DigixDao (DGD): The Extended 5th Wave Could Have Alternate Scenario Implications

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DigixDao (DGD/BTC) initial impulse rise resulted in a near vertical wave 5 extension. Such an extension should be a bit of a warning sign for a very deep retracement as had be shown already in previous posts. However, the below chart shows an abcde option where wave A had retraced well witin the prior wave 4 level and if Bitcoin persists is upping the sentiment, this triangle has a primary count chance to breakout.

Similar but different way of labeling is to consider the correction as a complex combination of WXY (blue) and with the Y as a triangle abcde. This would require more time for the completion of c,d and e waves.

The extended 5th often retraces to priro wave 2 levels and this DGD/BTC pair could aim for that level so be aware and not be broadsided.

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Every time when bitcoin goes down I take a position on digixDAO since it's a hedge against bitcoin :)

You think this is about winning and losing? That's pathetic! Only a dense, obtuse sociopath would do so.

It could go up, it could go down? Awesome. This is definitely worthy of you making 100$ + on this post. I look forward to the other 9 today. Thanks Haejin.

Only one solution for You - go and pick one of hundreds analysts out there that will tell You where the price will go, with absolute certainty. There are literally tons of them in cryptosphere.

Heck, I'll stay with guy that deals with probability. I'm just strange this way.


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good prediction

Good content and an interesting read. Thank you for sharing.

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The DGD offers the investor an opportunity to make massive profits. But you have to be careful. Profit windows open and close very fast. Thanks for the share.


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I just wanted to inform you about the fundamentals of your supported coin. This is pasted from the whitepaper:

Digix Tokens (DGX)
Dgx Tokens are minted via a Minter Smart Contract. Each DGX token represents 1g of
Gold and divisible to 0.001g. For every PoA Card that is sent to the Minter Smart
Contract, DGX tokens will be issued in return. For instance, a 100g PoA Card sent to the
Minter Smart Contract returns 100 DGX tokens to the user.

In my opinion this coins is just overvalued and pumped as a "safe" haven like tether (usdt) or gold in the traditional market! So the acutall difference ~$333 between real value and actual mania.

1DGD = 1g gold
1g gold = $42,70 1
DGD = $367

I'll post further ideas in the near future, you can follow me, if you like, I would appreciate it!

Don't follow blindly the crowd, have your eyes open!
Happy trading!

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It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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