DeepBrainChain (DBC): Bowl within a Bowl

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In Altcoins, upward impulse motives are almost always near vertical. It's the Hurry Up & Wait syndrome. DeepBrainChain (DBC) is no different as the below chart shows it's initial rise was a vertical five wave sequence. The correction was very wide in time and price extension going sidways. It was a very lazy ZigZag (5,3,5) pattern. What's next?

There is a bowl within a bowl and these are for that matter, extra bullish. The embedded patterns allow for greater degree of consolidation and to what exctness; I don't know as I have no quantitative data on this compiled, yet for cryptos. The below chart shows the blue rounded formation as a subpattern to the greater white one. As every rounded formation has three parts: left wall, basin and right wall; DBC has already started building the right wall. This has already started an impulse upward and wave 1 is still likely in progress. IF this is the trend reversal; some exciting fireworks are ahead.

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Previously, I thought his analysis are garbage. But now, when I am slightly more experienced trader, I agree with them. This means, that total beginners may not understand the analysis, but they are good and valuable.

Sir,i always read your post and upvote are really a wise man

This is going to be tough to be able to predict the outcome of the market. But one thing am kinda of sure is that they wont put a ban on cryptocurrency. There's going to be lots of attempts at centralized regulations but the specific regulatory guidelines is what I can't say...

So lets hope for the best while hodling on.

tnx for update cryptocurrency blockchain @haejin

Good update.... Keep up the good work

Really good Update .cryptocurency is increasing now .its a good news for me .

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Good times I am hoping are coming and we will soon see a bull run


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Is It just me or are the names of some of these ALTs a little weird and worrying lol

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Can some trading technician, predict the btc price? I don't think

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