Understanding HF20: Changes to Author & Curation Rewards

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How Will Your Author & Curation Rewards Be Affected?

I thought it would be fun to go through the changes to the Steem blockchain that will be coming with Hardfork 20 on September 25th. And in today’s video I want to talk about the changes we can expect in regards to both the curation and author rewards. This might end up being a series of videos I do about HF20, so please follow my blog for future videos!

My video is at DLive


Or you can click this link where you can vote securely using SteemConnect.


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Great video thanks for the share!

I think the curation changes are great as they will allow for more engagement and incentives for all that actively participate in discussions. It will take some time to get used to but I think the curation aspect needed to be looked at. I did not know the fact that self-votes were capturing the curation rewards as well; that does not make sense at all.

Awesome Brandon thanks for the update video. I guess I will still continue manually up-voting content as usual. lol my problem I find is I upvote so much that my VP is always way low it seems. But I guess it doesn't matter too much, it is not like my upvote is worth a lot. But someday it will be. I think it would be so cool to be a whale, and rain upvotes down on everyone. I know how excited I get when I get a big upvote. haha I like to think that if I ever made whale status I would change my voting habits.

I wasn't aware of the upcoming changes. Maybe now the big fish will use their votes to upvote others instead of only themselves. I think I like these new rules.

Excellent video my man. The coming changes are much needed and will help benefit the entire community as a whole. I like how you you display yourself overtop of the screen...very cool effect. Looking forward to the next tutorial 👊🏻

Thanks Ken, I’ve always enjoyed your videos as well. Glad to be connected here my friend!!

I read that the smaller accounts could benefit from this as well... I can’t wait for the day that my vote is actually worth $0.01!

Yes, this will benefit everyone for sure! 😊

Thanks for the distilled version. I've been meaning to read up on this, but you summed it up nicely.

Thanks, glad to help. I’ll try to do the same with the other changes coming. Make it a little easier to swallow lol.

thank you sir for the info.. I voted for you.. more success!

Thank you @jemz244, the support is much appreciated!! :)

Thank you for your videos. @brandonfrye
I share your videos, as an introduction to @Stemmit for newbies on the platform.

Curation rewards

* The existence of bot accounts confirms that @Steemit is primarily an income generating platform; not a content creation vehicle.
* HF21 should eliminate self-voting. Of course, the more SP that accumulate, the less enthusiastic I would progessively be to eliminate self-voting.
* Steemit rewards are subjective; not objective: a transparent understanding of which reduces the tendency to a rewards entitlement mentality.


lol man i’m glad i’m home...now i won’t miss these videos lol

awesome stuff man and as always a great explanation of complicated subjects.

always appreciate the info sir.

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Thanks man! Wait until you see today's video lol. I'm diving deep into Resource Credits!! Yikes 😂

ha ha ha ha oh boy. looking forward to it.

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really good video great thanks, i came here from YouTube and i like your blog here, i am new here so do not expect me to say anything special but, if you could, i heard you mentioned two or three new other platforms, i think its dmania and steepshot .. could you make us other videos about those? and thx

After I read the post I stopped voting for my own post.. I agree with the position... I did not realize I could actually take someone elses curation reward!

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Adding more money to the rewards pool is all fine and dandy unless it is simply being consumed by people paying for votes and bots. So it could also take rewards away from content creators and consolidate it even further into bots and pay for vote approaches that damage the purpose of curation. It might not happen, and I hope it doesn't but it isn't guaranteed that puting curation rewards back into the rewards pool will go to people rather than just further consolidating into the pay to play brackets.

EDIT: And to be clear. I don't know of a way to prevent that from happening.

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So after HF20 it means, that if you self-vote before 15 minutes all money comes to rewardpool and if you self-vote after 15 minutes everything will be like now is?

so should i upvote within 15 min or in between 15 to 30 min ?
and do you have any tips how to get started?
i post every now and then, at first i got some followers but now i cant seem to get any followers or upvots :(
could it be there is to much content? is it a must to use a bot to get notice ?