Understanding Hardfork 20: What in the Heck are Resource Credits!?

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What Will Resource Credits Bring to the Blockchain?

Bandwidth is SO old school. We need a better way to calculate a user’s use of resources on the blockchain and provide them with a better overall user experience. I know!... Let’s replace Bandwidth with Resource Credits!

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t MY idea LOL. But Resource Credits are coming to the Steem blockchain with the release of Hardfork 20. And today I dive deep into the world of Steem Resource Credits and show how they’ll impact you on September 25th.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Video:

My video is at DLive


Or you can click this link where you can vote securely using SteemConnect.


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Looks like future will bring some good things

Thanks for giving a quick run through with regards to this upcoming major update @brandonfrye as well as giving your takeaways with some of it. Very much appreciated!

Great explanation, Brandon. Sounds like the changes will help the block chain grow and flourish:)

so in other words....things are good :)


great video man. from what i can tell this is a win on a lot of levels. as soon as you said ‘gamify’, i was hooked lol

looking forward to hf20. big things ahead!

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Exactly lol. But yeah, this will be a good thing for user experience especially. I'm just excited to see the actual implementation of RCs and how they look on the backend.

I think this is also a key step to enable faster account creation in a more automated way as it will no longer need Steemit Inc to delegate a portion of their SP which would limit their own bandwidth as well. The creation of RC will enable more accounts to be created which could lead to well needed growth on the platform. My only concern is the scrutiny I hope they put on account creation because the least we need are more spam bots.

Absolutely, this should speed up the signup process significantly and also cost the company less (in SP) to create said accounts. And I agree, there has to be a balance of anonymity, speed of signup, and preventing loopholes for spam accounts.

Thanks for your thoughts about the upcoming HF. I appreciate your honesty about not knowing everything, but your willingness to try to press through the details.

Decided to follow you and looking forward to future videos and posts.

Thanks for going over this Brandon.

I have the read the Hardfork 20 post several times and now have watched you go over it as well. For some reason the resource credit thing was not really clear to me, but now I think it makes sense. I think sometimes I have to hear someone say something out loud before it clicks in my head!

Maybe that's why I like video tutorials as opposed to written ones!