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Welcome back…

Well, Vic and Amy’s little granddaughter got us started here on this short week and we got kind of like what I expected in responses. This topic that little Jade sent me down can be argued six ways to Sunday and we will all never end up in agreement, and there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that.

Not here to tell…

I am not here to tell people how to think or what to think, I only ask that you do think. Because thinking is becoming a lost art, right along with giving driving directions. But we need move on and finish up so I can share a Texas recipe. That’s right, we know how to do more than just BBQ here; Texans make some mean chili and good stew. Today it is stew; "Good ‘old boy style stew’."

Texan tricky Ricky…

Have any of you ever heard of guy who goes by the name of Rick Perry? I see a few hands up in the crowd so for those of you who do know of him sit tight; we got some folks that never heard of “tricky” Ricky.

Rick Perry is the former governor of Texas and two time loser in the Republican bid for president in 2012 and 2016. I could do month of Daily Doses on those fiascos but we aren’t here for that, he is currently serving as the Secretary of Energy in the tRump administration; which is a department he vowed to eliminate if he were elected president.

So that should tell you something about tricky Ricky right there, the department isn’t worth having in his opinion but if it means he can have a cushy job on the tax payers dime he isn’t passing it up like a man with some integrity would do.

Vaccinations and teenage girls…

I am going to take you back here to Texas when he was governor and tell you the story about vaccinations and young teenage girls. The last time I checked tricky Ricky never completed medical school, in fact he never was in medical school, but Ricky decided it was in the best interest of the young girls of this great state of Texas that they be made to get a vaccination to prevent genital warts. Without that vaccination girls would not be allowed to attend public schools in Texas.

Should have been…

Now that I think about it, he really should have been arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license, since he basically prescribe the vaccines for those girls. But Texas is a “Good old boy” state and there are shady deals made every day in Austin, Texas which is the capital of the State.

So, if he wasn’t a doctor and had no medical expertise what in the world would make him decide to make it where every teenage girl would be required to get this vaccination that is named GARDASIL*9 (GARDASIL is trademarked but I don’t know how or where to find that little trademark mark ensignia so I am using the asterisk and this explanation so the MERCK Company doesn’t file a law suit against me, bastards.) ?

Yes, money...

The answer to that lengthy question is a lot shorter than the question; money. Yes, money was the reason and it was “good old boy” dealing at its finest. So just to be clear here; it wasn’t even a whole hell of a lot of money either and he got offended during the 2012 debates when it was brought up that he sold himself for $5,000 to the MERCK Company.

Imagine that, a politician being offended for taking what amounted to a bribe or a payoff in exchange for an executive order that made it where a company stood to make millions and millions of dollars.

Why he was offended…

He said he was offended because people would think he would sell out for such a low amount; that isn’t his exact words but pretty damn close.

The truth is that it was a whole lot more, and when he showed such anger and disgust with it being mentioned as a low amount some reporters went to work digging and investigating and found out it was more like $30,000. Also an additional $370,000 went to the Republican Governors Association who in turn, funneled it back to the Perry campaign. So he didn’t sell out for chicken feed, but he did get "chicken".

The stew is cookin’…

Perry started getting a lot of heat from the religious right voters and so he then shafted the MERCK Company and rescinded his executive order just a couple months before the order was to go into effect. Before you even ask, just stop, hell no he didn’t give back any of the money.

It really is a sad story because the “lobbyist” for MERCK at the time was Rick Perry’s long time assistant and former chief of staff and he really screwed that guy; I hope he had some KY jelly. I imagine it cost that guy his job when tricky Ricky decided to take the money and run like he just had held up a convenient store.

Need to pay attention…

So here is what we need to pay attention too, the money trail. It makes no damn difference what state or what country, even cities and counties for that matter. All politicians can be bought and sold and it happens every single day. So, while there are plenty of vaccines that are needed and do a good job at preventing disease there are plenty that are made with only one purpose in mind and that is generating revenue for shareholders.

That drug that Perry ordered given as a vaccine is said to work for six years and the cancer that the genital warts leads to is rarely ever found in females under twenty and in most cases it is the 35 to 40 years old range.

I am not a statistician or an odds maker but I would be willing to bet that any young girl has a better chance at being run over by a truck and killed than by dying of cervical cancer before she turns twenty one.

Complications …

One other thing to note and I can’t remember what investigative show it was, did a story on young girls who had severe debilitating complications from that vaccine.
One girl was top of her class and a pretty cheer leader at her high school and ended up barley able to speak and confined to wheel chair or a bed shortly after being vaccinated with it, and she wasn’t the only one; there were others but her story sticks in my mind.

No legitimate health concern…

So the reality was that it was a money grab, and had not a damn thing to do with any legitimate health concern. If there were any health concern it had to do with the health of tricky Ricky’s campaign fund.

Reasonably certain…

I am reasonably certain no matter where you are reading this you can find similar stories of politicians being bought so big pharma can peddle their goods without competition and without government interference because those conditions have already been purchased by the drug companies from your elected officials.

In fact, in yesterday’s Daily Dose comments @cecicastor pointed out, “ Here the guy who owns the pharma company that manufactures the vaccines is also the minister of health. Now if that isn't a conflict of interest, I don't know what is.” So if we were holding court right now this is where I would say; “I rest my case.”

Enjoy the stew, Good 'old boy style.

Next case please.

Until next time,

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I loved my mamma's stew and biscuits, it was as fine a meal as a body could shovel home. That said, I've had a plenty of the Good Old Boy stew right here in Arizona. I do know enough to know that Texas might lead the league in 'stew served' but Arizona isn't far back.

I think some vaccines are worth the risk. Polio, Whooping Cough, Red Measles, Diphtheria, Small Pox. Those are diseases that routinely killed big batches of people, and particularly young people. I understand the fear that makes those vaccines compulsory.

I actually believe that the 'annual flu vaccine' promotes the flu.

I think the real problem is the solutions that carry the vaccines. I think there are x% of people that just can't tolerate those solutions and every vaccine they get is a cumulative effect. One too many and they are in trouble. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the percentage is in the ballpark with the peanut allergy.

I just so happen to know that I am allergic to 'horse serum' a carrier for several vaccines. Tetanus and Anti-Venom particularly. They use the horse serum because then the vaccine can be stored for years at room temp, makes it a lot easier on the medical profession. The other carrier needs to be refrigerated and only has a shelf life of a year.

So, if one of those nasty little sidewinders that I see on a regular basis gets a hunk of me the nearest anti-venom is in Phoenix. Problematic. Good thing they aren't as potent as the diamondbacks, a man my size will almost always survive.

I wouldn't be surprised that you are allergic to horse serum. It's almost always a direct correlation with humans that spend too much time with horses (the serums primary ingredient is horse pee. From a mare, matter of fact.) How would you like that job?

So, Rick Perry is a known asshat. This is my surprised face.

Sounds like we are pretty much sharing the same view on the vaccines, and it wouldn't surprise me either on that peanut allergy number if that wouldn't be same.
I think if I were given the choice of jobs between collecting ingredients for horse serum or anti-venom I would be at the tail end of the horse, I might get me ass kicked a couple times but that would beat getting bit.
I read where some of the stuff the vaccine mfgrs use to trigger the bodies defense mechanism are metals like aluminum, which from what I also read the body can't seem to eliminate so it ends up staying in the body.
Scans of people brains with Alzheimer disease show a higher than "normal" amount of aluminum on the brain.
I don't know what the "normal" amount is, but I think that there seems to be a lot more younger people coming down with Alzheimer and in fact the medical profession now has a designation of it called "early on set Alzheimer" which a co-worker of mine's wife came down with and died a year ago before she reached the age of 60, she was 57. That is way to young in my opinion. Larry said that she always got all of her shots. So there just might be something to this like you said, one to many , the tipping point.
Just because the government says I or my kids need it isn't good enough any more. We all have to die at some point and I will take my chances, which seem to be a lot better by opting out.
I love the look on that surprised face.

That stew recipe seems to be making its rounds of the world. I don't know of any place that is not affected by the effects of the stew. Would you care for a biscuit with that stew? Honest politicians and honest lawyers are oxymorons, with the emphasis on morons.

So well said mam, so well said.

I agree with BigTom - I think that vaccines for those terrible diseases like measles are probably a good thing (although I have heard arguments that it's actually our improved health and living conditions that have reduced the death toll from these diseases). When I travel to countries that have typhoid or yellow fever, I get myself vaccinated. But forcing young teenagers to have the gardasil vaccine seems a total violation of human rights to me. It's a very difficult and complex issue though. And I agree that there is far too much big money involved.

It is hard to disagree with Big Tom, he is on top off it on things like this. The gardasil deal tricky Ricky tried to pull here in Texas is proof of how these things take place when it comes to big pharma and government officials.


So that should tell you something about tricky Ricky right there, the department isn’t worth having in his opinion but if it means he can have a cushy job on the tax payers dime he isn’t passing it up like a man with some integrity would do.

Yeah, I noticed that. Couldn't remember the name of this third department he wanted to eliminate during the televised debates ---> which happened to be this one. But he grabbed it with both hands and held on for dear life when it was offered to him to run it.

I wondered when it happened if the appointment was a joke, but irony seems lost on these people.

Look for another dustsweeper thingy soon. Same reason as last time.

yes, Rick Perry is a real piece of work for sure or as I call normally call politicians like him piece of shit.
It wouldn't surprise me if the appointment was a joke and the irony was even lost on him as well as the some others. Thanks for the support.

Late to the game on this. Need to add you to my GINAbot list alongside a chosen few :)

Your post has given a great idea for my own post about vaccines. I have similar reservations about some of them, and as a new father I have to make these decisions for an actual human.

The standard practice is to administer the Hepatitis B vaccine to a newborn baby. I asked that both my first and now second child not receive that at birth. We simply delayed it. Even on that one tiny exception, we were made to feel extremely uncomfortable and judged by our pediatrician.

Broadly speaking, I feel like the vaccine debate spirals out of control because everything is lumped into one of two extremes: all vaccines are evil vs all vaccines should be mandatory. It’s tough to argue any nuance on the matter, because the people who are most fired up about this issue refuse to see any shades of gray.

Therefore, I heartily applaud you for writing specifically about a single vaccine, and making specific arguments. Much much more of this is needed. Whether it’s guns, abortion, religious liberty... any hot button topic, there needs to be room in the middle to debate. There can’t be an all or nothing approach to these things.

I believe that some are certainly necessary and have proven so, but I also know that others aren't or at least not needed so early on.
The other thing I didn't discuss is multiple vaccines at one time which is a regular happening with young kids.
That might be by design so that if a kid does have a bad reaction it would hard to single out the cause to specific shot. My advice to any young parent is pay the extra doctors visits and spread the shots out so as not to cause a big shock to such a young delicate system, but don't take that as me giving medical advise, I'm not. I just saying how we did it with our kids on the major vaccines we agree with.
As far as the applause, none is needed, it just makes sense to break things down and discuss them in my way of thinking.

haha! howdy sir sultnpapper! thanks for reminding us about that situation, I'd forgotten what he did with that, and then didn't give any of the money back! man I hate politics but we have to stay on top of these things as much as we can.
great post sir!

Thanks @janton, how quickly we forget things like that and the part is, the politicians know we will.

howdy sir sultnpapper! yes sir they sure do know, that's why we need to keep reminding them who they supposed work for, I'd love to hear some of the strategy sessions they have and how they plan to deceive us.