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It isn't often I make a short post such as this. I started to use busy.org and zappl thinking I would utilize those in a similar way to mainstream social media. I decided quickly against it some time ago. I feel compelled to share this with you in a brief post but I am using Steemit as I normally would.

I stopped using Facebook on 4/20; traded everything in for Steemit and Sola. I was just done. Tired of the bullshit and negativity. I wasn't interested in being censored or restricted from accessing and sharing information and discerning truth from fake news for myself as a grownup should. Along with the multitude of reasons why decentralized and built on a blockchain is better. So I do use FB, but in the background and as a poster only.

You know when you get to a point in life when you realize that some decision you made in the recent past turns out to have been a great decision? Today I realized just that.

So, a handful of years ago I first started to detect a decline in the quality of content and engagement on social media across the board and had the notion that many alternative media and underground art was being squelched unless of course you paid for exposure. Over the years I had been sharing a lot of documentaries and articles regarding many of the sensitive and controversial issues and topics which I often cover on my podcasts. Many I even cited throughout my four years in college.

I have only ever added people to the group myself and let very few others invite someone. There is only one other admin besides me, a best friend who moved to Cali years ago to trim bud. It's called Project Peace. I also have an accompanying YouTube playlist called ...shall set you free . Obviously, the FB group has loads of extra stuff. I have the wall turned off, but I'm always willing to take suggestions.

You'll notice that the first documentary on the YouTube playlist is Esoteric Agenda, directed and narrated by Ben Stewart. Many people cite this as one of the first films that helped wake them up. It just so happens that Ben responded to a message I sent him and it's looking like he'll be a guest on Hangin' with WHO soonish.

His third film in the Talismanic Idol series, Ungrip, is how I came to know @wwf, aka Rob in the Page family. Someone I consider a friend and look up to for some of life's toughest moments which often require the guidance of an elder, someone whom has done the spiritual walk through those moments and come out not only alive but in tip top enough shape to merit an authoritative role. It's been my intention for some time to interview Ben and thank him for the great work he's done in producing these films and being so brave as to continue his work advocating for peace.

I felt compelled to share this with you as I spin tunes for @smacommunity over on Discord right now. Got one hour to go at the time of this posting, more or less.

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Loved your post, not least because it is factual and beneficial to those who seek truth - or honesty at least.

Also, love the fact that credit is given where credit is due. Good going Fluman!

I am really glad you took the time to read it and that it meant something to you. Good to know you Mr. Globo!

Awesome. I rarely use FBmuch anymore, just to keep in touch with some family/friends, but I'll check out your page. My best college course was one where each week the professor would have us watch a documentary about some controversial topic--most would have been considered conspiracy theories. Anyway, that class planted the seed of skepticism in me and started my quest for truth. My husband and I both started waking up as a result and our lives have changed drastically, for the better. However, it is a lonely road and a challenging one when you have family and friends who desperately cling to their reality by making you out to be crazy just for asking logical questions. I am so grateful to have virtually meet so many wonderfully insightful people here on Steemit. I don't know if I've watched Esoteric Agenda. My transformation was nearly a decade ago and over the last 5 yrs I've watched very little TV. I'm busy researching my daughter's health issues and complicated dietary needs and my husband keeps up on documentaries and fills me in. I'll share it with him, but I'll bet he's watched it. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a thoughtful comment. Isn't it amazing how many so called "tin foil hat" controversial "conspiracy theories" are actually well documented!?!

I love your post @movement19!Continue in making projects!:)

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