Upvote Shares Level 19 (100% Complete)

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Upvote Shares is a project from @costanza that aims to provide Daily Upvotes based on a fair model that should be sustainable and scalable over time. More on the Model Mechanics can be found here. These posts are made each time a level is complete and include all the details of the different Shareholders and Sponsorships

The State of Steemit

More drama on Steemit the last couple of days as projects like @steembasicincome and @upvotebuilders who both have done good things for the platform in my view became a target of downvotes with upvotebuilders closing down. All of it is based on very inconsistent arguments which makes it more of a bully behavior than anything else.

I'm sure this will all blow over and for as far as I know, @upvoteshares along with @qurator and @steem-ua have not been targetted yet. One of the objectives of this project has always been to help decent quality content creators who have SP invested build some more consistent upvotes in a way that is very fair and sustainable that also creates a friendly atmosphere with the sponsorships. I will continue to monitor the entire situation and have no direct intention of shutting the program down. The fact that this can happen has been considered and taken care of since the projects started. So in case it ever comes to an end, everyone will get their invested steem back as promised...

Level 19

Level 19 is now complete 28 days after opening up. It took a little bit longer as not all shares were bought up. I did power up some of the Steem the program had on steem-engine burning those shares in the proces which does increase the returns of all active shareholders a bit more. One of the good things about the model is that no new money needs to come in in order to keep the good returns for existing shareholders. I am keeping somewhat of a low profile right now with everything going on on Steemit making sure the account slowly continues to grow.

I also continued to increase the staked steem-engine tokens...
CoinPowered Up

Level 19 Shares


All Minnows that were with some delay sponsored added to the upvote list from the @minnowshares account from which they now receive upvotes until the next level is complete. For more info in case you got sponsored see This Post

Read Table:

The Account reached 4774SP which opened up Level 19 and made 50 new shares available that were acquired for 4.340 STEEM each (217 STEEM Total). This was Powered Up and 21.7SP (10%) was added on top. (an equal amount was paid out as curation rewards to shareholders) The account now needs to reach 5082SP (+22SP) making every share worth 4.400 STEEM to open up Level 20 ...

Previous Levels Information

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Spreadsheet Updates
52 Free share conversions (Paid for by the program) have been given out so far and the required number of spornsorships right now is 9 which is were it will likely stay from now on.

ShareAccountSponsored By
0726@celinavisaez@macoolette - @costanza

Next post will be posted when the next Curation Reward Dividends will be paid out followed by Level 20 Opening up...

100% of the token earnings from this post will go towards growing this account and increasing the value of each share. As always feel free to leave remarks, suggestions or questions in the comments and let me know if I made a mistake somewhere. Thanks Everyone !


So, for Level 19, 42 of the 50 shares were purchased then @upvoteshares? Hopefully that trend will not continue into the future …

Thanks for providing your shareholders with your perspective on “The State of Steemit” (although you may wish to rewrite this as “The State of the Steem Blockchain” or something similar …). Again, hopefully, your confidence that ”… this will all blow over …” will prove to be prophetic …

Thanks for putting this together and all that you do to keep this going @costanza. And thank you (along with @macoolette) for supporting @celinavisaez.


Hopefully that trend will not continue into the future …

I have been thinking of how I will continue with programs like this because I am part of the drama that @costanza mentioned. I started to get downvote on my last two posts. I think I am on that account's auto-downvote list. When I checked, its description is to combat the efforts of "bidbots" like the SBI initiative. It is not damaging at this point and I hope that will continue. It is just that I can not deny the possibility that the downvote percentage may increase and can swipe all earnings on my post if others that they consider as "bidbots" that I have (like upvoteshares) will be considered.

although you may wish to rewrite this as “The State of the Steem Blockchain

I would agree that it is the state of Steemit because the drama is just on Steemit. There will not be that drama if we trade Steem on other platforms but I wonder where else do we do that with the social networking strategy.

The social networking and promoting good content is certainly a good initiative. But to downvote just because the post got "paid" vote does not sound right if it is without checking the quality of what they are downvoting. Steemit is doing business with their platform. Why can't some people understand that its users can also use it for business alongside promoting good contents and social networking?

Yes @macoolette

”… I am part of the drama that @costanza mentioned. I started to get downvote on my last two posts. I think I am on that account's auto-downvote list.”

… as am I and many others. Same 4 accounts … I took this up with @costanza via DM. I also elected to try and engage this moron here, although I was under no illusions it would make any difference. He has had his bidbot operation trashed post HF 21 / 22, so he is presumably acting out of vengeance.

Sadly, he has elected to make the SBI program one of his targets. About the only “saving grace” is there are hundreds, if not thousands, of these SBI beneficiary accounts, so the more he finds and adds them to his downvote list, the more dilute his “damage” becomes. At which point, it will become more of a symbolic act than anything.

The big question for me is are we just at the beginning of a concerted effort to “stomp out” any program like SBI. That will become the big target, if so. There are a lot of “murmurings” about SBI from a lot more than this character. If that comes to pass, this program would hopefully come “into focus” later, if at all, due to its considerably smaller size and, therefore, “off the radar” a bit …

We can agree to disagree on where the drama is. SteemIt is only a part of the Steem blockchain, not the whole of it. An important and influential organization, no doubt, but the EIP changes of HF 21 / 22 affect all of us, whether we use SteemIt or not. I personally quit using SteemIt over a year ago …

Nice to hear from you my friend. While far less active than I once was, I am “still around.” So … We will presumably find out together how all of this “drama” plays out.

Until “next time,” all the best to you for a better tomorrow!


Yes that is correct, 42 were purchased. I haven't made all that much promotion as of late. Since the leftover shares were paid for and burned, it means the returns for existing shareholders increases making it an even better deal for new people to come in. I'll push it a bit more when next level opens up :)

Thank for the mention and to @macoolette.
Thank you @upvoteshares for this initiative.

You're welcome.

Thanks again @costanza for all your efforts in keeping the project up and running smoothly. 👍

Hello @upvoteshares in the minnowshares list you made a little mistake. Instead of @barmbo you wrote @brambo! :-) Unfortunately nothing arrives with me there. :-) Also follows minnowshares now brambo and not barmbo.

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Thanks for Letting me know @barmbo, sorry for the mistake. It should be fixed now!

Thank you very much for the very quick help. :-)


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