HF20, Steem Price vs Development, and MinnowFund Updates

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HF20 is Finally Happening and Other Updates!

In today's video I decided to cover several different topics, including HardFork 20 (which was just announced today!), the difference between evaluating the price of Steem and its blockchain developments, plus I'll explain some upcoming changes to the @minnowfund initiative which I hope you will all be excited about. Oh, and if you stick around til the end I’ll show you the how to get the best ROI by delegating to the highest paying upvote bot.

Links Mentioned in Today's Video:

NOTE: Due to user error (yes, me) I had to remove the original video from dlive and upload to YouTube. Sorry for any confusion.


Or you can click this link where you can vote securely using SteemConnect.


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I love the new idea about minnowfund Brandon!!!! Each innovation has been a great one! Thanks for the details about the hardfork also. FINALLY !!!! Super excited about that!! Good times ahead!!!!!!!!! Please keep it coming man....we are with you!!!!

Yeah man!! We've been waiting (not so) patiently for a while to hear about the release of HF20. It's nice to finally have a date. :)

I think the change to the minnowfund is a great idea. Upvotes are really what most of us are looking for. I'd go for it:)

Thanks for sharing the feedback. It's good to hear from the person who really sparked the idea of @minnowfund in the first place. 😊 I appreciate you taking the time to watch the video and give your opinion. Not only will MinnowFund grow quicker, but we can effectively help more and more people each week and not rely so much on user input.

I also plan to do weekly reports from the minnowfund account reporting those we're supporting which should gain them even more recognition.

I think that's great. I have been AWOL a lot over the last week ... I got to posting ... you inspired me:)

I am Trying Delegation with Four Different Service Providers and You are one of Them.
Can I have a Delegation link for 100 SP please,
This is the First time I am trying delegation so I dont want to go wrong in the Process

Hey @rushitan, thanks for your patience. Here is a link where you can delegate exactly 100 SP (or VERY close to it): https://v2.steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=rushitan&delegatee=brandonfrye&vesting_shares=202700.000000%20VESTS

Thank you
Just going to do it now 👌🏼

  ·  last year (edited)

I have done it 👍🏼
And It shows on my wallet now, what’s the next step now , do I need to do anything else ?

Nope, you're all set. You'll start receiving payouts after the next payment period. So you'll get your first payment on Monday at 12 noon MST. Thanks for your support and if you need anything please don't hesitate to reach out.

Okay great
Thank you. I checked my wallet after posting a reply , the confirmation and message was already there from you.

Hey @brandonfrye
Could you please increase my Delegation from 100SP to 200SP
Let me know what I need to do from my side

Yes, you can actually go to https://www.steembottracker.com, click Tools and Delegation Manager, then insert your username as the Delegator, and click Load. From there, click Update next to your delegation to me. Change the amount to 200SP and click Delegate!

Be sure NOT to delete your delegation to me because then it will put it in a 7-day cool down period. Update is what you want to do. :)

Great way to adapt to the changing environment. I have seen many new users just fall off after starting but maybe through upvotes they can be motivated to continue. I am trying to spend at least half hour a day curating the #introduceyourself tag to try to motivate and get some users involved. I hope to post a weekly spot to highlight some of them as well. Keep up the great work!

That's actually something I truly believe in. When I first got started on Steemit (8 months ago) nobody knew who I was obviously. But I'll never forget that @cryptoctopus came along and upvoted my first two or three posts with about $10 in rewards each. I was blown away, not so much by the money earned, but by the generosity I found here. So I believe by spreading that generosity wider (which I hope to do with MF) we can impact more folks and spread the "hope" of the blockchain with more people.

And I'm glad to hear what you're doing with the intro tag. That's actually a good way to find good creators who are testing the waters of Steemit. And it's a great way to make that everlasting impression and keep them here. :)

Great working.
I love the way you continue to innovate.
Best wishes to you and yours always.

Is is possible for somebody like me to participate who has low SP?

As far as participating in @minnowfund, or delegating to the upvote bot and earning daily payouts? MinnowFund is getting ready to change completely (as per the video above) so I'm assuming you're referring to delegating to my account. And I probably wouldn't recommend delegating any SP to my account until you gain a little more SP. This is because the payouts will be so low and you could probably make better use of that SP with your own curation efforts. The most you would be able to delegate anyways would be around 15 Steem Power bc you need at least 15 SP in your account for bandwidth. And I don't like to see anybody with the bare minimum. Hope that makes sense. :)

It definitely does.......
Thanks for the explanation @brandonfrye
Until then I have to gain more than 15 SP to be able to participate.

I think minnowfund is a great idea!
If someone would like to support me, please do.

Very good posts, hopefully you can always be successful in the esteem business

Great video @brandonfrye and I love the idea of minnowfund . Keep it up!