STEEM-UNTALENTED Feature Posts for Sunday August 5 2018 #UNTALENTED

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Hi Steemian Family,

Hope everyone is having a super Sunday!!

Please join me in celebrating these fellow Steemians with a visit to their blog. Don't forget to drop them an encouraging comment if you feel moved to do so.

Here are our FEATURE POSTS for today:


@bloghound's - #Ulog Day 48: Pizza, Beach and The Sunset

@barneydavid's - ULOG 16: Found a Fresh River after a Week of no Bath in the Mountain

@nantzjbalayo's - Truth Does Hurt and it is Bitter too!

@pjcorts's - Special Fruits found in the Philippines

@dyinkfinity's - Create Handcrafts Out Of "Quotes By @surpassinggoogle" #1

@artgirl's - #Ulog: @artgirl 08-05-18, No More Plan Announcements from Moi~ 😂 + God's Message Today

@ameriza's - Broken Vow

@winbel's - #ULOG DAY 27: When do you feel, or when have you felt, the most alone?

@sherylneil's - # Ulog 31 : Family Adventure Blast

@dexter.weed's - Create a Handcrafts out of quotes by @surpassinggoogle quote #1

@zeleiracordero's - Ulog + photography 📷Ulografía n. ° 2: Yellow wells - Original poem

@fabian98's - Create Handcrafts Out Of "Quotes By @surpassinggoogle" #Quotes 1.

@sciencetech's - Be Prepared For Opportunity Before It Comes!

@pingcess' - ULOG 005: The Hawk Family

@bhadgirlofficial's - KILL THE BEAT IN 2MINS (RAP CONTEST)

@heeheenim's - Midnight Grind : The Artist

@andestra's - Color Dots of Life

@straykat's - ULOG #19: Celebrating Watermelon Day

@sn0white's - Broken Signage x Bad Driver

@canarypenman's - Written Words #3: Eight Letters

@janelaurico's - #Ulog Day 32 (August 2, 2018)My dinner egg with turmeric, onion, garlic, chili and 1 piece of cucumber

@iamwhatiamnot's - ULOG #32 || Healthy Vegetables for my Weekend.

@gracefavor's - Create Handcrafts Out Of "Quotes By @surpassinggoogle" -Quote #1

@sonrhey's - ULOG (SurpassingGoogle): The new Editor

@dreemsteem's - ULOG (SurpassingGoogle): Using Terry's new Editor! Ulog 25a

In our giant strides towards creating confidence in all and specially treating each human as "celebrity", we visited a lot of posts round steemit and gave them our tinnie-winnie upvotes, to strengthen and encourage them. It is our 'utmostest' desire that all would see themselves as geniuses as we have been able to 'sift' sense out of nonsense.We curated posts which met the criteria of 'untalented'. They were all the awesomest versions of "untalented" humans, heartfeltly humans who had something to offer.#untalented abolishes the connected IQ tests eg smart, dull, bum and suddenly gives every human the chance to shine! Now, I am not saying standards or human standards are wrong. All I am saying is: You can do it, so do not let these standards prevent you from starting out-of-the-boxness altogether. Finding out, who you truly are or attaining the awesomemest version of yourself, is essential to greatness and is a gift to humanity, every time! Thus, #untalented is a home for all forms of levels of talent. With#untalented flaws are allowed.

There is sense in nonsense. All winners! No loosers!


Dirt is good, "ask the soapmaker


untalented is a branch of the #steemgigscommunity. Join the steemgigs community on discord If you would like to offer your service in building the dreams of other steemians, you can do so under #steemgigs .However, if you want to experience full blown freedom and grow in confidence about your gifts and talents, share under#untalented .We aim to create historical moments in the genre of touching lives and you can support us if desired, by voting on steemgigs for witness. Simply click here type steemgigs in the first search box.
See this URL for more info :

Just incase you find any level or form of gifts, talents, attempts at out-of-the-boxness, or any steemian confidence about their abilities, worth, etc; please do not let it slip emptily by.Kindly call on me! Simply reply to any such post and add @ steem-untalented or #untalentedto your reply and i will be there to upvote, acknowledge, strengthen and encourage them.

un(dis)talented/ untalented is just one of the many Steemit Projects by @surpassinggoogle in celebrating the Human. Get to know about others

Read about here

Read about Teardrops here

Read about Steemsecrets here

Read about Ulogs here



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I'll be on the lookout for people that fit this profile!!!! 😊

now steemit is my best job.I hope my feature on the steemit.
best of luck @steem-untalented

#untalented is being featured. Congrats to all being listed here like @sn0white.

Thank you for all the love, Terry!

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CONGRATULATIONS to all winners po!

Congratulations again to all featured here :) especially to madam @sn0white :)

Thanks so much! Congrats to all that got featured. :)

Thanks for your constant show of care.

I now my golden future on the steemit. best of luck @steem-untalented

thank you so much..... your support makes me want to do more.... :)

Congratulations to madam @bloghound and madam @sn0white for beingon the list. and to others as well

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Thank you po

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you're welcome madam

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Congratulations to you all fellow untalented Steemians.

Thank you so much for being featured here in steem-untalented. Congratulations as well to my fellow featurees. :)

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