15# Drawitbetter Contest - Winners & New Theme + Rewards & 100 Whale-Shares Upgrade!

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Hello everyone! I trust you are well.

First, it's time to announce our winners and honorable mentions of our last week's #drawitbetter contest.

But before we do that, a BIG thanks to all participants! Here are our top picks for last weeks theme:


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3rd place: @miorrizzuan

DQmR1iy8vcsQ87Ai3pQrYzitQLNS6ENFvY79i6FF7iALtgT (1).jpg

See author's post.

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2nd place: @itachi24j

DQmPmUgfKF3XDuQRVoY6UbP7YXTSMyQ62oybUbKgAsuBPcH (1).jpg

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1st place: @winizart

U5dtehe22GzSUJaPQrwuRAuQ4GPZU3B_1680x8400 (1).jpg

See author's post.

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See author's post.

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DQma6Q4QLH24w6AJKd6YhoG7t5ei7sg1iYgW46gKeYBcwSg_1680x8400 (1).jpg

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DQmWoUxXW8vpsSTCfK5XJJeVBGJL9FyK2LN7wzkeFP1awqG (1).jpg

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What is Drawitbetter & how to join?

It's my first contest on Steemit.
As artist beginner, I want to improve and motivate myself & others.
Every week, I'm making a sketch with a new theme.
To join, all you have to do is create your art with the same theme.
All types of painting techniques and styles are welcome!

Here's my drawing of this week's new theme (Pokemons!):

You can draw any pokemon but I choose you, Pikachu!


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  • You have to make an entry post with title (Ex. Drawitbetter Contest #15).
  • one of your tags has to be #drawitbetter.
  • Use only your original work and provide drawing process.
  • Your time is up when this post is 7 days old.
  • You have to resteem this post or create promotion post.
  • Upvote this post.
  • Have fun!
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    I've decided to increase the rewards. All the winners will also receive a portion of ALL SBD raised by this post


  • First place: 3 Steem + 50 Whale Shares
  • Second place: 2 Steem + 20 Whale Shares
  • Third place: 1 Steem + 10 Whale Shares.
  • Honorable M.: 1 Steem ( Together. )

    Winners, please provide your BitShares acc. in the comments below.

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    For this contest there will always be 2 judges. First one is @kid4life and second will be picked every week.
    For this week it's going to bee: @backyardgoonie.
    Special thanks to the last week judge: @tarotravel.

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    All Whale-Shares are provided by @akrid & @officialfuzzy. Special thanks for your amazing support!

    For more contests with Whale Shares, visit @contests.

    We have a new one:

    @fbslo I'm proud to have you in my contest as a sponsor.

    @fbslo is delegating me 500 steem power to help the participation!

    (You are one click away to help us back! )

    (Click on the button)

    line line.png

    I hope that this contest will be the opportunity & motivation for all you, my Steemian artists. I wish good luck to everyone participating! And again, I want to thank everyone for participating in the previous week!



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Greeting to @sirsensei thank you for having this event sir here is my entry I hope you like it :)




Great job!


thank you so much @kid4life ^_^ ive followed so young saitama x)

Thanks @sinsersei for giving me the chance to be a judge. There were a lot of amazing drawings. You're so good guys! Good luck with your next context!😁

Hello this is my entry i hope you like it.★★
I choose cubone.♡♡




hai darwin ah so this drawing u shared in the gc is for this contest pala.hehe Good luck


Thank you, pero tingnan mo yung kay master eve sevilla mas maganda.♡♡


ginalingan! hahaa lalo na sa shading! nag gglow pa yung mata
wala na xD may nanalo na!


Sus pinapaasa ako ee yung sayo nga ang pangpalag ee. Hahaha


Ay wooow may nanalo na hahahah. Habol ako hahahah


Wala na masaya na ko sa honorable mention, hahaha

My Entry:

pokemon 1.jpg

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur taking a selfie.
Title: Selfiesaurs 📸💭👍


@ivanusaur where were you when these three are taking a selfie? HAHAHAHA

Hello guys, first of all congrats to the winners, and second - I missed this contest really, I had some problems but now I'm back with new drawing, hope you will like:

Hey all.
Here's my first entry, oops should ask...can we enter more the once?


These competitions sound like a lot of fun!! Feel like I might have to give it a go some time :D

Hello, evreyone. Here my entry : https://steemit.com/art/@juliensorel/drawitbetter-contest-15-charizard

Pokemon dibujado mejor.jpg

If you liked my work, I hope you support me with a UPVOTE and a RESTEEM so that others can enjoy my drawings.

Hi everyone. i leave my entry:
_Thanks to @sirsensei for the opportunity


hahaha.. cute!


jajaja mi pokemon favorito

Hello.. Here's my entry for this week's contest. Thank you so much!



OMG... I HAVE to find the time to participate this time :D !

Congratulation to all the participants and winner for the contest "Scorpion", most of the drawing presented here are amazinng. There is reeeaaaly good art. Keep going, all of you, even if you didn't win this time !

Hello friends, I am very happy to participate in this contest, greetings to the sponsors of the contest and luck for the participants.

Wowwww, Thanks u very much!!I can't believe I won the 1st place, thank you very much! and congratulations to all the winners and contestants, there were very good drawings in the contest. Keep up, see you in the next contest <3


Timelapse link, in case anyone's curious about the process:


Greeting from Venezuela @sirsensei thank you for having this contest here is my post, I hope you like it :)


Hello, @sirsensei This is the first time I participate in your contest, this is my entry, I hope you like my drawing.



Im gonna give a try for this one. Anyway, there is no special theme for this contest as the latest contest themed "scorpion" @sirsensie?


Ohhh i get it. I just read it one more and find what the theme is "pikachu"

my entry in which the Scorpion was drawn was not taken into account, I would like to know if I did not comply with the rule. :(

Very cool contest... I bookmarked the post, I'm not sure if I will be able to make time for it but I will try.

I like that you posted the drawings of the honorable mentions along with their names and post links!!! That's very thoughful.

Following to hopefully catch one of your contests soon

My childhood hahahahahaha so cute!

Hi, this is my entry to the contest! good luck to all!


WhatsApp Image 2018-02-19 at 12.38.19 AM.jpeg

Pretty scary stuff :)

Hi! this is my entry! a cute Togepi :)


If you like it, visit my post: https://steemit.com/art/@itachi24j/ex-drawitbetter-contest-15-togepi-pokemon

Oh no... the new theme is Pokemon? :( I wonder if I should wait for next week...

Congratulations to the winners!

@sirsensei here’s my entry:


Thank you!

Here is my entry:
The pokemon's name is Chandelure. The drawing process is explained in my other post down below.


Link to my post

Hi! @sirsensei my BitShares acc. is: itachi24j

Thanks for the contest I liked to draw the scorpion! :D

P.S Can you let me know when you make the payment?

@sirsensei, I would have entered this pokemon in your weekly competition since I was hoping fanmade pokemons would qualify. But unfortunately, I don't have copies of the screenshots of when I was still working on it so I posted it instead as a regular post. I still hope you would enjoy this though. :)




Hi @ivanusaur. I saw the post and there were 4 rules you didn't obey. And rules are the same for all, so sorry I could not accept your entry. I suggest you try to draw again and read the rules carefully next time.


Oh sir, I just wanted to share this pokemon to you. it's fanmade and I didn't have a step by step shots so I was sure I won't qualify. So i decided to just share it to you hoping you'd like it. :)


Thank you then. :) I liked it! Also left an upvote. :)


Thank you so much sir! next drawitbetter contest i'll surely join and ill give my all on it :) see you around sir! More powers!


Looking forward to your entry! Take care.

Now that I think of it, I drew a pokemon for a friend a long time ago! Unfortunately, I lost the psd file so I don't think I'll be able to provide the step by step ):

Aw yes! I'm totally joining in on this one! :D

Good day..here's my entry @sirsensei...

Charizard Pokemon

I hole you like it...
You can see the process here: https://steemit.com/drawitbetter/@phantum04/drawitbetter-contest-15-theme-pokemons-my-entry-my-first-3d-drawing-of-pokemon-charizard

Thank you!

hello @sirsensei this is my entry i made it simple hope you like my drawing

hi @sirsensei, I finally had the cahnce to draw a legit entry for your contest. thank you for this wonderful competition sir! More powers! I hope you guys like my entry! #drawitbetter



Hello, this is my entry. Please check it out, i hope you like it
Thank yo for the contest!

Hi @sirsensei :D !

I screwed up my participation, forgotten the WIP part... so I make a second one !

There is the blanck entry : Psyduck's Nightmare


There is the corect one : A Song of Ice and Fire


Thank you for this contest ^^ !

See you.

Oreille Pointue

I choose you Arcanine!!!! @sirsensei this is my entry for the contest
this is my first contest in steemit and watting for you next one :D

Hello sir @sirsensei. Here is my entry for the Pokemon theme of the week. Thank you somuch and more power to you! Upvited and resteemed at the same time. 😇



Followed and resteemed.

Hello everboy, this is my Draw for the conquest, the skull face: Cubone. I hope you like it.


This is my entry, I'm not fanatic of this cartoon so I twist the character into creepy wrold and also the pokeball.
I hope you like it. .
This the link of my step by step.

Am I that late to submit @sirsensei? :o

Hooooo so close!

Anyways, Thank you for holding such wonderful contest like this! This is very essential to us, who are fond of drawing.

Here's my entry btw



Hello @sirsenseim here my link for the entry drawitbetter constest # 15


Here's my entry.
I got distracted and forgot to upvote, so I'm going to upvote one of your other posts 😅

Hello everyone, this is my entrance ... thanks #sirsensei for sponsoring this contest so good ...



Your contest was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (19.02-25.02): Win free SBD and STEEM
Thank you @sirsensei for giving Steemians a chance to win some WhalesShare.

Good evening dear @sirsensei, I am writing to greet you and thank you again for giving us the opportunity to expose our talent and in my case my passion for the plastic arts in your competitions, but I would like to know why my entry with the scorpion was disqualified, since I did not receive any comments from you, and to take it into account in future entries?
Cordial greetings.

hola amigos les presento mi entrada
les doy las gracias a @sinsersei

congrats, everyone!

This my entry @sirsensei. I’m really sorry about too late entry this contest, because it is less healthy in a few days ago.