Upvote Shares Level 13 (100% Complete)

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Upvote Shares is a project from @costanza that aims to provide Daily Upvotes based on a fair model that should be sustainable and scalable over time. More on the Model Mechanics can be found here. These posts are made each time a level is complete and include all the details of the different Shareholders and Sponsorships

Level 13

Another level reached and another successful rollout. The voting power is currently staying steady around 87% despite keeping the upvote percentage at 3.4% for each share last week. Extra delegation will be added later this week

Level 13 Shares


All Minnows that were sponsored added to the upvote list from the @minnowshares account from which they now receive upvotes until the next level is complete. For more info in case you got sponsored see This Post

Read Table:

The Account reached 3065SP which opened up Level 13 and made 50 new shares available that were acquired for 3.980 STEEM each (199 STEEM Total). This was Powered Up and 19.9SP (10%) was added on top. The account now needs to reach 3333SP making every share worth 4.040 STEEM to open up Level 14 ...

Previous Levels Information

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Spreadsheet Updates
2 more free upvoteshares (Paid for by the program) were given out to the ones who reached enough Sponsorships. The shares have been added and upvotes are now adjusted (See Level 0 Spreadsheet). Congrats! 8 Minnowshare Sponsorships currently still give a Free Share, once 45 of them are out it this will go up to 9.

ShareAccountSponsored By
038@minnowbuilder32x @andrewharland / 4x @glastar / 2x @roleerob
039@alexbiojs8x @macoolette

100% of the earnings from this post will go towards growing this account and increasing the value of each share. As always feel free to leave remarks, suggestions or questions in the comments and let me know if I made a mistake somewhere. Thanks Everyone !

I am bringing the posting schedule forward a couple of days because the Actifit vote is ready. These really help to keep the progression pace up as curation rewards have been dropping some.



@costanza thank you very much for the share, I do appreciate it especially in these depressed value times. It seems every time I get close to a four cent vote my account value drops even though my SP keeps going up. I know soon one day I will be a very happy voter, I remember looking on at people with 1000+SP and seeing how nice their votes were when I was but a tiny redfish. Here's to a better future.

You are welcome @bashadow, It's indeed sad when looking at the $ values which feels impossible
to up. The good thing though is that it has been really easy to earn Steem the last year with it needing a lot less SBD to convert. Also many quit posting because of the low price making the total reward pool bigger for the ones that keep holding on. So in a way it has been a really good and generous time to accumulate when having a long term plan. I'm sure the price will pick up again one day. The platform is actually developing nicely and should be more ready for when more people get into crypto.

Thank you very much for the share! 😊

You are nearly at 8 sponsorships which will soon give you a free share. I always aim to give a good return to the shareholders and the minnowshare program does help a bit with that.

Congrats on providing Proof of Activity via your Actifit report!

You have accordingly been rewarded 52.75 AFIT tokens for your effort in reaching 10629 activity, as well as your user rank and report quality!
You also received an 8.14% upvote via @actifit account. 7.28% of this upvote value is a result of an exchange transaction you performed for 20 AFIT tokens !
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  • User rank: which depends on your delegated SP, accumulated AFIT tokens, rewarded post count and recent rewarded activity.
  • Post score: which depends on your activity count, post content, post upvotes, quality comments, moderator review and user rank.

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How does one go about getting shares? I'm not sure if I missed something in the post or not.

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New shares become availabe each time the account reaches a certain amount of SP. The program will buy up Level 14 (more on that in a post tomorrow) so next available level will be level 15. You can reserve up to 5 shares and will be send a message when they become available and a post will be made with all the needed info. Reservations are non committal so no obligation to take them up when they are ready.

25 out of the 50 Level 15 shares are currently resevred already. If I would make an estimation of the date they become available I would say around the end of june somewhere.

Feel free to let me know if you need more info @nmcdougal94

And the shares would cost 4.1 steem per, correct? Is there a minimum amount I would need to get?

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1 Level 15 Share will cost 4.4 Steem, 4.1 will be powered up and can be claimed back if the program ever ends or sold on the market if you end up quitting on Steem. 0.3 steem is used to buy delegation and allows you to sponsor someone giving them a daily 0.01$ upvote for about a month and the potential to earn a free upvoteshare over time (see post). It is fairly easy to earn the 0.3 steem back as upvotes currently give an equivalent of a 24x self-upvote (check here). I always try to give some of my own sponsorships to the ones that are starting out so the 'entry costs' gets recovered that way.

There is only a maximum amount you are allowed to get which is somewhere around 1 share for every 40SP you have powered up. The intention was to have 1 share show a 0.01$ upvote when using the Steemplus extention but due to the bear market price it takes 2 shares to show a 0.01$ upvote now. Shares also always get more expensive meaning returns will increase on them each time a new level is reached. This project is mostly aimed toward those with a long term mindset on this platform.

I hope that answers your questions, feel free to let me know i you want t be on the reserved shares list.

So to get a 0.01 vote, I'd need to buy 2 shares? Hmmm. Will that upvote increase over time, or only if I buy more shares? And is it linear increases per share, or some other formula?

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Right now 1 shares gives a 3.4% upvote (3% rounded down) and 2 shares give 6.8% upvote (7% rounded up). This % will go down but the minimum value will go up as the SP of the account always grows. The more shares you have the bigger % of the daily upvotes someone gets.

Basically the account always grows because new Steem comes in each level and extra SP is being added on top each time along with the fact that the account is earning some curation rewards. Everyone who gets in gets the same base value for their Steem meaning at least 10% extra is in the account compared to the price of 1 share, each time a new level is reached this value increases.

This table shows that. The ones that for example got 2 shares in Level 4 started out with the account having at least 10% more compared to the steem they put in. By now in level 14 there is at least 29% extra on top. meaning their minimum upvote in relation to the price they paid went up quite a bit. Same goes for level 15 shares that will be worth much more next year when we should be at level 25+. The basic idea is that you always get a much bigger upvote on a daily post compared to powering up the steem yourself, making 10 posts daily and upvoting them each at 100%. The 10X self upvote number is a reference when it comes down to how much steem is worth, this model currently gives somewhere around 25x the self upvote number and you don't lose the steem that you put in. I hope that makes sense. If you are on steemit for the long term it will give plenty of value.

Cool. Well I would appreciate if you would reserve 2 shares for me.

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noted, I'll make sure to send you a message once it become available !