Wondrous Wednesday

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The Ten Things that make me happy today.

But it's Tuesday. I'm confused.

My really good friend and hero Princess Mew Mew has a contest going. I don’t often play in people’s contests cause well, I don’t know why. Just don’t. Couple of people have sucked me in, but it’s not a regular occurance.

This is, it turns out, my 100th post on Steemit. What could be better for a milestone? A seriously unserious post that a friend nagged me into. I should write a post about that. It’s the microcosm of my life on Steemit.

Badlands Sunflower-1.JPG

The Top Ten Things That Make Me Happy!

1 Air.

When I stop long enough to just give it a little thought, air makes me incredibly happy. By continuing to take in air I can see what’s next in my life and THAT is part of the fun.

pato rojo wallpaper-1.jpg

2 Motorcycles.

I just love motorcycles. All of them. Every time I see a motorcycle I smile. Every time I throw my leg over one I have a stupid grin on my face. I’m pretty sure I even grin in a freezing rain, though it might be difficult to see.

Sam 416-1.jpg

3 Sam.

I simply can not express the joy at having a dog back in my life. It had been over 10 years when Sam came to live just before Christmas. It really helps that I got the best doggy in the pound and one of the all time greats.

4 The Desert.

I love where I live. The desert is a pretty generic term that covers a huge diversity of land and landforms. All of them intrigue me and give me something to contemplate.

666 avatar-1.JPG

5 Food.

I just love eating and I show it. I love trying new things, and I love the old favorites. They way to my heart is truly through my stomach. When you stop to consider it, food is darn near as important as air in the big picture. Why in the world is it four places behind? Doesn’t make any sense.

Methow River-1.jpg

6 Rivers.

Plural. I’m a river rat all my life, they fascinate me. Where they start, where they finish, what they see on the way. They are so incredibly wet and refreshing on a hot day. How can I not love the rivers?


7 Outdoors.

I really like to say that I have peed more times outdoors than in. It may be a lie at this point in my life, but it was utterly true for a long time. Being out in the real air (see #1) makes me happy.

8 Being entirely sober.

I am a drunk and a junky and not having anything in my system that alters the basic chemistry is a wonderful thing for me. And my being sober makes the world a better place, too. Trust me on this.


9 Friends.

My world specifically and the earth in general is enriched by the people I know. Some come and stay forever, some go pretty quickly, but all leave a mark. The total of those marks is me. I love my friends.

10 Possibilities.

The world, my world, is an endless stream of possibilities. Finding out what’s next is the secret to my happiness.

ATK Main-1.JPG

So there you have it. The absolutely definitive list of what makes me happy. You could cast it in concrete, but that would probably be a mistake. It’ll change tomorrow without doubt.

I could explain all the causes and conditions that set me to writing this, but @princessmewmew explains it so much better right here. I am really happy to call her friend.

If you think you might want to try this thing, go for it. Princess Mew Mew’s prize time is just about used up (Of course I waited until the last day. Don’t you know me by now?) but the simple writing of this made me happy. That’s a prize worth winning.

All words and photographs in this post are mine. For better or worse

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The things which make you happy can make anyone happy. Have a nice time ahead. Be happy.

Thank you. It would make me happy to wish you happiness ahead too!

I think I might do that contest as well, i will just copy your post and make one substitution, horses for motorcycles. Make that one and half, I never was a junkie, but I sure had a point in my life where I was a pretty decent drunk if there is such a thing.
Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed hearing about what makes you tick.

That would explain some things to me :) I don't know if there is such a thing as a pretty decent drunk, but I was damn good at it, that is for sure.

I wasn't much of a junkie. It's why I misspelled it. I just didn't say no. To anything but needles. It's probably why I don't have any tattoos either.

Damn we share a needle phobia as well, no tatts here too.

Oh those are truly wonderful things, it's always the little things that mean the most!

Thanks Lizelle! Little things have a way of stacking up into big things, and that is a good thing here.

congrats on being free of drugs and alcohol. And air is the best!!!

Congrats on being
Free of drugs and alcohol.
And air is the best!!!

                 - mariannewest

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you. Being sober is, without question, the best choice I made in my life. Everything else flows from there.

Oh I love it!!!

Those are pretty epic happy thoughts, but yet all so simple.

This post gave me positive vibes 💓💓💓

That doggo is just too cute as well xxx

Can I take part in your contest princess?

Please do! Make sure to use the tag #wondrouswednesday

Thank you. It's a great life, and I really try to appreciate it from time to time!

Cool, thanks for sharing, that was some very nice pictures and some pretty intimate stuff. (Now that I see that princess, I understand why you participated in this competition)... ha ha... =)

Well, you know how I am with pretty girls. Pretty helpless, really. Thanks for stopping by, I really did have fun doing this,

He he... I feel you on that one @bigtom13...

Keep on steemin!


wonderful words and love your photography :) so easily describe yourself ❤😊❤

Thank you. As a matter of fact, the Princess is one of those pushing at me to share my story. This is part of that effort.

Good articles and click photo,

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Thank you!

Great read and pictures...😁😁

I wish you happiness today and always doing what you love and being with people who love you and whom you love.

Awesome post man! :) And Arizona is such a great place to live. :) I like how we have Desert, but then don't have to drive very far to be in some epic mountain scenery, whether on the top of Mt. Lemon, or The White Mountains, or up in Flagstaff or Mt. Graham. I have still yet to go camping on Mt. Graham. Need to do that some time. Your list is pretty awesome. :)

Yeah, it's a blessing just to live here, isn't it? You forgot my go to get away, or perhaps you've never been. Julian, CA is up in the Laguna Mountains. It's apple country, and the town is absolutely know for it's apple pie. There are at least a dozen places making pies including "Mom's". It's a trendy tourist town that is always deliciously cool. Mt. Palomar and Warner Springs (a resort town) are both quite close,

Thanks Matt. It's always great to have you stop by!

Hey Tom! Yes it is. I love AZ. Actually I have never been to Julian. I grew up in San Jose CA, and have been all over the State but still plenty of places I have never been. I do love apples and apple pie! My parents have some apple trees that have amazing apples for apple pie. I will have to check out Julian sometime.

I have peed more times outdoors than in.

I actually nearly peed myself at this! xD

I probably could have guessed a couple of your points (Connie and Sam) and you were very open and honest about others, bravo for that. I love reading your posts, you are a very honest person and that comes across. Great post Big T!

Thanks BB. I really do appreciate it.

It's okay as I'm reading this on Wednesday so it's 10 happy things on a Wednesday for me!

Good things but I love your pup the best! Adorable.

Thanks Donna! He is a truly great dog. Right now he's outside gathering photons so it's light enough for us to go on our walk. It keeps him from pestering me the last half hour or so :)

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<3 These are such honest and genuine things to be happy about - shows how great of a guy you are <3