Upvote Shares Level 0 (100% Filled)

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I will make a post each time a new Level opens and when it is complete with all the details of the different Shareholders and Sponsorships.

Level 0

Level 0 is one of the "value creating mechanisms" the group model offers. These 50 Upvote Shares are all reserved by the @minnowshares support account. The idea is that 6 Sponsorships (this will increase over time) can get turned into a non-transferable Upvote Share. It will probably take quite some time (years) for these to become active and all the value of those shares go to shareholders with active shares!
01@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
02@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
03@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
04@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
05@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
06@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
07@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
08@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
09@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
10@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
11@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
12@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
13@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
14@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
15@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
16@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
17@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
18@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
19@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
20@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
21@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
22@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
23@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
24@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
25@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
26@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
27@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
28@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
29@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
30@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
31@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
32@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
33@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
34@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
35@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
36@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
37@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
38@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
39@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
40@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
41@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
42@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
43@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
44@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
45@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
46@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
47@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
48@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
49@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO
50@minnowshares3.200 STEEMLOCKEDNO

I will be keeping a google spreadsheet of each level that I will publish. It can be found here
No @minnowshares sponsorships were given in this level. Each Share came with a 0.300 STEEM Entry Cost which was used to get delegation at market price. 15 STEEM good for a 90 Day 135SP Lease which i anothe "value creating mechanism" that benefits the ones with active Shares in the program.

I will also post the updated level progress table in each of these posts.

Read Table:

The Account reached 176SP which opened up Level 0 (This is another "Value Creating Mechanism" always making levels funded in advance!) 50 share were aquired each for 3.200 STEEM and a total of 160 STEEM. This was Powered Up and 16SP (10%) was added on top. The account now needs to grow 6.6SP to reach Level 1...

Level 1 shares were used to test everything out this past month and will all be given away somehow as non-transferrable shares. The Final Report on Level 1 with all the shareholders will follow later next week...

Feel free to leave any Feedback, Remarks or Questions in the comments!

How and when and who can take part in this?

Once the account reaches 548SP level 2 opens up which will be available.
There will be a minimum 40 owned SP in order to qualify to get a share though.
More info will be posted somewhere next week.