Upvote Shares Level 8 (100% Complete)

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Upvote Shares is a project from @costanza that aims to provide Daily Upvotes based on a fair model that should be sustainable and scalable over time. These posts are made each time a level is complete and include all the details of the different Shareholders and Sponsorships

Level 8

The 15 Steem for extra delegation has been send but still has to come trough. Aside from that, Level 8 is now 100% completed. I kept the voting power 5.6% for each share. The minimum promised by the program is currently 2.22%, so it is set at more 2.5x currently This is possible because this project redistributes all unused daily upvotes (aside from a couple self-upvotes each level) to its Shareholders!

Level 8 Shares

401@byebyehamburgers3,68 STEEM@plantstoplanks
402@macoolette3,68 STEEM@team-ccc
403@macoolette3,68 STEEM@team-ccc
404@macoolette3,68 STEEM@freedomshift
405@macoolette3,68 STEEM@freedomshift
406@macoolette3,68 STEEM@celinavisaez
407@fullcoverbetting3,68 STEEM@byebyehamburgers
408@jlordc3,68 STEEM@mango-juice
409@jlordc3,68 STEEM@mango-juice
410@roleerob3,68 STEEM@buckaroo
411@roleerob3,68 STEEM@buckaroo
412@roleerob3,68 STEEM@el-nailul
413@roleerob3,68 STEEM@insight-out
414@roleerob3,68 STEEM@insight-out
415@roleerob3,68 STEEM@marya77
416@roleerob3,68 STEEM@marya77
417@roleerob3,68 STEEM@minnowbuilder
418@roleerob3,68 STEEM@minnowbuilder
419@roleerob3,68 STEEM@pifc
420@costanza3,68 STEEM@fullcoverbetting
421@costanza3,68 STEEM@macoolette
422@costanza3,68 STEEM@erikklok
423@costanza3,68 STEEM@jlordc
424@costanza3,68 STEEM@healthminimalist
425@newageinv3,68 STEEM@gamercrypto
426@newageinv3,68 STEEM@gamercrypto
427@newageinv3,68 STEEM@craftingmom
428@newageinv3,68 STEEM@craftingmom
429@newageinv3,68 STEEM@nonsowrites
430@newageinv3,68 STEEM@nonsowrites
431@newageinv3,68 STEEM@pifc
432@newageinv3,68 STEEM@pifc
433@newageinv3,68 STEEM@minnowbuilder
434@newageinv3,68 STEEM@minnowbuilder
435@abh123453,68 STEEM-
436@abh123453,68 STEEM-
437@glastar3,68 STEEM@yo-yo
438@glastar3,68 STEEM@yo-yo
439@glastar3,68 STEEM-
440@glastar3,68 STEEM-
441@glastar3,68 STEEM-
442@glastar3,68 STEEM-
443@glastar3,68 STEEM-
444@glastar3,68 STEEM-
445@trincowski3,68 STEEM@apinchofhome
446@trincowski3,68 STEEM@lady-idra
447@trincowski3,68 STEEM@priyanarc
448@trincowski3,68 STEEM@singa
449@braaiboy3,68 STEEM@incubot
450@braaiboy3,68 STEEM@incubot

All Minnows that were sponsored added to the upvote list from the @minnowshares account from which they now receive upvotes until the next level is complete. For more info in case you got sponsored see This Post

(A full updated list with the amount of Minnow Shares Everyone has will be posted on the @minnowshares account tomorrow .

Read Table:

The Account reached 1822SP which opened up Level 8 and made 50 new shares available that were acquired for 3.680 STEEM each (184 STEEM Total). This was Powered Up and 18.4SP (10%) was added on top. The account now needs to reach 2057SP making every share worth 3.740 STEEM to open up Level 9 ...

Previous Levels Information

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Spreadsheet Updates
5 more free upvotehshares (Paid for by the program) were given out to the ones who reached the needed amount of 7 minnowshare Sponsorships. The shares have been added and upvotes are now adjusted (See Level 0 Updated Link). Congrats!

100% of the earnings from this post will go towards growing this account and increasing the value of each share. As always feel free to leave remarks, suggestions or questions in the comments and let me know if I made a mistake somewhere. Thanks Everyone !


Gracias @macoolette por el patrocinio, creo que alcanze los 7 patrocinios muchas bendiciones para ti y @roleerob mi otro patrocinador, cariños y besos.

Oh, wow! I was wondering how I got the minnowshares upvote on my latest post earlier. This is the answer... thank you @costanza! 😊

You are welcome @macoolette :)
It's a small thing I can do as a way to give some of the shareholders a bit of extra return.


This post has been granted a 100% upvote, courtesy to @wokeprincess, from BlissFish!
Enjoy the Bliss!

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Great to see the family growing and continued interest in the initiative! Keep up the great work!

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Good evening @upvoteshares / @costanza. Is there a way to direct message you, which does not involve communicating here on the Steem blockchain? Discord perhaps?

You can always reach me on Discord @roleerob
costanza#2335, I'm online most of the time in the SBC Discord channel.

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