My Interview with @clixmoney from DCooperation

in dlive •  last year  (edited)


My DCooperation Interview

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to sit down with @clixmoney from @dcooperation where I talked about my journey on the Steem Blockchain. We covered everything from Steem witnesses to tips about creating content and engaging with your following. I really enjoyed this format and hope that if any of you would like to request an interview, you will. Just reach out to me on @brandonfrye and we'll set it up!

You can follow @dcooperation for more interviews and other promotional news. They also have a discord server you can join at

My video is at DLive


Or you can click this link where you can vote securely using SteemConnect.


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I'm glad you like the interview, I'm following now you in dlive as well, because I noticed recently that the followers of steemit and dlive are not the same. I have only 5 followers here, imagine that. lol ☺

I really appreciate you interviewing me, @clixmoney. So thanks again! And I'm the same way on Dlive, I have very few followers there. At least my followers here will find my videos. :)

@brandonfrye, I watched the interview yesterday. It was very interesting. A lot of useful information.

Glad you enjoyed it, @cryptospa! :)

Inspiring to see you have achieved so much in so little time shows how the potential of the platform is here to stay. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks @gamercrypto, there is a TON of potential here. :)

Great interview @brandonfrye! This is definitely great exposure to continue your grind towards achieving your full witness status. The community will benefit from someone as active and as interested in the overall improvement of the platform and community here!

I concur!

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Awesome interview Brandon! It is always neat to hear peoples stories on how they came to steemit and crypto. :)

Thanks @mrchef111, I agree. It's interesting how some people here are somewhat anonymous (or they never get personal about things) and when they do an interview I'm all over it to get a deeper look at what they're all about. :)

So true! I think it is easier for folks like you and I who are used to doing videos whether on DTube/DLive or YouTube, to get personal and just share, so when someone we aren't used to seeing doing an interview style video, and it is someone we have been following, its pretty rad! Such a great community here on Steemit!

Thank you for sharing @brandonfrye! I was listening and have a few take aways... for some reason I have not been posting my DLive videos on YouTube... I have on twitter and Facebook... LOL

Thanks @paulcaraway, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I had a great time doing that interview and hope to do some more in the future. And no worries, I too need to get better about posting ALL my videos on YouTube and sharing links on Facebook. I've practically removed myself from those sites so I rarely even think about it. But if we want to spread the word that's the best way to do it. :)

I have done then same as well in the most part... I just post my show will be going live... then I forget to post to YouTube... LOL. We all need a reminder once in a while! Thank you once again.

Good interview @brandonfrye I also like to ask and hear how the people found steemit and how they dicoverd steemit at first time

hello , i have sent 200 sp to you bot, i received message that, consider voting @brandonfrye for witness for daily payout ,please let me know what is its sense

Hi @gs003, thanks for delegating to my service and supporting @minnowfund. Voting for my witness is completely optional, but I would love your support. You can learn more at

hi @brandonfry, I would like to talk to you, can we chat in steemchat? Need to talk to you about delegating to your bot. cheers buddy

Sure thing, shoot me a message @brandonfrye in and we'll connect there. :)

done that buddy :D I am off to bed now as it is 12.30 here in the uk but if you message me back I will get back to you tomorrow :D