The Daily Whistle Stops, Issue #249. (9/06/18)

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The Curator's Choices


Sierra Nevada Adventures
Golden Trout Loop



666 avatar-1.JPG

Wondrous Wednesday



Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #56
Cheat Tortilla Sandwich with Fishcakes
Null entry




NeedleWorkMonday Featured Posts #5


Image Source

Self Prescribing Medicines
for Underactive Thyroid




Daily Dose of Sultnpapper 09/05/18
Should we stir the pot ... why not?



Image Source

Medicine Card Monday #18
"Spirit Animal -- The Mouse"
My Gift To Steemit --->
For The Week Of September 3, 2018




Working with Bozz
The Radio Shack Years
Part 2




Life Lessons
Teaching Someone To Mow The Lawn




Did you know there are
alligators in Brooklyn NY?



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The Daily Qurator

Steemit Ramble

The Inbox Runneth Over



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What a lovely surprise @thesteemengine, my cheat takeout sandwich made it here, thank you so very much:)


Actually, the idea of take-out fish in a sandwich never occurred to me. But with some lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce ... yeah, I could get behind that idea. Your creativity constantly amazes me. (That thing about marinating chicken in tea ... get outta here!!)


Thanks a bunch @thesteemengine!! I'm honored to have my hike featured in your post!


I'm glad you haven't forgotten the way through the door. You don't post often, but when you do -- it's worth the wait. Come back and see us again soon.



Thanks @enchantedspirit! I keep so busy it's hard to find time to post. But now that summer is coming to an end I'm gonna be working less, and once the weather gets cold I'll be hiking less so here soon I should have a bunch more time to catch up on posts and finally get to share the stories and photos from all the awesome adventures I've been going on! As I write this I am actually getting ready for 23 days of adventures in the High Sierra, so I won't be back right away... but I will be back and I'll have a bunch of great posts just waiting to be written. And I will of course share them all with @thesteemengine!

Holy Cow! I'd read every post in here but the needlework one. Because, well, needle work. It's the work part that always stymies me.

Thank you for including my post here. I am always blown away to be included.


You and The Weasel. The idea of work give you both the hives. Still ... in theory -- and my imagination, if I weren't scared I'd wind up killing myself on a motorcycle I think it might be fun to do what you do. The idea of it seems so liberating and lovely -- and ruggedly individual!! But then I think about the sunburn, the windburn, the rain and sleet, the other idiots on the road -- and I'm happy to let you take all the risks and live to tell the rest of us about it. Happy motoring.


Ooo I have only seen a couple of these posts I will be reading the rest for sure now! Thank you so much for including my post! :D


Thyroid issues seem to be a running battle between women and their doctors. I went a couple of rounds on it years ago and then said, "Forget it. I'll figure it out." That's me -- it's gotten me this far. I wish you luck. (I wish I could do more.)



I think more people are doing the same. Its so frustrating that you can't get the hep you need from the doctor though. Self care seems to be the way forward with a lot of things.

Thanks for the mention! I appreciate it!


You're welcome. Are you as glad to see your Radio Shack years behind you as @slobberchops was to bid farewell to Kwiksave?



Yeah I am. It was a cool place for a time though. I am sad that things had to go the way they did with the company.