Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #56 - Cheat Tortilla Sandwich with Fishcakes - Null entry

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So Monday came and of course I should know by now that when there's a birthday happening and it's the much loved 87 year old Mom Lily's birthday, the phone is going to ring non stop plus visitors will be dropping by all day!

As I had a minor procedure done on both feet, I was supposed to be sitting with my feet up. The sweet podiatrist even tried bribing me with a handful of brand new magazines to keep me occupied in a seating position, but boy oh boy that is punishment for this busy soul!

However, by the end of the day I simply capitulated and fell into the recliner that's been patiently waiting for me all day long as my feet, or rather toes, could take the pounding no more - pretty picture that conjures up hey ;)

My dilemma now was no dinner prepared - I had planned on taking Mom out, but the feet episode got in the way, PLUS the second dilemma - no sandwich made for @jaybird's Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #56 and it's almost closing time!

So I apologise and confess here and now that I resorted to cheating - a Fish takeout was ordered, I had Tortillas in the refrigerator, and my Cheat Tortilla Sandwich was speedily assembled after the fishy delivery. Should I pretend that I cooked all these lovely Fish Cakes and made the Tortilla all by myself? No I can't do that to all our sandwiteers and definitely not to @jaybird, but neither did I want to let the side down by a no show, so hope you enjoy and find inspiration with my take out Cheat Tortilla Sandwich with Fishcakes.



  • Tortilla - shop bought
  • Fishcakes - takeout specialty
  • Salad - takeout order
  • Tartar Sauce


The pictures speak for themselves:

Real tasty Fishcakes almost tastes like Mama made them

Salad & Tartar Sauce drizzled on top

My proof Null entry Photo

And one last look before we tuck in

As always a quick look for all the busy bodies:

I can't wait to see all the entries plus what next week's Mystery Theme is ;)

Thank you @jaybird and those who have sponsored SSC from time to time for keeping SSC going for so long; I cannot imagine life without sandwiches here on steemit!

Original Content by @lizelle
Thank you for stopping by
Comments, upvotes & resteems all much appreciated :)
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Shock us all one day Lizelle, two slices of bread and 4 slices of ham. That would be cheating, since that is my recipe. Oh, and a shot of Mustard, don't forget the mustard, just the yellow type.
I hope your feet heel up soon. (heal)


Hahaha mr Papper, you somehow always manage to make me laugh! But what I've learnt here and now is that putting together a sandwich with takeout food, is NOT cheating. But it's hard to digest when you're used to making things from scratch!
Thanks for the good wishes, sure my toes will heel soon, I've been told I have very good jeans...sorry I meant genes ;)


Most artists don't create all their art from "scratch", I don't know of any making their own canvas, or sculptures going out and cutting down their own trees they grew to carve their statuses of wood.
People misinterpret what "scratch" means in cooking. It originally meant the cook would stand around scratching their head or their ass trying to figure out how to make what they were cooking better. That was all it meant, and then people started twisting it all around and the next thing you know people started believing they had to make everything from the ground up on the meal.
I am always leery of restaurants that say, "made from scratch" because they never say where they are scratching.


Hahaha you are a wicked man!

What’s null about this entry? I’m missing something maybe lol.

I don’t think u cheated either ;) it’s like using leftovers ~

Fish cakes sandwich w tartar sounds pretty good to me as well.

Recover well !


Oh this was by far the easiest sandwich I've ever made for SSC & very tasty too but really felt like it was cheating as nothing was made by me!
See you later at the second prize winner's selection ;)


Well u always wk so hard, so we’l give u a pass this week ;)

FOR TSE: The more I see of @jaybird, the more I like him. He's my kind of softie.

This is a great looking sandwich, and believe me, I'm not against using take-out food and store-bought tortillas ... and whatever else I can get by with.


You're right @enchantedspirit, he really is a very nice guy! Always gives great feedback to every contestant, his contest has been running over a year already. A talented musician as well!

That was a wickedly busy day, @lizelle! I can't blame you for a cheat day. I have been known to do this myself every once in a while. Hope the feet (toes) are feeling better now. The tacos looked pretty tasty and I am sure no one complained!


Haha @cecicastor, it was hectic and my poor feet & toes are feeling it now, will get some well deserved rest now!

It's hard to sit still when you are used to being busy all the time. This is the nicest looking "cheat" sandwich I have ever seen! What a great way to reinvent delivery fish cakes.


Thank you so much @loveself, it's not too bad hey, was the easiest sandwich ever ;)

I am an expert in Fish Tacos, particularly as prepared in Mexico and the very near border region (burp). I think they look terrific, and I know they taste really good.

Gives me the idea to do just a little research on that sort of a combo that will work with my diet. I have high fiber, low calorie wraps and I think I can get the rest into my regimen.

Thanks for a great idea Lizelle!


Thank you for your feedback, this tortilla was wholemeal with flax seeds. You can make your own fishcakes - I made fish croquettes for the last Cookwithus contest, they gets rolled oats to bind them so that's healthy. I fried them but you could also bake them in the oven with just a tiny bit of olive oil so they're healthier.
Good luck with the diet regimen!

lol love this @lizelle! I am sure @jaybird will love it as well. The fact that you were able to fit this in with your busy schedule deserves much recognition! Creative with the tortilla and as always great presentation!! :)


Haha it was fun putting this one together and very tasty too!

@lizelle We've all had very busy and hectic schedules, but this was a very creative way to sneak in a tasty looking sandwich to make your own! Very well played!


Thank you @ilsaione, it sure was the easiest sandwich yet!

@lizelle, I hope you can get some rest (even busy souls need rest sometimes).

It is always a blessing to celebrate life, and especially those who have lived it so well. Tell Miss Lily that your Steem friends wish her a Happy Birthday.


Ah thank you for your good wishes and support :) You're right about needing the rest!

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