Upvote Shares Level 4 (100% Complete)

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Upvote Shares is a project from @costanza that aims to provide Daily Upvotes based on a fair model that should be sustainable and scalable over time. These posts are made each time a level is complete and include all the details of the different Shareholders and Sponsorships

Level 4

This level was opened up and sold out before HF20. The issues of HF20 seem to have been solved and all shareholders should be getting their upvotes based on the % that were posted in the last post by now. The voting power seems to hold up properly and I might even increase upvotes a bit more to get the VP down to 80-85% so it can recover in case steemauto has downtime. Overall the project is working and moving forward exactly as planned !

Level 4 Shares & Sponsorships


Every Share came with a 0.300 STEEM 'Entry Cost' that was fully used to get a 90 Day delegation of 261 SP through Blocktrades.

The Entry cost also allowed each share to give away for a Minnow Sponsorship. All Minnows that were sponsored will be added to the upvote list from the @minnowshares account during the entire level starting tomorrow and will also be send a message. For more info in case you got sponsored see This Post or follow the @minnowshares account for future updates.

(A full updated list with the amount of Minnow Shares Everyone has before the start of this level was made here.)

Read Table:

The Account reached 946SP which opened up Level 4 and made 50 new shares available that were aquired for 3.440 STEEM each (172 STEEM Total). This was Powered Up and 17.2SP (10%) was added on top. The account now needs to reach 1155SP making every share worth 3.500 STEEM to open up Level 5 ...

Previous Level Information

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Spreadsheet Updates

The Level 1 Spreadsheet has been updated as 1 Share that was reserved for Giveaways have been given away through the EPL Betting Contest to @keegzhawkins. Also @lynncoyle1 managed to get 6 Minnowshare Sponsorships and will be assinged 1 Upvote Share [Share 001] when Level 5 opens up. congrats!

91EPL Betting Contest@keegzhawkins

A Full List of All Current Shareholders can be found here

Next Step:With the HF20 issues there has ben a bit of delay in growth but I will see if I can make up for it for the project to stay on track of progressing to the next level each month. I reserved a couple shares this level to do another giveaway which will be posted 1 week before level 5 Opens up on this account. As always, let me know if I made a mistake somewhere and thanks for everyone to take part in this initiative.

100% of the earnings from this post will go towards growing this account and increasing the value of each share.

@upvoteshares, I gave you a vote!
If you follow me, I will also follow you in return!

This is an awesome project... and I love the quality requirements! That way we know everyone participating will, at the very least, make an effort! :-)

Keep up with the good work!

Thanks @trincowski
The main advantage is that you know that your unused upvotes will go to accounts that have a longer term mindset on this platform and that each vote you get has some unused voting % in it from others that did not post that day in it.

That's very nice!

By the way, I've decided to take advantage of the low price of STEEM and I was wondering if can you reserve 10 shares for me, in the next round?

I just recently started following and have become interested in the project given some of the success stories I have read. I look forward to reviewing the next round!

Nice to see your are reading good things about the project. One of the things it strives to do is to always be 100% fully transparent and predictable. Looking forward to you reviewing it, feel free to scrutinise the numbers as much as you can and let me know if something does not add up.

Cool project. I love to see people being rewarded on a more fair basis. Will follow.

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Thanks for following @indigoocean !
The Follow mvests will help towards bigger upvotes from busy.org helping the project grow.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions

HUGE Congratzz for another effective roll out, @Constanza!!!

And Thank you so much for laying out all the information so clearly so it's easy to see what the results were and how to find current totals and next steps. It's so much easier to understand and stay involved and enthused when everything is so clear and handled so transparently. HUGE Thank you for investing the energy, thought process and implementation to make it so.

HUGE Thank you also for sponsoring me. I'm happy dancing over here and so appreciate your kindness. Continued Blessings for all you're doing to help Steemians earn more now and in the future.

Would it be possible to reserve 5 additional shares in the next go round, Level 5, @Constanza/ @upvoteshares?

Thanks @angelacs ! The numbers can be a lot to take in at first, but once they are understood everything is indeed not that difficult and very straightforward.

I have 5 shares for you reserved for the next level. I'll make sure to send you a message when it is about to open.

Beautiful! Bless you and Thanks again, @Constanza/ @upvoteshares.

Need to convert my SBD to be able to purchase another share at this level😊 I'll be back to let you know whether I can afford a share tomorrow. And I'd like to thanks @angelacs 😙 thank you

You're very Welcome, @cicisaja! Whenever I buy new @upvoteshares, I'll keep sponsoring you in the @MinnowShares program until you reach the six total needed to be converted to an extra Upvote share. ;)

You are so kind my dear @angelacs, I wish that I could buy new share too everytime the new level is open😊

You will soon be able to buy and lease Steem power and make other similar investments in your short and longer term Steemit success that you choose, @cicisaja. We soon won't be able to keep up with how many @upvoteshares you own! ;)

You're a very determined and focused person and anything you put your mind to, you achieve. Look how well you excelled in the Engagement League when you decided you would. I cheer you on and send Angel Blessings for your happiness and success in both your offline life and online Steemit activities.

There is no rush, the next level will likely open near the end of this month. If you want I can reserve you one or more shares for Level 5 and send a message when they become available. You can still see at moment if you still want them or not.

Thank you... but @upvoteshares .. why is the price of the shares different in each levels? How many shares I need to have so I can see not a dust votes from you?

The price of each share is directly linked to the SP in the account. Since there won't be any power downs, the price of each share will always go up with each new level. Everyone who steps in always gets the same starting deal though. As the account grows mostby because 10% SP is being put on top each level, the value of each existing shares increases along. (See table with all the numbers)

You can read the table this way. When you got in on Level 2 the SP in the account for each share was 1.1x the price that was paid. When Level 5 hits, it means this has increased to 1.16x worth of what was paid. This system allows for a scalable solutions that rewards people who are in it for the long run.

The minimum and expected votes are always mentioned in the posts that opens a new level. right now 1 share is set at a daily 9% upvote from the @upvoteshares account. This currently equals somewhere around a 0.01$ for each share. The main goal is have this upvote worth always above the 10x self upvoting worth. It is best to have at least 4+ weekly posts to get most out of this project.

I hope this makes sense and answers your question.

Thank you for the complete explanation 😊 i remember I read about this project something similar to sbi shares too.. but I missed out so many chances to buy some share when I still have enough steem before. My self-vote worth for 0.02 right now, but I quit from self-voting long time ago, except for last week... 😂 I mistakenly push the arrow of my own post while I thought it was other's post. I'd better buy sbi or upvoteshare to help me votes for other😊