can mentions anyone from the TwitterList77. Please kindly use #STEEM hashtag when sharing on Twitter. This TweetitRewards will continue to change more frequently


1 @chireerocks

21 @iamjadeline Responsible Positive Loving Gentle Kind Strong Talented

24 @jeronimorubio (Passion Motivation Inspiration Love Determination Compassion Determination Peace)

25 @zainenn (Leadership Creative Reserved Responsible Effective Branding Marketer)

27 @hafizullah (Love Peace travel learn motivation inspiration success)

28 @rehan12 (Motivation Inspiration Success Responsible Supportive Passionate Workaholic)

41 @minloulou
42 @theycallmedan
43 @eveuncovered
44 @breakoutthecrazy
45 @stackin
46 @tarazkp
47 @meno
48 @jongolson (
49 @adetorrent
50 @chekohler
51 @sharpshot
52 @karinxxl
53 @meadowsandmakers
54 @sudutpandang
55 @waybeyondpadthai
56 @intrepidsurfer
57 @captainbob
58 @xcountytravelers
59 @syedumair
60 @cryptospa
61 @igormuba
62 @behelen
63 @qwoyn
64 @clixmoney
65 @reseller
66 @sorin.lite
67 @robmc
68 @hopfarmnc
69 @urme33
70 @xr-hammergaming
71 @tanbay
72 @mrchef111
73 @camuel
74 @slayerkm
75 @romafedorov
76 @freedompoint
77 @cowboysblog
78 @catwomanteresa
79 @enginewitty
80 @connecteconomy
81 @bimjer
82 @soufianechakrouf
83 @yidneth
84 @soyrosa
85 @novacadian
86 @ytrphoto
87 @mcoinz79
88 @tibfox
89 @future24
90 @yosuandoni
91 @phoenixwinter
92 @priyanarc
93 @crazybgadventure
94 @alphasteem
95 @bluemist
96 @jacquisjournal
97 @coruscate
98 @elsiekjay
99 @travellit
100 @karensuestudios
101 @oliviadejeu
102 @travelgirl
103 @myndnow
104 @hossainbd
105 @tuckerjtruman
106 @abolitionistjay
107 @pacific-yt
108 @novanime
109 @kalif
110 @livinguktaiwan
111 @nateonsteemit
112 @riverflows
113 @manoldonchev
115 @flauwy
116 @illucifer
117 @masud91
118 @bobaphet
119 @felix.herrmann
120 @yanirauseche
121 @kalvas
122 @vaderetro
123 @travelling-two
124 @olga.maslievich
125 @chesatochi
126 @c21willie
127 @enjoyinglife
128 @jaynie
129 @sasaadrian
130 @annepink
131 @hktraveler
132 @ireenchew
133 @navaneeth
134 @happycrazycon
135 @adenijiadeshina
136 @wanderlass
137 @nonsowrites
138 @fr3eze
139 @tazky
140 @kaerpediem
141 @vladivostok
142 @soufiani
143 @steven-patrick
144 @runicar
145 @kingzer
146 @veenang
147 @bigtakosensei
148 @fitinfun
149 @fitbyrobi
150 @redrica
151 @dfinney
152 @teodora
153 @meanmommy33
154 @doctorcrypto
155 @andrewramdas
156 @ryivhnn
157 @acromott
158 @amberyooper
159 @cazzell
160 @anutu
161 @bitrocker2020
162 @joannewong
163 @gelfire
164 @danieldoughty
165 @littlenewthings
166 @jeffberwick
167 @tlavagabond
168 @anomadsoul
169 @addicttolife
170 @bearone
171 @buzweaveryoutube
172 @zuma
173 @nanzo-scoop
174 @alexabsolute
175 @jacksonchakma
176 @rhyscn
177 @shine.wong
178 @clumsysilverdad
179 @dazedconfused11
180 @lukewearechange
181 @mainos12345
182 @knowhow92
183 @petrogy
184 @phoenixwren
185 @eveningart - Evie
186 @toofasteddie
187 @ignacioarreses
188 @scottshots
189 @kenmelendez
190 @sergiomendes
191 @mrprofessor
192 @bil.prag
193 @franciferrer
194 @stellabelle
195 @macchiata
196 @heyimsnuffles
197 @botefarm
198 @newageinv
199 @chrisrice
200 @mariana4ve
201 @gray00
202 @transcript-junky
203 @khackett
204 @emsonic
205 @jozef230
206 @carolinmatthie
207 @nicolcron
208 @brittandjosie
209 @hafiz34
210 @joeyarnoldvn
211 @niallon11
212 @blind-spot
213 @shaidon
214 @eddiespino
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216 @aidarojaswriter
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218 @exyle
219 @quochuy
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777 @nathanmars


1 @thealliance
2 @onelovedtube (
3 @ddaily
4 @dcooperation
5 @teamaustralia
6 @teammalaysia
7 @drisers
8 @bdcommunity
9 @steemitbloggers (Powerhouse creative)
10 @steemitmamas
11 @freewritehouse
12 @steemitjp
77 #DtubeFamily777


1 @partiko (
2 @musing (
3 @steemhunt ( )

9 @dyoga

10 @vdc

51 @theexcelclub by @paulag
52 #monkeeZnap
53 Steem Terminal
54 @heyhaveyamet
55 #Blind Test
77 #Znappit by @nathanmars


10 - Twitch
46 - Amazon
47 - eBay
57 - Twitter
67 - Reddit
68 - Basecamp
69 - Pinterest
70 - Groupon
71 - Virgin
72 - SoundCloud
73 - Justin.Tv
74 - Y Combinator

Thank you for being part of our Blockchain 🙏

Twitter nathanmars7
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It is a very good and honorable move that you dedicated your video to these great people and engaged creators. I <3 them all as they are my family and I appreciate every single minute I had in real life with them in Krakow.

Thanks for taking us on a little journey of your delegation history. I think it was good to make it clear for several people on the chain :)

Acting from the heart is the only way we can be truly successful.
I highly appreciate your work, your ideas and executions mate and I believe that our vision will come true :)

I need to admit that I was super confused after the znap - step because I felt kind of unhitched and yeah I am still haha

I hope the reborn project will help me to get that clear vision and meaning of the project I need to contribute. It is honorable that you took in on hold to focus on LinkSeven77.
I love the way you are looking at the project and that you want to keep it free without any rules. This will help the creators to be fully creative in their own way to create content and interact with others.

I like that :)

Thanks for making this break and restart!

P.S. I am a bit late with my introduction but this will happen soon :P too busy right now.

I highly respect you as person and someday very soon I’ll be dedicating exclusive video just for you to show my true appreciation.

Also I wanted to apologise for confusing you with Znap+Zap thing and I’ll try my best to not to confuse you going forward.

Changes are necessary to bring true value to people of our Blockchain.

I’m excited for in May :)

Please just do simple intro when time allows you and do not feel any kind of pressure with this LinkSeven77 intro (It’s called Znap7)

Have a wonderful week brother!!!

Hi @nathanmars7 thanks very much for this mention, I really appreciate it :)

It was great to meet you, and hope to see you once again soon.


Posted using Partiko Android

You’re most welcome brother and I’m luck to be connected with you !!!

Looking forward to meeting you in May with :)

Talk to you soon bro!

Thanks so much, i just found this new video. I was just about to make a template with hastags to remind my self to put in for all my Dtube videos. now i dont have to worry just upload. I really enjoy and appreciate how much time you did to put this project together. I am highly feel gifted to be part of this fine community. Look forward to more of your content as well.

We’re highly gifted to have you here with our Blockchain and LinkSeven77:)

Thank you so much for bringing value to everyone here through meaningful comments and contents.

Much appreciate it :)

It's really very nice to hear that there are no more rules, but still I will try to follow it because those rules are giving kind of relaxation to me😊😊.
Well I don't think that I say this before or not but really Nathan sir I achieved a lot not in the means of only Steempower but also In the means of respect that you gave me and all the family members gave me😊😊. You make me feel like that I'm contributing to build my own house😊😊. Really, I appreciate your thinking, your mentality, your every good things because you are on such a big position then too you gave us respect like we are your own :) .
As you are on orca and there are many others too but really you are not only the best but you are the only best among them :). I'm not doing anykind of comparisons but this is what experienced till now.
I wanted to also let you know that you are achieving your goals, in some of the videos you told that your aim is to achieve others dream and I wanted to let you know that one of my dream is just near to fulfill :). So, I wanted to say a big thanks to you in advance :).

Thanks sir for caring about us. Really before meeting you & soufiani I felt kind of alone here 😊. But when I met you both I felt like all the good things that happening with me now is just the beginning :).
I promised that I will never let you down, I will surely contribute my best for the community 😊.

And really you know one thing sir, I started supporting other steemers & dtubers who are having talent but they are getting ignored. Just trying to follow your footsteps🐾🐾.

Once again thanks a lot sir for respecting us and for giving the opportunity to prove ourselves 😊😊

I’ll make YouTube video response to this comment tomorrow and you deserve it :)

Thanks a lot sir😊😊, I always support the things which are not only beneficial but also healthy for us. Because health is also necessary 😊😊. I'm too going to do something special tomorrow :)

#zap ( I always love the rules no matter what people say about it)

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  ·  7 months ago (edited)

My introduction video

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

@nathanmars sir!
Now every dtuber feel relaxed after removing rules.But that does not mean that we will stop participating in content of our dtube friends. We can strengthen this community together, so continue our efforts as they do so till now.Our responsibilities are not fulfilled right now.
Mentioning about submitting znap7 video via YouTube via Twitter is also easy way to upload and explained.There are similar opportunities for all of this project. It depends on our talents that we use our talent? How do prove ourself? And in what ways do the benefits of the circumstances
One thing I found more responsible that is additional time on uploading znap7 video by contacting Nathan sir. This is a reflection of more caring and generous mind. I think 10 days enough to submit our znap7 video.I also eager to know details of LINKPoints towards tokenizing the LINKSeven77 .
I truly appreciate you your concept and Helping Nature. Thank you sir for your great project and binding people in a community.
Have a nice day.

Thank you so much for beautifully written comment and LinkSeven77 is our project for our Blockchain!

LinkPoints will make everyone who help build LinkSeven77 to own LinkSeven77:)

Excited for everyone!!

Keep up the good work brother!!

Thank you for always expanding and always describing the big picture for us. Have read through the description. And will study each breakdown carefully again and again so that I am on the same page with you and others.

So yeap, no rules, but totally our responsibility and freedom to grow one another, ourselves, the platform, engage and keep the connectivity. While using twitter as the main tool, working hand in hand with others projects and communities.

Happy for Znappit now in the project77. Brilliant.

You know what, I can only see this project keep enlarging. No shrinking.

I am learning and sailing more on the 77. And 777. 😊 I admire your brain.

Truly appreciate your continuous efforts in bringing true value to our Blockchain!

Yes LinkSeven77 project will expand more and more while the bigger picture will get simplified at the same time.

The Number 7 will guide us in the right direction:)

Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones. 7 will be the light. 💡👍 See you around.

@nathanmars, Glad to hear no more rules and conditions to be part of Linkseven77 project. But it mean I never leave from engagement and dropping comments to Dtubers. And always retweet more Dtubers vlogs if I can. But rules important for control our system but probably someone leaving from us with their busy condition. I appreciate you allow chance to them for come again to us. I hope another Dtube family777 members provide their #Znap7 introduction before deadline date.
Of course, #znap7 introduction great path for reach other social media as You Tube and Twitter and then Dtubers have chance to showing their talent, passion and missions to non steemians. This is a better ability to spread steem and bring more investors to Steem blockchain. I have some doubt about #Znap77. So I directly contact you through Telegram for ask doubt point. Big thanks to your massive acceleration for build up blockchain brilliantly.

Yes rules are kind of important to organise everything, however as with LinkSeven77 where everything is hand picked the rules will not be necessary.

With Znappit, we’ll build all the rules within the dApp so we don’t need manually manage everything.

Znap77 is not introduced yet so don’t worry about it at the moment.

Our focus for next 7 days are Znap7 and FamilySeven77.

And Znappit will be initiative is on Hold, that means it’s temporarily suspended because we want to focus on LinkSeven77.

Please contact me if you still have doubts and I’m more than happy to clear your doubts:)

The future is promising and those of us who are going to be part of this great family must defend everything that has been achieved and achieved so far. New times are coming and we are ready to work as a community for the common good and growth of dtubefamily77. From Venezuela @vdc will be saying present to face with aptitude and positive mind the new challenges that lie ahead. Greetings and thanks again for allowing us to be part of this great adventure.


I'm really looking forward to the Znap7 because it'll really link a whole lot of people, content, people, lifestyles as well as a whole lot of projects too, the truth is that first I'll really applaud you for the hard work required in putting together this content, it's total applauding and wow, what a way to go.
I'm finally happy that everything seems to be finally forming, I mean all the projects and all the prospects, as for the rules being scraped, let's see how people will utilize this to become better since it's now easier on them.
Well done, as much as you're appreciating them, I'm also appreciating you as well, your impact has been legendary, and I'm planing on doing a rundown of everything in achieved in 3 months as a result of the impact you've had in my life, I hope we can all grow together, I can smell the impact of link 7 in 6 months to come well done Nathan, thank you

LinkSeven77 is long term project and having freezing helps lot of people to focus more on their project.

Still there are lots work to do and our main focus to build the initial frame work so it’s easier to move forward faster with LinkSeven77.

Always appreciate your continuous support!!

Glad to see these changes time by time. Many members will definitely be happy after hearing that there are no rules but only one to include in minimum power which is 177.
Retweetit is a good point to spread steem.
Im already using hashtag steem on twitter and i hope that i will continue it.
And i hope that i will complete my task within 17 january.

Thank you for every kind of support.
I heartly appreciate your efforts for being honest and giving chance to rise everyone.
Thank you.

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I’m changing my mind envisioning our Blockchain’s future by that I mean you and our fellow Steemian’s future.

Tweetit Rewards will help us to reach out to Angel investors for early stage DApps development.

Good luck with Znap7 and you can create a simple one within next 10 days and then update it later date with proper one.

Looking forward to it:)

Definitely i will.

Thank you.

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@nathanmars7, Free actions will going to lead to more creativity and good to see that you've pointed out every aspect and brought up the clear picture towards where this is moving. Most importantly, thank you so much for letting us know about your Znappit project.

We all travelled through the tough phase in 2018 but stood as name goes by, like an family, sometimes negativity poped up but it's common in family and we have to move forward by collecting every essence.

Success is aligned. Let's experience it. Stay blessed brother. 🙂

When I read this comment, I went and search for this quote..


In my opinion, this is perfect quote which is showing the Thoughts of true entrepreneurship, but most importantly, it's highlighting the the level of kind Human Interaction we have to achieve to earn "NO ENEMIES". Thank you so much for sharing this quote with us and for reminding something important. Have a blessed time ahead. 🙂

Let’s make everyone as our allies and speak our kindness language and take our Blockchain forward:)

Yes sergeant. I am in. Ha ha. 🙂

Enjoy your time brother. 🙂

Good morning from Ireland. Thank you for this update. I have seen many people come to steem with investment and then not engage with the people like you. People are a massive asset to this blockchain and its obvious you recognized this straight away. Please do let me know if there is anyway I can help you fulfill your ambitions here on steem with the people.

Im looking forward to this year. There are many things bringing hope back to steem, this linkseven77 is one and the state of steem forums is another. I'm really happy to see one of your requirements is tweets because people are over looking what traditional social media can bring to steem and although twitter is not my favorite, I am on board with using it more and will be following all the people and projects and investors that you link to. I hope others do the same.

As for your project, its going to be awesome and I hope you get the support you deserve. Especially since you are putting the projects of others first.

100% agree with you people are everything not just in Steem but anywhere you go.

Twitter is the place where most Blockchain and Crypto people spend their time because of its micro blogging nature. Twitter is one of the main reason Donald Trump won the election 🗳

I know you just had your Birthday 🎁 and I’ll be in touch with you soon to see how we can collaborate to take our Blockchain forward:)

Have a lovely Monday!

Thanks for Sharing @nathanmars , Interesting updates.
No more conditions of leaving three comments, No more conditions of number of Dtube contents in 24 hours, No more #Zap hastags.


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Let’s enjoy the freedom in our Blockchain and take STEEM forward with LinkSeven77:)

Thanks for being part of our Blockchain!

Talk to you soon bro :)

[No more conditions of leaving three comments, No more conditions of number of Dtube contents in 24 hours, No more #Zap hastags.]

Then, what are the reasons that suddenly change your current plan Mr. @nathanmars ?

Thanks for asking this question.

It’s not a sudden change and I spend so many hours iterating the bigger vision of LinkSeven77 and finally I’ve found a way to separate Znap+Zap from the LinkSeven77.

So now Znap+Zap have reborn as Znappit and it’s temporarily suspended before we want to focus on LinkSeven77 and all the rules and the model will be built in with Znappit dApp.

This is updated model of Znappit and you can find this project on the list of Project77 in the above post as well.

Yes Mr. @nathanmars, and I appreciate the time you spent on this project.

Hopefully this project looks simpler and easier for beginners to understand, and not just on a project trip.
Have fun...!

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Awesome video, I think with both my busy schedule these last few weeks, doing daily videos & I guess you having the baby I’ve missed a lot of your posts, my son is 2 the day after tomorrow (Wednesday) trying my hardest to catch up now though.

I’ve missed the actual what link 77 is video, if you could link it for me I’d be really appreciative.

Hope you and your family are all good, these are some super precious moments 😀😀

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Thanks dude!

You haven’t missed anything!

Our son James is wising your son a Advance Birthday 🎂

Let’s celebrate your son’s 3rd birthday here in Japan or we visit you guys in China.

Basically all you need to do is create introduction video about you and upload it on YouTube then share the link here on the comments.

I would appreciate sharing it on Twitter and uploading the same video on Dtube. And this video profile of yours called Znap7.

Hope it makes sense and let me know if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful week :)

Wow James looks super cute! Babies are so amazing when their this small hey!
Ok deal! My wife’s degree was in Japanese so we’ve been meaning to visit Japan for a long time.

Ok cool I’ll be sure to do that, let me think about a good way to explain it all and I’ll shoot a video 😀😀

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I guess 2019 we meant to meet in person :)

Let's make it happen !!

Let’s do that for sure! 😀

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As time will pass by every thing will get much more clear and yeah looking really forward to the coming days of the family members and the Steem blockchain as well :)

While going through all the specifics and ideas and implementation might take time but the baby steps are indeed in effect and all the very best to the upcoming ideas of ours and lets keep on going brother with everyone at hand. We are always in support with you Nathan!!

I truly appreciate your continuous support and it means a lot to me!!!

Blockchain technology in its infancy and Jeff Bezos build by recognising the web technology infancy.

Our Blockchain is undervalued and it’s in our hand to showcase STEEM to the world 🗺

This so encouraging and so inspirational. I feel the love, hope and push to do More and better! Thank you didnt this, you made my day. I sent a message to schedule our conversation.blessings, eagle spirit

I appreciate your continuous contribution to our Blockchain and LinkSeven77!

Looking forward to talking with you soon:)

Hello dear Nathan,

Ava and I have been so ill. I think it is going around. I heard everyone from Graylan of One Love to Stackin (Charles) has been sick with a nasty cold! Well we have it bad over here! Poor Ava has tonsils like large grapes.. she can hardly swallow. I had my tonsils removed so my sickness is not as bad as hers. I am lucky. The doctors wont take her tonsils out unless she gets 4 or more infections per year. And over all Ava really hardly ever gets sick. So she will just have to keep them I guess. For now anyways. As soon as we are well (I am hoping within 4-7 days with the antibiotics) we will both film our CV for our 7 family.

I was wondering about some kind of initiative to lift up a family member in need in the future. Or perhaps even now. For example our friend @murathe is seeking the required amount of SP to have the necessary skin in the game. I understand everyone may not be keen on the idea but perhaps those who donate to people such as this lovely gentleman as a way to contribute to the growth of the project/family members could have some kind of incentive. I guess maybe it makes sense in my head but maybe this is not a good idea. I know not everyone will want to do such a thing. Anyhow if anyone wants to help contribute I will match any SP given to @murathe from my own acct.

Let us lift each other up and spread love and positive vibes!

Anyone want to join me in lifting our friend up drop me a line please! <3 <3 <3

Much love to all of you who read this and I am sending you my sincere appreciation Nathan <3


Yeah thats good you said as a part of 77 we need to HODL 177 SP in below description thats is good i already have around 150 just need to more power up around 27 more that i will done soon. And yeah no more rule regarding a part of project is good because it helps people to vote ,comment and resteem what they love i mean if they really like it they will do it from their own end.

Posted using Partiko Android

Good luck with the 27 more SP and I’m seeing your comments everywhere and you’ll reach 177 very soon:)

Yes having no rules will help our imagination and creativity more.

Can’t wait to announce details of LinkPoints because I want to make sure LinkSeven77 belongs to the people who helps building LinkSeven77!

Keep up the good engagement bro :)

Thank you my Brother Nathan for the video and post. Iam going to review it a couple of times to make sure I have it all "cemented "in my Mind.

But I can say I like what I see. Your a true visionary, imho

I think connecting to Angel Investors and VCs to Linkseven via Linkseven77 is crucial in growing Dtube and DApps and all the Steem blockchain in general.

Keep on keeping on my man. And I will have that znap7 intro. on Dtube in a few days :)

Please check out my Twitter for more updates about LinkSeven77..

I guess this Tweet will help you

Always appreciate your encouraging energy and we’re lucky to have you here with us :)

Talk to you soon brother :)))

Yes, it is another great announcing that no rules, no binding, no conditions more to the way of success. And we are exciting about new born Znappit which now separate from LinkSeven77 and also a member of Project77. It is also noted that the upgraded rules is minimum Skin of 177 SP and the breakdown is great idea for fully understand all. I am also interest to cratering another vlog about the dead line of 21st January.

Happy to be a part of this great initiative.

Always truly appreciate your encouraging energy and we’ve so lucky to have a such wonderful person here with our family :)

Talk to you soon brother !

Good afternoon my dear brother @nathanmars Of course, the projects that you have made for us are very useful, and for this to be true, we have to do a lot of hard work. All of your projects are very much liked and we can use them very easily for so many Thank you

Hard work and patience will always pay off brother:)

You had one thing on your mind, and that was to grow DTube
For that I applaud you
You listened and observed, and it takes a big man to do what you just did ...
Just want to say Thank you Nathan

Yes I always listen to other’s genuine feedbacks!

Dtube and STEEM Blockchain are just a vehicle to touch people’s life without you guys Dtube means nothing to me!

Always appreciate you:))

Talk to you soon!!

If we did a Link777 video, do you still want a new Zsnap7?

No need for new Znap7 :)))

I appreciate your contribution to our Blockchain!

Have a wonderful week :)

Writing my Linkseven77 video intro now. I will not sell my SP for less than $100!

Looking forward to brother Nathan:)

Hi @nathanmars7 glad to see the update today and I liked that you removed all the rules and confirmed that unlimited videos can be uploaded. This is really good but I think we all should be self responsible and get engaged with more people to increase dtube audience also engage with existing dtubers to share thier vlogs in dtube, twitter etc. I do re-tweet and like most of the tweets so that it can reach to more people and attract more people.
Thanks for making dtube777 (linkseven77) and appreciate your focused approach.
Today I am not able to upload a video and I am not sure about the problem. Please help if possible. Thanks.

Posted using Partiko Android

I appreciate your continuous support brother !

Can you please ask my fellow Dtubers via Discord about your uploading issue ?

Please note that I’m happy to help you out as well and you can contact me directly as well.

Telegram nathanmars7
WhatsApp +447901003594
Discord nathanmars #2708

I am excited to see how this project grows and takes shape! this is going to be big for all of us in 2019!

We’ve the power of people here on Steem Blockchain and LinkSeven77 is showcase to the world about our Blockchain:)

Always appreciate you continuous support brother:)

Still not understand whole image. Will need time to digest

Posted using Partiko Android

I can completely understand you and we’re working hard to simplifying everything as we move forward.

I appreciate your patience and feedback!

Please check out my pinned Tweet to see more break down of LinkSeven77..

Ok brother, thanks for this. Will look into it for sure

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I like to see that we are adapting according to the feedback from the community! I continue to be encouraged by the movement being created!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Mistakes and Feedbacks are important.

We’re not afraid to make mistakes and at the same time we know when to listen and when to ignore.

Most valuable lessons that I learned in my life is that we can’t please everyone!

Any members who fail to submit Znap7 before 17th January will be removed from the list

The above draws much from the skin level, previously 100sp now onto 177 (feels pinched). What happens to the us under this category and wants to be part of the LinkSeven77 - Znap7 - family, and taking into account the duration given.

Hoping am not lost along the reading.

Thanks for asking a valuable question and yes the new entry barrier is 177 SP.

New members can welcome to request the membership at anytime and we’ll carefully consider everyone’s request to join our movement.

Hope it answers your questions and if not please contact me directly..

Looking forward to it.
I hope this family get stronger and stronger :)

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We’ll be waiting for your Znap7...

@ddaily family members @artakush @captainbob @bimjer @greencross @neopch

visited !
upvoted !
followed !

thanks ! :) ♥ ♩♬

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Bless Ya 😎🙏

Posted using Partiko iOS

truly a journey that is very far and tiring

This is our Blockchain and this LinkSeven77 journey is gonna be a wonderful one and we’re destined to arrive at a beautiful destination!

Hope you’ll join us too..

I wish family777 accept gaming content creator 😁 @nathanmars7

We accept everyone with LinkSeven77 and if you want us to consider your request then please do a Dtube video and explain why you would be good fit for our FamilySeven77.

Please don’t forget to share this content on Twitter.

If you’ve any questions then please ask directly or in the comments

Thank you 🙏

Really excited to see all the CV as well as the points system will be amazing.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks buddy and can’t wait to introduce LinkPoints and got to do more simplification before announcing Linkpoints.

Can I use Cantonese in my youtube video for Znap7?

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes of course:)

We recommend to use English subtitles but not necessary:)

Looking forward to it :)))

ok thank you bro.👌

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Hi bro, @nathanmars you are doing dtube a better place for all of us, so you are really important here. To create comunity we need kind and hearthfull, and passionate people like you.

Youtube maybe have better tools, and better technical support and is at the vanguard of the video reproducer, but what we have here in @dtube and dtubefamily777 is a founder, kindnes, and fully involved here, and that is the most important thing.

Thanks to you, we feel part of a family, and a comunity, you are one of the leaderships of @dtube and we really appreciate that.

I want to also say you again thank you for all the SP that you delegate to me in my early days here in @dtube without them i couldn engage as much as i did and coulg grow as much as i grow here. So i will be completely gratefull about that always and i always will remember you for taht reason.

Please continue doing your work being yourself and putting your amazing creativity here in @dtube . We all love you buddy withouth you dtube it is not the same.

shanti shanti shanti to you and stay bless

Cheers from India !

I'm still trying to get the hang of Twitter

Posted using Partiko Android

You’ll get used to it :)

Everything takes time but Twitter is the place most of the rich people spend their time because they values their time more than money and they prefer micro blogging.

Good luck with Twitter and please spread awareness about STEEM through Twitter:)

Will do!

Thanks for the updates bro... I totally understand everything.. Long live 777 family... Blessings as always bro ☺️😊

Posted using Partiko Android

I hope you’re not lying because I’m gonna send all the confused people in your way. lol 😂

Lolz hahaha... No problem bro.. I'm ready to assist them.

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Ok help me out I am lost. I took a little break over the holidays and getting back into the groove of things, see introduction videos, FamilySeven77, LinkSeven77, Znap7, talk about twitter and LinkedIn.

I am all on any project by @nathanmars7 or @nathanmars but what is it and what do I need to do?

I truly appreciate your support:)

Although there are no more rules, I think we have to comply with many of them, since it will allow us to place quality videos. Thanks for the info....

I’m a big believer in bringing value to others through our content.

Yes we can spend so much time making a quality videos but if no one watching them then our video will be worthless to anyone.

So engaging and understanding the audience of the platform and adapting our content creation strategy is important.

Have a wonderful week :)

Pumped up and ready 8D got a few people I will try to get to make a Znap7 CV, will hit them up tomorrow about it!

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks a lot dude and I appreciate you!!!

Great show! Looking forward to what this year brings!

Thank you for mention and kindly comment 😎🙏 Appreciated 😇

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Amazing Wonderful Gooooooooooooooood project ! :) ♥ ♩♬

#zap OMG ! LOL !

Much love brother!

What is ddaily family sir?

Please check it out @ddaily :)


I'm already addicted in watching, curating and dropping comments on dtube contents though I still like the fact that one can now work at his/her parse. Freedom is necessary sometimes.

I'm happy to be a part of this movement!

Thank you Nathanmars!

Posted using Partiko Android

I’m glad to hear about your good addictions!

Yes Freedom in neccesory for innovation and imgnation.

Thanks for joining this movement and we’ll keep on eye on you :)

Wish you a good start guys .Will be submitting my Znap7 for me and steemskate soon

Posted using Partiko Android

Looking forward to it your own Znap7 and SteemSkate Znap7:)

Always appreciate you bro :)

Keep rockin Nathan.
The blockchain needs people like you

Posted using Partiko Android

Here ya go man. It's a little late but completed. I have about what I need to compile a good one for #thealliance now too and will be working on that over the weekend as I give some people a little more time to complete their tasks. The holidays kind of got us all behind a little.

  • Witty

It is always very interesting to see the initiatives you come up with and also because all these are done for the good of the Steem blockchain.

Thank you for tagging me and I will do my best to understand this vision so we can build this blockchain together now and in time to come. I will do my best to get a video out by the deadline too.

Keep the 7!

Pretty Nice Video is pretty creative. She might be my favorite from the whole list.

Hi @nathanmars7 here is my introduction video for #linkseven77. It was missing in the current list.

Posted using Partiko Android

How many changes and surprises await with the passage of time for dtube and the family, honors for the one who deserves it, is a great job that you do, esteemed @nathanmars7, again I appreciate that you have included me in the family and although I do not have twitter right now , here is my contribution, post link and video on YouTube. Much love brother.

I will waiting for your project eagerly :D

Well thank you so much for giving me the deadline which is 17th Jan....

I will be back with youtube video soon...

I am really sorry, I am late :|

I am really glad to see that in this world full of selfish people hear you are taking out time to thank those who has been there in your journey, that is really a very good gesture by your side, even i sometimes do so but it is great to see people doing this all around.😍

Posted using Partiko Android

Congratulations @nathanmars7!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Comments - Ranked 5 with 105 comments

Hi Nathan, every day I like this initiative more. This is my post link where I introduce myself to the community.

There’s a song about. At the very least you need to break it up a little. Walk 500 and then walk 500 more.

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