Upvotebuilders Is Closing Down

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Hey UpvoteBuilders,

My attention was called earlier today by @definethedollar that members of our community was been downvoted by a user who listed SBI and Upvotebuilders users as a target for downvotes as can be seen in the image below.

upvotebuilders is been downvoted.jpg

I have taken time to visit a lot of members post and can confirm that this is sadly true, we are been targeted for downvotes. I tried upvoting as many members as I could but that isn’t a long term solution and it is also not a sustainable solution based on my low SP which makes it impossible to fight back.

I started upvotebuilders less than 5 months after joining the Steem blockchain My vision was to assist content creators that were not well rewarded for all the efforts they put in, in creating their post day in day out. I felt coming together can help build us into a whale status for which all members will benefit for their membership. It wasn’t a profit generation business for me as many of you know how much I was putting into it to keep it running, many members also contributed in so many ways to keep us pushing on as was always reported in our weekly reports.

Encouraging members via upvotes, resteems, comments and other ways were the goal, members were encouraged to motivate other members and for this we had the Member Of The Month award which was a peer based voting system to reward the member that was considered to be the most qualified according to members choice.

Sadly, it seems it is ok for users who don’t make any post, at least with the accounts they are downvoting with to downvote others members while they don’t have a post for users to learn from or for user to also tell them their views via upvotes or downvotes. I really don’t want to join issues with anyone as we all have our conscience to live with.

The End

Sadly, this post marks the end of @upvotebuilders and I hope this action solves the problem of the blockchain.

I will like to thank every member that has stood by us all these while and hope our friendship continues.

Next Steps

Here are the next steps:

• I have deactivated upvoting for all members so that members don’t continue receiving downvotes. If however, you wish to continue receiving upvotes while our SP runs down you can please indicate in the comment section below.

• All members are asked to please UNDELEGATE their delegated SP to the community.

• If you delegated any Tribe token to upvotebuilders, you should also please undelegate them.

• All leased SP will be allowed to expire as they will not be renewed.

• All members as at the time this post goes out will continue to receive the power down income until no more SP can be powered down.

• All tribe tokens will be unstaked, sold and distributed to members when the power down income is distributed.

Please note I will continue to update members weekly as the wind-down continues.

Membership List

@steemturbo, @antobrige, @mhm-philippines, @j85063, @ojukwu, @atongis, @shikika, @emergehealthier, @bengy, @tattoodjay, @practicaleric, @actifit-peter, @cflclosers, @grizzabella, @paramimd, @davedickeyyall, @el-dee-are-es, @lyann, @incubot, @definethedollar, @mariannewest, @preparedwombat, @pouchon, @evernoticethat, @thereikiforest, @jayna, @fiicjames, @cwow2, @kaelci, @arunava, @alvin0617, @minloulou, @honoru, @robertyan, @janyasai, @foodiecouple, @ketcom, @cryptospa, @boddhisattva, @sgbonus, @costanza, @morningshine, @also.einstein, @byebyehamburgers, @theb0red1, @annepink, @silvertop, @elizabethbit, @runridefly, @nuagnorab, @flaxz, @anttn, @d00k13, @frankvvv, @happyphoenix, @krevasilis, @alokkumar121, @treodecimo, @moghul, @onealfa, @improv, @everrich, @profquax, @anroja, @tulwave, @pwny, @thedevilsbride, @jockl, @playdice, @rankmeupclub, @wakeupkitty, @thisisawesome, @pet.society, @fleur, @blueboar3, @fredkese, @barbadosso, @desyfit, @aekraj, @hashzone91, @jorgebgt, @rebe.torres12, @bntcamelo, @khan.dayyanz, @priyanarc, @sp-group, @pjansen, @ookii, @velvetlacey, @kharma.scribbles, @rosauradels, @necho41, @cryptoprima, @ninahaskin, @trevorlp97, @justlee87, @dailyspam, @rajib2k5, @shortsegments, @glastar, @trydice, @wongbraling, @tiffany4ever, @bilpcoinrecords, @moeenali

I am grateful for your time as a member and hope for the best for all members as we move along.


If you look at his profile on https://steemd.com/@mmmmkkkk311 - his downvoting power is really low, so he cant keep up :) And he downvoted this post with 0.016 STU according to steempeaks.
A 12% from me counter his upvote xD

I'll keep downvoting vote trading circles even with my Voting Power, and yes, downvotes are very low, I don't want to punish anyone.

Keep downvoting then. I don't care. You seem to have mistaken SBI for a bidbot.

He is downvoting Vote trading circles, which I would say sbi is.
Just like upvotebuilders

AFAIK SBI is not trading votes. The people using SBI are supporting each-other by sponsoring them. And now @mmmmkkkk311 is also sponsored, so he should start downvoting himself too.

He is doing a disservice to Steem though. One can not just stop getting upvotes from SBI, and while he spams us with neverending downvotes it will make the notifications fill up with his bullshit downvotes thus making notifications unusable.

Maybe he just lost it because his investments in SP are not making him rich. He's just like the other guy who used to bully others on Steem for no good reason.

I did see that he is sponsored himself haha.

I wonder if he should also attack eSteem and Partiko for upvoting their own users by downvoting everyone using these apps. It would be only fair for him to do this because he is targeting automated upvotes. Maybe he should also consider downvoting those who get upvotes from curating trails.
This also means justyy which provides the same service as upvotebuilders. Actifit where you exchange your afit for upvotes :)

Yes, I agree. He should downvote the users of those services too. :)

Hey, a tip: use > in front of what you are quoting and it becomes a nice quotation, like this:

> quoted text

...and it becomes

quoted text

Neat, huh? :)

Thats! I have been google the quote code a few times but always ended up with some code which didn't work xD



Nope, he spent 50 STEEM and bought votes for me lol

Btw, vote selling is called sponsoring now, that's so funny


Have you had any longer conversations with people who have been using SBI as a contest reward? Do you feel like you already know all there is to know about SBI, and why so many prominent Steemians who oppose bidbots and abuse DON'T oppose SBI, and in fact often support SBI?

SBI is not what you claim it is. Are you willing to talk about it?

I guess you are kinda right both hmm.

You never answered why? Since its helping small users grow.

You may find it surprising how generous people can be.

Dude, what is your problem? I just posted this post talking about my family's fantasy football league, and you downvoted me with FOUR ACCOUNTS. The post isn't even an 30 minutes old. I don't buy bids, what's your deal?

He's a former bidbot owner who thinks SBI is even worse than bidbots because it became unprofitable for him to run a bidbot after the latest hardfork.

Wow, what a loser... He's seriously that hellbent on being a dick to me because of that?

Everyone has a bit of bernie in them I suppose.

And before any hell breaks out, I must say that what I said about him is just an assumption of mine, when I read through his wallet history. I might be mistaken. Anyway he seems to have some validity to his claims too. The way the upvotes are distributed is a bit biased towards the heaviest delegators and those who have put more money into sponsorships.

Maybe @steembasicincome could be done better, who knows.

Still doesn't mean he should downvote everyone. (The upvotes SBI gives aren't amazingly huge.)

But why? This is helping small user grow :)
So we will get a bigger middle class instead of many whales :)

what a jerk you are

I wonder if he should also attack eSteem and Partiko for upvoting their own users by downvoting everyone using these apps. It would be only fair for him to do this because he is targeting automated upvotes. Maybe he should also consider downvoting those who get upvotes from curating trails.

Hell, just downvote everyone @mmmmkkkk311, that way it would be fair. I know, you'll get upvotes from SBI from now on so you will have to downvote yourself too.

@mmmmkkkk311 why waste your power on downvoting good posts just because you don't like the way the system is set up? The problem you have is not with the posts it's with system, therefore you should vote on proposals that make the system more inline with your view. Downvoting should be used to stop plagiarism / offensive content etc. not the way you are using it. Try and use your power in a more positive way. It will be better for everyone if you do. With your power you can give to others who don't have as much through upvotes on posts that you enjoy. Instead you use your power to downvote good content because you don't like the system. It's a real shame. I hope you understand.


This is the automated downvoting tool that @mmmmkkkk311 is using to downvote any posts that SBI upvotes.

It is a very comprehensive tool with a lot of powerful features including the ability to set your account so that once your downvote strength hits 0% that it will flip your upvoting strength and use that to downvote posts too.

This is like steemauto but on steroids for downvoters.

This same website can also be used to counter-downvoters though but using the "counter downvote" section.

I would urge anyone and everyone to check this website out. I would also urge anyone and everyone with significant steem power and/or resources to list users like this in their counter downvotes automated upvoting processes to work toward counter acting some of their downvotes and working toward ensuring that these users see their time, money and resources go to waste.

This is the part where the steemit community comes together and fights back against the people that get off on feeling powerful downvoting people and trying to force people off the platform.

EDIT: One additional note, someone needs to buy @mmmmkkkk311 some shares in SBI so he and others like him that are auto-downvoting SBI downvote his own posts any time he makes one should that occur at any point in the future.

someone needs to buy @mmmmkkkk311 some shares in SBI

I did. I also sponsored everyone in this thread. I suggest everyone who reads this thread does the same.

You may want to keep the list of members and stay in touch in case they are driven off of Steemit.

That way we can reconnect outside of Steemit if this platform shuts down due to the downvoters causing so many people to leave.

That might be a good idea if this place turns into the next MySpace.

We've lost so many good Steemians already. They downvote people until they leave...

I'm actually starting to wonder if these people are working for a social media firm that sees Steemit as a potential threat with the goal being to drive as many members as possible off of the platform until it shuts down.

Communities are coming. Not sure how much it will solve anyone who is downvoting a certain project but at least you can establish some rules inside that community of sorts.

You may want to keep the list of members and stay in touch

Good idea, Do it and wait for SMT, then you can start own community with token and jerk each other in the circle

You and your bot army attacked me for telling a plagiarizer to stop copying articles from the web. Why?

Because he is an ass and a coward who hides his identity.

Because he is an
Ass and a coward who hides
His identity.

                 - dsc-r2cornell

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I see, you don't like SBI.

can you please tell me why you are downvoting my lottery???

It makes me really sad to hear this, and the most sad part is that if one end starts to give in like now it just creates a ripple effect and he will have a complete victory, both over upvotebuilders and sbi, thank you very much for all the hard work that you have made here, it has really helped me and many others a lot.

He will not win. I just saw him power up but since he is also a beneficiary of SBI I wonder if he is going to downvote himself too. Not that he really writes anything insightful as of late.

Thanks @gamer00, he just won the first battle, I don't know if he will win the rest too, but with this victory it's a lot more likely, I do hope you are right though.

I'm saddened that the wonderful community you created is disbanding, because of downvotes. I have made many friends through this community. Than you for all your hard work. It has made a positive impact on my life.

There is no need to close down @upvotebuilders as we know who this crusader is. Check out his post and my commentary: https://steemit.com/polish/@mmmmkkkk311/the-reason

He is merely protecting the Polish community from SBI automated downvoting, go figure! Clearly they want segregation in our Steem community. Apartheid perhaps? No, more like WW2! And I thought Hitler was born in Austria!

I'll keep receiving upvotes, gladly. Also I don't think you should capitulate. They're targeting a lot of folks, and only if everyone capitulates will they have the capital to continue this. If folks do not capitulate, they will not profit from their behavior.

They are currently using their upvote power to upvote just a few folks, thereby operating their own upvote circle. I think their behavior cannot be sustainable long-term. Don't give up, please.

I saw your post above about SBI and remembered that I would visit lonely introduce yourself posts with almost no comments or upvotes, write a nice welcome to them, give my full upvote and gift them an SBI share as a way of welcoming them to Steemit.

I've also gifted STEEM to new members as well. It made them feel like a part of the family and hopefully, kept them on the platform.

They're not downvoting us to "fix" anything. They're doing it to shut Steemit down.

They even went so far as to downvote a homeless advocate:


Their actions are causing people to leave in droves. I bring people into Steemit from my Twitter account. I just convinced a guy to come back, they began downvoting him, now he's gone for good. That's the effect they're having...

They want to shut it down.

Yep. Tristan's a friend. I don't think they're targeting anyone in particular. I don't think they're reading the posts. They just have an autovoter set to downvote anyone upvoted by SBI. They're wrong about what they're doing, and bless you for using SBI that way. I'm doing what I can, using SBI as contest prizes for SPUD and Punday Monday, and to help build support for projects like freewritehouse.

In solidarity, comrade.

I am very sad about the phenomenon of downvote abuse. downvote is used to attack. I even experienced and saw many accounts deliberately created, he did not have a post, indeed with a small SP, but he seemed to focus on downloading.
I'm frankly sorry about @upvotebuilders decision to quit. I admit, @upvotebuilders helps a lot, especially small steem accounts like me who are just trying to grow and develop, small accounts that still need a lot of support from many parties, constructive support of course. and personally, downvote indeed I consider to have a destructive effect on steem, on steamer activists, downvote is proven to make people leave steem. The most recent case that I know of, is the cessation of @sultan-aceh. And now @upvotebuilders too.
Hopefully this phenomenon of blind attack under the guise of downvote will soon disappear, if not, then Steem will really be abandoned by its inhabitants into an empty sea without fish. without plankton, without minnow. In fact, whales need plankton and minnow in the Steem ocean ecosystem.
The Whale must try to find a solution to this downvote effect

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