Dlive Weekly Comment Catch-Up 8/17/18

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Time to Answer Your Comments From This Week!

In today’s video I dive deep into your comments from this past week. Special thanks to everyone who continues to share their comments, feedback, video suggestions, and other ideas. This is what allows me to keep producing helpful content that everyone enjoys and bring you the most up-to-date information that you're looking for.

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I really appreciate your positivity at this time and your fair mind. I have backed off on blogging and am focusing on my writing ... which i have been neglecting ... but I am still making a point of supporting those who are still posting on a regular basis and keeping the blockchain pumping.

I have a lot of irons in the fire and as a single mom a lot on my plate. I have to be more choosing about spending my time but I want to express my support for steemit and steem.

Positivity is so important right now. Thank you for giving so much of it:)

I can totally understand that. I've been pulled in many directions myself lately. I appreciate you dropping by and showing my post some love. And I hope you're writing continues to go well! :)

Was happy to be an early delegator and happy to increase it recently! The future is bright and we can grow together! I am also enjoying curating more content but with the price decline it seems it get harder to find them.

So glad to hear that, @newageinv! And yeah, gotta dig for those people who are putting in the work. There are a lot of them out there though.

Hi! I've started Steemit about two months ago and I've learned a lot from your YouTube videos. I really appreciate it! I've followed you and upvoted this post!
What I don't understand fully is why curating a post after 20 minutes might be more beneficial than 30 minutes. If someone with higher Steem Power upvotes before me, does that mean that I won't get any awards?

Yay! Another video spreading positivity.
Keeping a happy steem going whatever the market is.
Thanks for sharing @brandonfrye

It's an awesome initiative, I remember when you did it before with youtube, it's nice to see you doing in dlive now. ☺

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Regards @brandonfrye

When will appear on steemit , the real curators with the propper belts like in martial arts to curate the music/paintings/drawings/ the artworks created in every ingineous way and pvote them, resteem them whithout using all kind of synthetic pumps?

Hopefully soon?

Thanks for discovering you here on steemit

Congrats for your contents created and feel free to listen to some of my artworks created thru art/music


There is greater value when you can actually use the platform! If you are not using then you are not taking full advantage of the STEEM blockchain. There might be copy cats... the one thing is the blue ocean strategy with the STEEM Blockchain allows it to be in the forefront! So many people watch the price of STEEM... how many people watch the stock price at where the work? Will they leave a company when the price of the stock declines? NO! So why are they slacking on this platform... would they slack at a JOB?

Thank you for sharing your comments each week... it helps to trigger my own thoughts / reminders. :)

Got my first post out.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks a million.

I am your friendly neighborhood, CryptoNinja!!!

Have a nice day!!!