How to Check in on Your Steem Witnesses

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Using to Monitor Witnesses

So you've voted on a bunch of Steem witnesses and you feel good about doing your part to support the Steem blockchain. But are these witnesses doing what they said they were going to do? Have they been missing a lot of blocks? How old is their price feed?..

Today I'm going to share how you can check in on all of the Steem witnesses, including those that you're voting for. I hope you enjoy!

Links Mentioned in Today's Video

My live stream is at DLive

Or you can click this link where you can vote securely using SteemConnect.

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very informative infos. about the witnesses . This is good to know . have a awesome day too @brandonfrye.

Thanks @mjtravel, you as well :)

Great to see you continue climbing that ladder! I have started to review this more lately as I have been reading more on what witnesss are thinking about when it comes to HF 20 and the upcoming SMTs. Keep up the great work!

Thanks @newageinv, your support means a lot! :)

Great to know we have tools that can serve as a governance tool for the Witnesses that oversee the blockchain!

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Loving your video on youtube it cleared up everything about using the upvote system and I know it's blasphemous to mention youtube here lol, but I just promoted you and gave 0.001 sbd, I think your really doing everyone a great service with your detailed explinations and it's well worht the investment and time to watch all your content, thanks Brandon

I'm so glad to hear that, @mod1t! I'll continue to push out the content and help as many people as possible here. And if there's anything you'd like to learn more about, just let me know and I'll try to put out a video. Thanks for watching!

Awesome, just tried to get my head around witnesses, the server portion sounded interesting but relatively knowledgeable stuff i can't layman it for my self, but I was wondering if the idea is you utilize a dedicated machine to support the steem currency network? If so i have 4 android tv sticks silly really contemplating them as a server system to back it, but if this is the principal wouldn't it be cool to be able to use surplus droid devices like spare phones tablet's tv sticks and tv sticks as dedicated steem witness servers and boost your income via that method, sort of steem phone farming in essence is what i suppose i'm getting at? Or am I totally getting that all wrong? But man that would be one cool new phone farming app addition would it not and a future idea for steem to gain momentum and everyone gets a passive income off of the steem currency.

Great information as I did not know we could check up on who we voted for.

Fantastic to know we have tools that can serve as a governance tool for the Witnesses that oversee the Steemit blockchain!

I have voted your witness
Regards @brandonfrye

Thank you @ayuramona. I appreciate your support :)

Thanks for the appreciation, I am happy to know you @brandonfrye. I hope we can be friends and help each other.

Clearly explained. Loved it!! @brandonfrye

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I am new to steemit and I am reading and watching as many videos as I can. I found you on youtube and been watching your videos mostly. I seen the vote for witnesses column and looked for a video you made about it. I am still confused about witnesses but put your name in for a vote anyway. Honestly steemit is still confusing and I am not sure what is going on, but I found another platform (steemit) to write stuff on, a video platform to post on, and I am enjoying that. I am sure the knowledge will come as I go. Thanks for all your videos on youtube and where ever else you are posting.

Hey! ill send you a bid half hour ago! Didnt get upvoted =(

(upvoted this post anyways)

Thanks =D

Hi @cre47iv3, I just checked and you received the upvote. Be sure to check for the current bidding round. The upvotes aren't immediate. My account upvotes when it reaches 100% voting power. Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you need anything else. And thanks for the upvote. :)